Hi Guys,

I've finally plotted out how I want this all to go down and so the updates begin! I've chosen to go with Takerslady's suggestion for the title - Something More Extreme (Thanks to Takerslady and to everyone who suggested a name!), since it's overly fitting for this couple. One being the Extreme Enigma and the other... well let's just say Extreme applies to him also. You'll find out who it is later on in the story. Oh boy. Can't wait to see what the reactions will be. Let's just say it's not someone I've ever seen paired with Jeff before so it'll be interesting. But, that's what my Jeff muse wanted so I'm going with the flow. And don't bother trying to guess because I'm not telling :P Where would be the fun in that?

Sorry the first update is short, but I at least wanted to get this show on the road.



Jeff Hardy ran out into the street feeling so alone, escaping the party and the people wishing Jay and Jake congratulations on their engagement. He couldn't be in there another moment when everyone around him was so happy and he was so totally miserable. He didn't blame Jake. If anything he was happy that he'd finally got with Jay if that's who he wanted to be with.

He heard someone behind him and turned around to see Evan Bourne running his way. "Jeff… are you okay?" Evan asked when he finally caught up.

Jeff sniffled "No, I'm not" he admitted. "Why won't anybody love me? I don't understand. They say they love me and then they always leave" Jeff sobbed.

"Oh Jeff" Evan sighed, his heart going out to the unhappy blonde. He gathered Jeff into his arms and spoke softly. "Jake's heart always belonged to Jay. It was wrong of him to say otherwise if he did. And as for Shannon well.." Jeff pushed out of Evan's arms suddenly in a rage "Never say that name to me. NEVER!" he ran off, intending to get a taxi to head back to the hotel.

Evan was shocked at the sudden change in Jeff from sadness to anger and knew he was still hurting deeply from the breakup of his marriage. He headed back into the party to find Matt. He was looking around with concern having noticed Jeff was missing. "If you're looking for Jeff he's left the party" Evan said, walking up to him.

"I knew it was a bad idea to bring him here but he insisted" Matt sighed.

"What is it with Jeff and Shannon's name? He went crazy when I said it" Evan asked.

Matt frowned "It's like he thinks by not speaking about Shannon he can block out that part of his life like it never happened. I don't really know what to do about it though. I'm really worried about him"

Evan patted Matt on the shoulder "Well I promise I'll look out for him for you. I know it's harder for you now you're on Raw."

"Thanks Evan I appreciate it"

"No probs anytime" Evan grinned. All thoughts of Jeff and his issues soon fled in the fun of the party and Evan spent the rest of the night looking for someone to hook up with afterwards.

Jay and Jake now dressed rejoined the party guests although never strayed from each other's side. Their reconciliation was still too fresh in their minds to want to leave each other. Matt walked up to Jake and Jake knew he was in for it. It was only a matter of time before he had a confrontation with Matt about the way he'd treated Jeff.

"I know I'm an asshole Matt you don't need to tell me. But I did truly care about Jeff. I just couldn't love him the way he deserved. But he's forgiven me and I hope you can too"

Matt stared him down. "All I'm going to say is if it wasn't for Jeff telling me not to blame you then I would kick your ass. He was fragile enough as it was before he started dating you and I trusted you to do the right thing by him. I'm disappointed"

"Alright Matt you've done the big brother thing leave Jake be" Mark said, coming up behind Matt to reign in his temper. Matt visibly relaxed feeling Mark's hand on his back and nodded at Jay and Jake and walked off with Mark.

"Well… that was awkward" Jay commented.

"You'd do the same if Randy hurt Adam admit it" Jake replied.

"True. But that idiot's pussy whipped. I've got nothing to worry about there" Jay chuckled, looking over to the bar where Randy was serving drinks with Adam hanging all over him like a limpet. Randy turned to Adam with a look of adoration and stole a kiss before passing someone another beer.

"Dear god. Don't tell me we'll end up like that"

"No chance. I think we'll end up being the couple that have those public spats airing our dirty laundry everywhere and then making up an hour later and acting like nothing happened"

"Yeah most likely. Boy I bet people can't wait to invite us to their next party" Jake laughed.

"Why wouldn't they? We're the highlight of this one" Jay pointed out.

"Jay they made this party up as an excuse to lock us in a room together"

"So? It's still in our honour"

Jake rolled his eyes. "I'm grabbing a beer"

He went to walk away and Jay quickly hurried after him calling "Wait I'm coming with you!" He wasn't ready to be apart from Jake for even a moment yet.