I groaned, and looked over to the alarm clock, that was mocking me, blaring at me to get the hell out of bed, and get ready for the day. Maybe just a few more hours wouldn't hurt. I don't need to walk this morning. One day isn't going to make my back break. I was just about to doze off, when my fucking phone wrang. Who the hell calls at five o'clock in the fucking morning? Oh, that's right, no one.

I groaned, stretched my hand to grab the phone from the night-stand, and looked at the screen. Edward. Fuck. Me. Up. The. Asshole.

I flipped open the cover, and put the damn phone to my ear.


"Bella? Is that you?"


"I'm sorry to bother you so early…but I need a favor from you."

Oh, he needed a favor did he? The last time he said he needed a favor, was the day he dumped me like I was an old book.

"What is it that you need now, Edward?"

"I need you to work for me. I'd like to offer you a job, Bella."

"Oh? And what in the hell makes you think I would EVER work for you? I'm not your slave, Edward."

"I know that, Bella. Please? I'll give you anything you want. Just, please, I need you to do this for me."

"Anything? You'll do anything?"

"Yes." He insisted.

"Alright, fine."I heard him let out a sigh over the phone.

"Alright, so when you figure out what it is you want, just let me know."

"Edward, wait. I already know what I want.""Okay…" He urged.

"I want a baby.""Isabella, what---"

"Edward, don't ask questions. You told me you would give me anything I wanted, now I just told you what I wanted. I want a baby, Edward."

"Bella, you do know that I would be a father, to that baby, don't you? Bella. You can not just ask me to give you a baby as if it is just something people do on a daily basis. Bella…I'm not ready to be a father. Please understand."

"Edward. No baby, no job."He sighed. "Get to the office, now."

I hung up the phone, and quickly got dressed.

I sat in one of the waiting chairs in the office, waiting to be called into Edward's office.

There was no getting around the fact that I still loved him. I did, but not the same way I used to.

"Ms. Swan?"

'Yes…that's me."

I followed her to his office. She led me into the office.

"Mr. Cullen, Ms. Swan." She smiled before she left.

I just stood there, my hands crossed, and very, very uncomfortable.

"Edward?" I asked.

He shot his eyes up at me. "One second, Isabella." His tone was ticked off.

Who the hell did he think he was? After everything we went through together…he thinks he can talk to me like that? I don't think so.

"Look, Edward…if this is a bad time for you, you should find a different secretary.

He got up out of his seat, and walked over to me. "You think you can speak to your new boss like that, Isabella? Do you?"

I got into his face.

"Don't think you will dictate my life, Edward. If you want a secretary, you'll give me what I want. And don't think for one second that you can tell me how to speak to you. After everything, I think you know that I'm not one to follow rules." I snapped.

His eyes narrowed, and he walked back to his desk. "Come here."

I walked to his desk. I was dressed in a quarter sleeve navy top, tucked into a knee cap length skirt, with a black leather belt at the waist, and three and a half inch black heels.

He handed me a set of keys.

"Meet me at the house tonight, after work. Here is your paperwork. You can fill it out in your room. Over there."

He pointed to the glass door about twenty feet away from where we were standing.

He looked up at me. "Is there a problem, Isabella.?"

I snuffed, and shook my head. I walked into my office, shut the door, and drew the blind. Asshole.

I opened the door, hoping Edward wouldn't be there. He wasn't.

I walked over to his desk, and started rambling through the drawers. "Where the fuck is it?!" I then, Edward walked in, and looked right at me.

"What the hell do you think your doing, Isabella?"

I smirked, and stood up, and stroked my skirt, fixing myself. I swung my long curls over my shoulder, and walked seductively over to him.

"I work for you, remember?" I fixed his tie, and walked back into my office.

About ten seconds later, Edward stormed into my office. "What were you doing? Did you need something, Isabella?"

"No. I have work to do."

He walked in, and shut the door. He stood right next to my chair.


I looked up at him.

"What?!" I demanded.

"We need to get something straight."

I shot up from my chair.

"Stop talking to me like you're my master, and I'm your slave. You don't fucking own me Edward! I'm only here for one reason. And you now what that is."

"Bella…you can't replace her." He spoke slowly.

My eyes filled with tears.

