Written for fanfic100 over on LiveJournal, with the prompt 'School'. I think fic challenges are the only rason I'm writing these days XD Oh well. Any excuse to write Psychoshipping.

No idea what I was thinking when I wrote this. I just did X3

Peaceful Times

He didn't even really know why he was up there. The school's clock tower was the tallest thing within a mile radius of his shared house with Ryou and he liked being in high places. But he didn't know why. Probably something to do with liking to see everything around him.

It was also odd how he could keep his balance on such a small perch, but he did. That was probably the thief in him, able to do the strangest things simply because he just happened to know how. Not that falling from such a high perch would mean his death. He wasn't alive enough to die.

Nearby, on the flatter roof of the school, his partner (in more ways than one) lay watching him, picking at the dirt under his nails with a knife that he'd found in the basement. He watched as the slight breeze of the night caught his long, wild hair and swayed it around, and found himself mesmerized by it.

Marik sighed and called to Bakura, "You're gonna fall from there one of these days."

Bakura laughed, "Like you wouldn't catch me if I fell."

"Can't exactly catch you when I'm way over here."

"You'd find a way, I know you would."

Marik chuckled and shook his head. Bakura never made much sense, but then again, niether did he. They understood eachother perfectly though. He supposed the insane always understood each other even when no one else did, simply because they had to.

Bakura slid down the roof of the tower, landing gracefully on the flat expanse of the other roof of the school. Pins and needles flared up in his feet for a second or two until he straightened up and walked it off. Marik was still lying down, though the knife now lay abandonded at his side. The white haired thief stood over the younger spirit, staring with a strange smile gracing his lips.

The blonde saw the wind catch his partner's hair again, brushing it into his blood-coloured eyes. He held up his arm in a gesture for Bakura to join him, which he did, curling up by his side with his head resting on his chest, right over where his heart should beat, but didn't.

It was peaceful times like these that the two thieves found they could actually relax. There was no Pharaoh trying to banish them to the Shadow Realm, no hikaris telling them off for whatever they may or may not have done, no annoying 'friends' pretending to like them but really being suspicious of their motives. They could just simply exist.

Marik noticed it was at these times that Bakura would willingly curl up into his arms, willingly allow himself to be petted, willingly let him win dominance over kisses and other things.

Bakura noticed it was at these times that Marik would willingly let his true feelings show, willingly stroke his hair and hold him close, willingly call him things like 'sweetheart' and 'sugar'.

But morning always came, and they're leave the roof of the school and walk to their seperate home, wishing they could stay longer but looking forwards to the next night, which would bring Pharaohs and hikaris and friends and harsh kisses and hair pulling and fights for dominance.

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