A/N: Okay, this was my very, very first fan fiction that I wrote a loong time ago. I just found it again and thought I should upload it. This is really random, but I remember when I wrote this I was reading breaking dawn(which was awesome), so I knew that Jacob and Bella won't be together. But I was thinking, "What if they do? What if Bella loves him more than Edward"? And I had a paper to write that day, but I was procrastinating so I decided to write this. But just so you know, I like Jacob, but I'm all Team Edward. :)

Disclaimer: Nope, I own nothing unfortunately.

"I can't live without you. I miss you too much…" I whispered in his ear.

He didn't seem to care the slightest bit that I was miserable without him. Why would he care? No, he was too busy with his "cool" new friends of his. He doesn't need me anymore. What am I to him? A peace of junk, that you can simply throw away when you simply grow out of it? Probably. Probably to him, that's exactly what I am. And as much as I've known that all along, I still had hope. It hurt that he didn't want me. It hurt that he doesn't care anymore. It hurt to see him go away. But it hurts even more not to think about him. It hurts even more not to like him. My heart is full of desperation, sorrow, and most of all, longing. But despite all that, I still continue to fall in love with him. Yes, I finally admit that, after all this time. I, Bella Swan, is in love with Jacob Black. And now that I finally know how my feelings are toward him, I am also able to say that nothing, and no one can change how I feel about him. And yes, not even Edward.

All right then. Really random, right? Review please! But just remember that this was my very first, so don't be too harsh. :)