Author's note: Probably not an original idea, but so what? Some things are cliché because they work, right?

Disclaimer: Supernatural is my obsession but not my possession.

Word count: 100

On a birthday note: EO drabble challenge, the word was "steady". It was also to be a little something for Woodburner's birthday. The preferred dish was of Dean in peril and Sam to the rescue, with a side order of brotherly bonding. Careful how you phrase your wishes as I can be quite literal.

The Brotherly Chain of Command

Dean, weakened by blood loss, is steadily slipping downwards.

"Don't you dare let go!" Sam's grip tightens.

Good-bye life, this is my stop…

"Live, Sam…" Dean gasps.

"Bloody hell, no famous last words…" Sam pants.

Time to take a risk, but Sam has trusted his brother's willpower before.


Handcuffs, what the hell?

"You go down, I go down, so MAKE AN EFFORT, Dean!


"Sam! Son of a BITCH…"


Dean makes the effort. For Sam.

Afterwards Sam smiles serenely as he patches up a shaken Dean.

"Don't EVER do that again, Sammy."

"Right back at ya, bro."