"Would you just stay still?" Melody made a fifth grab at my hair.

"What do you think? I like my hair down! Why don't you just put some pearls in it or something? I've got my seaweed hair bow. That's one of the few things you can put in my hair."

Melody made a sixth and final grab at my hair. "Goodness gracious, Tazmin. Can't you just let me do your hair once? All your sisters wanted me to do their hair."

I gave her a bored look. "Do I LOOK like my sisters?" Melody opened her mouth but I put my hand up for silence. "I never like my hair done. How many times have you tried? At least forty in my life time." Melody looked sad. "Just…don't do my hair."

Melody nodded. "You just always tantalize me with that beautiful long blond hair…" I flicked my hand toward the door and swam out.

I sunk down on the stool as I decorated my hair. I had a circle of sparkle pearls. Every six pearls, a long chain of pearls. Except the front where my face goes. After that, I put my sea shell clip on. I don't care about looks, but I have to look good for my performance.

As you can guess, I'm a mermaid. I have a long beautiful light blue tail. According to my father, my singing voice is the most beautiful voice in Atlantis. Tonight I had a performance. I didn't like showing off. But all my sisters wanted me to have a solo in their performance. I have like, twenty sisters. I didn't all of them but most.

I didn't want to do it. I had some business with something else. I found this really cool hide out. According to a book I found in a shipwreck, it was an empty volcano. But the part I like about it is the pool. At the bottom of the volcano, is a small pool. It's an interesting place.

I didn't want to sing. I wanted to explore. I felt like a trout in a net. Can't move without getting more tangled. I wanted to rip the net and explore the corners of the ocean.

I like exploring. It's like buying something no one else has. I have a small bag full of food, paper for maps, things like compasses, already made maps, and sketches of places in the sea. I was always prepared for an adventure of any kind.

I had the last performance, so I didn't need to stay for the whole thing. I had at least an hour. I was going to go to the volcano island. I hadn't told anyone, afraid they would go there. After I thought everyone in Atlantis went to the concert, I grabbed my bag and slipped out. I hadn't gone far when my best friend saw me. "Hey, Tazmin! Where ya goin?" Skippy. He's a Sea otter, and my best friend.

I waved. "I'm going to the volcano island." Skippy got excited.

"I love that place! Can I come too?"

"Sure." He swam over by my side. We both swam to the Island. There's a long underwater tunnel that goes on for a while. At least two miles. I dashed in with Skippy by my side. We finally surfaced. The small pool just seemed magical.

I sat there in that pool for hours and hours. I was still in that pool when I heard a seagull was screaming my name. "Tazmin! Tazmin!" I sighed and looked up. That's when I noticed the sun. Directly over the top of the volcano. I pulled a small sundial and a compass. I found true north and laid the sundial correctly.

CRAP! I had left Atlantis at six. It was now eight. I had missed my solo. YES! I had more fun here than any performance. I was going down when something came up. Three heads. Human heads.