A/N: There are only three original characters from the book in this story. The White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, and the Cheshire Cat. Everyone else are the descendants of the characters. They will be introduced as the story progresses.

Jan. 1st, 2000: 12:00 A.M.

It is the new millennium and a new year. From my room on the second floor, I can hear my family's celebration as they drink red wine and talk in a drunken matter. I don't understand the New Year celebrations one bit. Being fifteen, I suppose I should understand it, but alas, I don't. To me, New Years day is just another day. The only thing special about the holiday is that my older sisters Megan and Amanda come home from college. I suppose that's a good enough reason to like the holiday.

But, even though my sisters do come home for vacation, I find New Years to be a frivolous thing – I always have. The one thing I can look forward to on the night/early morning of New Years is the reading of "Alice in Wonderland". Mother always reads that story to my sisters and me. Though they grew tired of the story at a young age, I love it. It could be that since a young age, I was compared to Alice Liddell because of my spirit and because of my last name: Liddell. (My sisters were always compared to Mabel and Ada for never being around, which is probably why they dislike the story.)

Oh, mother is calling for me. It must be time to read the story. I shall return to write more after she is done.

Elicia Liddell

Elicia closed her journal as she finally finished writing her entry for the night. The story of "Alice in Wonderland" always made her happy, for she smiled as she fell on her back on the soft bed. Her long light blonde hair spread out on the soft down pillow she laid on.

"Soon, I'll go on an adventure of my own, to my own 'wonderland'." She smiled up at the white ceiling as she continued, "Maybe to Paris or Rome or maybe even Beijing!"

She giggled as she turned on her side to look at her own copy of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass". Elicia had read the book thousands of times, and had all but memorized it word-for-word. The character's names going through her head as she listed off people in her life that could be each character. Only Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat she couldn't compare anyone to. They were her favorite characters, and she felt that no one could possibly match up to them. No, never.

She looked up as the door to her room opened and her sister, Megan, walked in. "Hey, Megan." Elicia smiled.

Megan nodded and sat down at the end of the bed, at her younger sister's feet. She, being twenty-three and long out of the house, felt obligated to interrupt her sister's thoughts after every single time they heard or read about Alice Liddell's adventures. "Elicia, sister, what are you thinking about, up here, all alone?"

Elicia continued to smile as she sat up, slightly rumpling the pants of her night attire – which was a white tank top and dark blue night pants. "The story. About the characters, about Alice's thoughts as she wandered through Wonderland."

"I see." Her sister sudden got a very grave look on her face, one that said she knew something, but would never say. "I will have to ask mother about this, but, I think it would be wise to stay inside for the rest of the day today."

"Is the weatherman calling for rain?" Elicia cocked her head to the side as confusion and wonder lit up her blue eyes.

"No." Megan stood up and looked at her younger sister once more. "I will warn you, do not go outside…or you may know just why mother has been home schooling you this whole time." With that, she turned and walked out of the room.

Elicia laid back down on her pillow, her thoughts trying to piece together what her sister had said. Ever since she turned seven-and-a-half, (she laughed a bit as she remembered that being Alice's age in the story), her mother had home schooled her. She had a few friends from the first two years of her public schooling – the only two years of her public schooling – that she saw every now and again, and they also loved the story of Alice. When they had been children – not that they weren't, but they aren't as imaginative – they often imagined they were in the story of "Alice in Wonderland". Elicia always played Alice, while her friends shared roles among each other. It's not that she hogged the role or anything, but her friends had always insisted though she had wanted to play Mad Hatter or the Cheshire Cat a few times.

Now, though, that they are all fifteen- or sixteen-years-old, they rarely even think to imagine being in that world. Well, all except Elicia. She loved the world of Wonderland, and the thought of slipping through a looking-glass to a different world. Her mind was always filled such thoughts, her imagination always wandering, that she sometimes thought it was a wonder her parents didn't send her to an asylum when she turned thirteen. Being fifteen, her parents had often expressed that she ought to stop acting like a child and more like a young adult. Though she knew it was how she should act, Elicia didn't want to. She wanted to be a child forever; she wanted to continue to believe in Wonderland and all of the characters in it.

"Elicia." Amanda leaned against the doorframe and stared at her dazed younger sister – which actually brought her out of the daze. "Mother and father said that you are not to go outside today. You may invite your friends over, but they want you inside, and they want you to not talk anymore of the story of Alice Liddell."

"Why?!" Elicia sat up, slightly enraged at this.

"You're a young woman. You shouldn't be stuck on fantasy stories like that for this long."

"Why's that matter? Every other book I've read said that an imagination's good for the brain!"

Her sister sighed. "I understand that you don't quite get it, because we never told you…and it's a good thing we didn't." With that, she turned and left.

Elicia laid back down on her pillow once again, her mind trying to make sense of what Amanda had told her. None of it made sense, so she crawled under her blankets and drifted to sleep.

Elicia woke up the next morning about six hours after she drifted to sleep. It was only seven in the morning, and everyone else was still sound asleep.

She jumped out of her bed, stretched and walked downstairs and right outside. By the time she had realized she was outside, she was in front of the willow tree that stood proudly in the middle of the backyard. Elicia looked around to make sure no one had seen her, and turned around to go back inside. She was surprised that she had even disobeyed an order from her parents to begin with, she never did.

"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"

Elicia spun around as she heard the familiar words and saw a white rabbit, (No, not just any white rabbit, the White Rabbit. She thought excitedly.), stuff a pocket watch back into the coat pocket of his red vest and run into a rabbit hole at the base of the willow tree. Though she knew the story, and knew that if it were the really the White Rabbit that she was thinking of, she'd end up going down a rabbit hole into the world of Wonderland, she still followed the rabbit down.

She crawled and crawled in the dirty, dismal dark of the rabbit hole. After nearly a half-hour – far longer that it took Alice Liddell to fall down the hole – she thought of turning around. As she started thinking of how she was going to turn around, she slipped into a hole and began to fall. Though she felt scared, at the same time, Elicia was excited. She began to pray that this wasn't some sort of dream inspired by her want for this all to happen.

The fall was as long and boring as described in the story. Soon enough, Elicia passed the jar labeled "ORANGE MARMALADE". She didn't bother to pluck it off the shelf for she knew that it would be perfectly empty. After at least ten minutes more, she started humming old AC/DC songs to herself to pass the time.

It must have been an hour later that she finally slowed down, flipped her body to land on her feet, and landed on solid ground – while she was humming "Highway to Hell". Elicia looked around and saw another dark passage, which the White Rabbit was hopping down as he was saying to himself:

"Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!"

She continued smiling and ran after him down the long hallway. Though she had lost him, it didn't matter, for she came on a small hall with a row of lamps on the ceiling and doors lining the walls. In the middle of the room sat a three-legged glass table with a small gold key on it. She looked around, knowing the key didn't belong to the large doors, but to a small door hidden behind a curtain if she was really where she hoped she was. Sure enough, there was a low curtain that revealed a small door about fifteen inches high behind it.

Elicia hid her eyes in her left hand and started laughing, "Yes, this is definitely Wonderland. What a wonderful way to start the new millennium!"