Title: Hidden Truths

Rating: It will be M in later chapters.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. My name may be Stephanie but it is not Stephanie Meyers. If I owned Twilight I sure as heck wouldn't be writing fanfiction. The story would have been completely different, with no Bella!

Pairing: Edward/Alice is the main pairing, and there are hints of Edward/Bella and Alice/Jasper, but in the end it will be Edward/Alice.

Summary: While digging into her past Alice comes to a shocking discovery. Edward was the vampire who changed her to save her from James. But why didn't he tell her? And why is he suddenly pulling away from Bella when the wedding is only two weeks away?

A/N: Ok so I know that Edward was not the one who changed Alice, but this is Fanfiction and I can write it the way I want. I also know that James killed the vampire who bit Alice, but again for the sake of my story we are going to say he lied about it. This is my first Twilight story, so if the characters are OOC then you can understand why. Please R&R!

Edward's POV

"Edward Anthony Mason Cullen!" My sister Alice and I were the only ones in the house. The others had gone out on a hunting trip. I had opted to stay home and spend some time alone, well I had thought I would be alone, but my pixie of a sister Alice had stayed behind as well. She had mentioned something about rearranging her closet. Trivial nonsense if you ask me. It wasn't like she wore one set of clothing more than once. So I saw no reason for her to have to go threw her things.

"I know you can hear me!" I sighed, her tone was one of anger. What had I done this time? Was it more wedding nonsense? She should know that I was tired of all of that. If truth be told it hurt me that Alice was planning the wedding. Not that she was bad at this kind of stuff, rather because she didn't remember. Memories flew threw my mind, and I was glad that Alice was a seer and not a mind reader. If she knew the truth...I cringed inwardly at that thought.

Alice glided into the livingroom where I sat at my piano. She was singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song over and over in her head so I couldn't read her thoughts. This couldn't be a good thing. Alice only ever hid her thoughts from me for one of two reasons. Either she was trying to hide something from me, or she was upset with me and wanted to confront me with whatever it was and she didn't want to me to have time to escape.

"What is it Alice?" Better to get it over with now. The sooner she got it off of her mind, the sooner I was free to go back to what I was doing.

"I was going threw your music, trying to find a selection for the wedding, when I found something interesting stuck between two CD's." She pulled her tiny hand out from behind her back, and there inside of it's clutches was a picture. One I had hoped she would never find. I knew I should have gotten rid of it years ago, that I shouldn't dwell on the past, but I couldn't bear the thought of destroying my only connection left to her. "Care to explain to me why you have a picture of yourself and me, a human me I may add?"

I could see the confusion in her eyes. I could see the hurt that dwelled there as well. I knew that Alice had been searching for more information about her past, and she hadn't found much. I played a small part in that. I used my resourses to keep her from finding out anything important. I knew she had a right to know about her past, but I didn't want her to know. It was hard enough that I had to live with the memory of what was and what would never be again, I did not want her to go threw that.

Also, I did not want Jasper to find out. Jasper was very protective of Alice, and if he found out that I had been keeping something from her about her past, he wouldn't be pleased with me. Infact he would probably be so angry that he would unleash all his training from being in the confederate army on me. Not that I wouldn't deserve it of course.

"Edward? I would get the explaining part of this conversation right now." How could you keep something like this from me? Why would you do this to me? How did you know me? Her thoughts were a jumble and they were passing quickly threw her mind.

"Alice," I tried to gather the strength I would need to do this. I should have known that this would come someday. I've had almost 80 years to come up with suitable lie. But here and now, just looking at her, I knew she needed the truth. She deserved the truth. Maybe if it was finally out in the open I would be able to move on with Bella and get rid of all these lingering doubts I had about us. "Alice I know because," I paused. Could I really do this? It had been my secret for so long. Did I really want her to know? We were like bestfriends now. What if my telling her the truth changed that? I had lost her once, I couldn't go threw it again.

She looked at me with those Topaz eyes. They were pleading with me and I felt myself cracking. My resolve faltered at her next words. "Please Edward, I need to know."

And I knew I had no choice. It was time to let the cat out of the bag. "I had that picture because I-I was the one to change you Alice."

Her face was one of utter shock, hurt, and betrayal. It broke me to see her look at me that way. No! That's not possible! How could you keep this from me? You knew how badly I wanted to know about myself and you kept it from me! You lied to me Edward! I thought we told eachother everything. Does Carlisle and Esme know? Does Rosalie know? What about Emmet? Her thoughts slowed down for a moment. Does Jasper know?

I tried to keep the look of pain and sadness off of my face. I had done the one thing I vowed to never do. I had hurt her. I made that promise to myself the first time I had layed eyes on her. I had promised myself I would never hurt her. "No Alice, no one knows. I promise you only I know. I have kept this secret for 80 years. I had hoped that I would never have to speak about it again. I didn't want to hurt you Alice." My eyes were glued to hers. "I would never want to hurt you Alice."

Her thoughts were still flying by so fast that it was hard to latch onto just one. I caught a few as they passed in her mind. What exactly were we to eachother? Why did you turn me? Why did you keep the picture after all this time? Why did you leave me behind when you turned me? Why did James lie and say that he had killed you?

Finally she spoke outloud. "You have to tell me everything Edward, please. The others won't have to know. We can keep it between us. But you owe me this much Edward. You can't leave anything out either. I know you to well, and I know that if you think something will hurt me or cause me pain you would try to keep it from me. You will not keep anything from me, do you hear me? I need to hear it all no matter how painful for me it may be."

I nodded once, letting her know that I agreed to her conditions. "But it will stay between us. I will tell you a little bit whenever we are alone. This is not a story that can be told in a day." I wondered if I had sentenced myself to hell by agreeing to this. If I had, atleast I would know that I deserved to burn in hell. I would take my punishment willingly, because it was nothing I didn't deserve. I could never make up for what I had done.