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Elicia moved to the right at the last moment, falling down to the ground. She rolled out of the way as Alice tried stabbing her with the Rapier. Subsequently, the Rapier became stuck in the ground. While Alice fought to remove the sword, Elicia ran as fast as she could away from the croquet grounds.

Once she was convinced that she was far enough away, Elicia stopped and leaned against a tree to catch her breath. This is insane. I don't even want to be Queen, so Queen Alice shouldn't feel the need to kill me.

Elicia turned and continued walking. So what if my name was in the Queen of Hearts' will. I don't want to be a ruler. I just wanted to see this place with my own eyes, to confirm it's real. I didn't want to be in a one-sided fight for a crown!

"Oh my," the Cheshire Cat faded onto a nearby branch, "running away from destiny will get you nowhere."

Elicia stopped and glared at the cat. "Just shut up! I almost got killed thanks to you!"

"You must defeat that murderer and claim the throne."

"I'm not claiming anything! I don't want it! I just want to go home now! So point me in the right direction, you damn cat!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." The Cheshire Cat shook its head and faded away. "What kind of manner are those?"

Elicia sighed in frustration and just continued walking forward. She was convinced that there was an exit somewhere. And she wasn't going to stop until she found it.

Unfortunately, that meant for Elicia that she would both have to walk a long distance, and avoid everyone. If news traveled fast here, then most everyone probably knew about her supposed to be the new Queen. If the Queen of Hearts and Spades ordered her dead on sight, then Elicia would have to avoid asking for help.

"There you are!"

Elicia whipped around and saw Alice standing there with the same wicked smile. Elicia backed up a few steps. "How did you—"

"Don't forget where you are." Alice laughed hauntingly.

Elicia turned and ran. She had no fighting skills whatsoever, and the thought of dying over something she didn't want wasn't something she found pleasant at all. So, she just continued running until she came upon a well in the ground. It was so wide that Elicia would never make it if she jumped, and it was impossible to see the bottom.

"Oh, I see you've stopped." Alice laughed.

Elicia turned back around and started breathing heavily. She was out of breath, and she was scared. She didn't want to die. "Please, Alice, listen. I don't want to throne, you can have it."

"Wills cannot be contested." Alice sighed. "Unless there is a death or disappearance. In which case, you will be dying." She lunged forward to once again attempt to stab Elicia, but Elicia tried to take a step back, falling into the well.

Alice stopped and watched until Elicia was out of sight. She smirked and turned around, walking back to her place feeling fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Elicia was screaming as she fell farther and farther into the well. She had already lost sight of the sky, and it didn't seem like she was slowing down like she had hoped she would.

This isn't like when I came here! I'm really going to die! Elicia screamed in her head. Help, somebody! Amanda, Megan, please save me! Mom, somebody!

The sound of air passing her head as she fell deeper and deeper into the darkness didn't help at all. Elicia felt like vomiting and crying at the same time. But never more so than when she sensed the end of her fall nearing…and she wasn't slowing down.


Thirty seconds later, Elicia hit the bottom of the well. She felt every bone in her body break almost simultaneously as her neck snapped and her skull split open. Not even a moment after the pain began surging through her body, Elicia saw a white light and moved towards it.

"Elicia! Elicia, are you awake?!"

Elicia groaned when she heard the familiar voice. "Amanda?" She asked with a scratchy voice.

Amanda grabbed her sister's hand and sighed in relief. "I was hoping that you were okay!"

"Where am I?"

Amanda looked at Elicia's tired, glazed over eyes and smiled. "You're at the hospital. You fell down an old well under our tree and nearly died."

"How long…have I been out?"

"It's February the tenth."

Elicia's eyes widened as much as possible. "There's no way. It's not possible. I could've been out that long. I was only there for a day."

"Where?" Amanda's curiosity peaked.


Amanda released her sister's hand. "It seems like…the reason you were missing for so long before we found you was because you blatantly disobeyed us. You found the rabbit's hole that lead to that world." She sighed. "You say that you were there a day?"

Elicia nodded without straining her neck. "Yes."

"You were missing for over three weeks before we found you. You've been in a coma ever since. The doctors weren't sure if you'd recover."

Elicia shut her eyes again. "Amanda…I'm sorry for disobeying you, Megan, and mom."

"Don't worry. We're just glad you're okay."

"I'll forget about Wonderland." Elicia said adamantly. "It's not the fairy-tale world that Lewis Carroll wrote about, it's a dark and disturbed land. With the Queen of Hearts murdered by her own daughter, the Pri—the Queen of Hearts and Spades."

Amanda smiled a little. "You wanna tell me about it?"

"No." Elicia felt herself drifting to sleep. "I just wanna forget." With that last comment, Elicia drifted to sleep.

To be Continued…

Queen Elicia:

"Running away from destiny will get you nowhere." What the Cheshire Cat said was true… Elicia Liddell is now 30-years-old and is engaged to a man she met during college. She has forgotten all about Wonderland, and absolutely refuses to pick up anything related to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". She seems to be living a pretty happy, normal life…but, her life is about to become anything but normal. The White Rabbit appears to her again and pleads for Elicia to take her place as Queen of Wonderland, ultimately killing the Queen of Hearts and Spades. She tried running from her destiny once, can she really do it again?