I turned to him, and slapped him.

"Don't you dare talk about her. You selfish son of a bitch!"

"She was mine too Bella. You weren't the only one who lost her! You think your alone in this! Your not alone, Bella!" He shouted.

I looked at him in shock. I didn't have any words.

I shook my head, and looked out the window. "You didn't talk to me about her, Edward. You acted like she never existed. Like it was another dead goldfish. She was our daughter, Edward! Do you know what that word means!?"

"Yes, Bella! I do know what it means! You think that I don't care, that it doesn't haunt me every second of every day!?" He yelled.

"She loved you Edward. So much. She looked up to you for everything, she depended on you, and when she needed you the most, you weren't there for her! She's dead Edward!" I walked closer to him, and seethed in his face. "She's dead."

"Yea, Bella, she's dead! She died! She's gone! You think I don't know that!?"

"I think your not facing it! That you are making a wall, and isolating yourself! You abandoned me when I needed you the most!"

"Bella! God damn it! I didn't abandon you! I'm there when you don't even know it! I go to her grave every single day! And I go when I know you go! I watch you as you sit in front of the plaque, Bella! Sobbing, I do the same thing, and you don't even know it! And when you leave, I talk to her, Bella! I miss her much, Bella! Just like you miss her. Your not alone in this!"

I started sobbing uncontrollably. "You should have told me."

"I DID BELLA! GOD!" His temper was exploding.

"Edward, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have----"

I grabbed my coat, and headed for the door.

"No!" He grabbed my arm, and turned me around to face him.

"I'm not loosing you again!"

"Edward, don't. Your right. I can't replace her. I'm sorry I even asked you to do this."

They stood in the hallway of the hospital, watching as the team of doctors and nurses worked frantically to save their daughter.

"Tell me she's going to be okay Edward. Tell me she's going to be okay." She begged.

Edward held her tighter. "She's going to be okay, she's strong, like her mom, remember?"

'"Yea." Edward burried his face into his wife's brown locks.

"What are they doing, Edward!?" He picked his head up, and looked thru the window.

He saw the doctor step slowly away from the small table. He watched the heartbeat monitor draw a straight line, and he watched as his daughter stopped breathing.

"No!" Bella shouted.

The doctor came thru the doors. Bella looked to the doctor frantically.

"I'm sorry." He said, simply.

"No. No. No!" Bella screamed.

Edward held his wife tighter, as his vision became clouded with tears. He tried to hold her up, as she was slowly slipping to the floor from his grip.

Bella screamed.

"Your lying! You're a liar! She isn't dead! Edward, tell him! She can't be--"

"Shh, Bella, love, she's gone."

"No." She said sobbing. She looked thru the glass window at her daughter's body, under the small white sheet. She shut her eyes tightly, and began to slip out of Edward's arms.

"Noo." She quietly said.

"You can say goodbye…before we…we take her downstairs."

Bella let go of her husband, and walked into the cold room.

"I need you to sign these papers…to release the body." The nurse said simply.

Edward snatched the clipboard, signed his name, and shoved the papers back at the nurse. "Be gentle with her." He said.

He walked into the room, and watched as his wife sat in front of their dead baby's body, stoking her small patch of bronze hair, telling her that she loved her, over, and over.

"Mommy loves you, baby." She kissed her forehead.

Edward walked over to Bella, and sat next to her.

He touched her hand, and pulled it away.

"Edward…." She sobs.

"I….I….I can't do this. I have to….get out of here." He whispers before rising to his feet.

"I'll go with you." She says, and takes his hand, but her snatches it away.

"No. I….I need to be alone." He states.

"Edward, please don't shut me out. We…we need each other right now." She pleads with him.

He walks away, ignoring her pleas, and ignores the desperate times she calls out to him. He just keeps walking.

I soon realize that I'm in Edward's arms. I push him away from me.

"Get away from me!" I shout.

Edward looks at me with tears in his eyes.

"Bella…don't do this…please don't shut me out." He begs.

"Did you care when I plead with you to stay with me the night she died? No. You walked away. I'm sorry…I can't do this."

I walk to the door, with me coat. I can feel Edward standing a few feet away from me.

"Goodbye Edward." I say before opening the door.

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