Camp Kidney

" Ready" Thomas asked the orange happy monkey camper Lazlo. " Okay, lets do this" Lazlo said putting on a world war two commander helmet, as did his companions Raj and Clam. Doing this they acted like silly soldiers from World War two. (Specifically Lazlo is just mocking George Patton) Before them Waspinator was mobilizing an arch behemoth to destroy the camp. But Thomas had planned a surprise. " Fire now" Thomas ordered as they launched clam from a giant already prepared rubber band at the behemoth, causing it to explode and also smashing Waspinator into various parts. " Ya we did it" Jelly Cabin jumped in joy. Thomas then noticed the keyhole in the cabin. Thomas then sealed the keyhole, then said goodbye to Jelly Cabin. " Who was that guy?" the Dung's then said dully as they watched from afar.


"The earlier victory was the first in a while. The army lead by Devastator had managed to destroy your Temple Omi while I was fighting out in the land of aliens." Thomas said to Omi in Greenia. Then the alerter went off. Attention, dark forces approaching Jurassic Park flashed onscreen. " To a new world" Thomas said disappearing. " What do I do now" Omi said, clearly frustrated. However then he noticed a warp panel. It was marked Gorgonopsidbeware. "Cool, a place to practice avoiding large things" Omi said as he entered the portal. However the loud screeches, roars, and cries were horrible and Omi quickly ran out with a bruised arm and a large swab of cloth missing from the same sleeve on the arm. " Okay, bad portal." Omi said wandering to a safer portal for some entertainment, this one marked Prairie Dog with Omi taking a blow up coyote toy from the blaster-training center in the barracks

The park is based off the book with movie influences. (Such as Hammond, and other surprises)

Jurassic park

" Ah, isn't beautiful, Dr. Grant" an old man noted to a rougher looking man, the famous Dr. Grant. " Yes, it is" Grant noted to Hammond. For they were gazing down upon Jurassic Park, a massive extinct animal reserve located on scenic Isla Nublar. " But still, unless myself, Dr. Sattler and Ian Malcolm agree, this place closes down" Grant noted to him. " What I would give for a fourth opinion," Hammond muttered to himself. Then suddenly Thomas landed, above Genarro, the lawyer. " Hello there, finally another who also finds lawyers annoying and actually does something about it". Hammond said to Thomas as a greeting. " Hello, I am Thomas, and I seek the key… what the" Thomas began to say as he saw the dinosaurs. A massive head of a Sauropod stood above a herd of Galimimus" Well, welcome to Jurassic Park, a mock able excuse for an ecosystem" Malcolm greeted sarcastically. " Don't be such a grouch" Hammond scolded. " Lex and Tim are more mature" Hammond said as his grandchildren ran into the area. " Cool, a spaceman" Tim said happily. " Well my Hammond, I have come to find a mystic hole in your world, but instead I guess I should view your park, and give it approval. If I approve my vast trove of DNA I possess back in Greenia will be available to Ingen." Thomas said. " I say the more the merrier" Hammond said, everyone nodding in agreement except Genarro, who was just a grouch anyway. " Well lets see the control room," Sattler said, with Lex pouting that she would not get any baseball in yet.

" This is our chief engineer, Ray Arnold, chief geneticist Henry Wu and the programmer Dennis Nedrey. Our game warden Mouldoon is out with his family, I understand something came up," Hammond said as they entered the control center. Thomas had liked the first two; well ignore the cigar on Arnold, however Nedrey seemed shifty. " Hammond, mind if I ask a friend of mine to stay here, he can call me if the weather goes bad and let us know so I can get us back home" Thomas asked Hammond. " Sure" he said while showing off the dino tracker to Tim and Dr. Grant, monitoring the movements of the Velociraptors. They were edgy today, and dangerous. " Rattrap, come here" Thomas said on his communicator. A minute later Rattrap appeared in a transwarp flash. " So was up boss dude," Rattrap said casually. " Just stay here and watch Nedrey, I don't trust him". Rattrap nodded " Trust me, that guy seems, well shifty. O well, I'll just pluck me up some crackers and twiddle my thumbs." " Well, off into the park we go" Sattler said as the main non-staff group walked to the car garage.

The tour was wonderful. They saw 14 species of dinosaur, minus the pteredons and Velociraptors. As they traveled back, a storm hit them by the habitat. "I am willing to say yes now" Grant said, with all the others save Malcolm nodded in agreement before the power cut off. Then suddenly the communicator rang off. " Thomas, this is commander cool Rattrap calling. Nedrey just ran off with all the embryos; and let the Raptors loose!!!" " Grandpa" Lex screamed. " Well, prepare for transport" Thomas said warping back to the control room. The staff where surrounded by neo shadows. " What in the fossil blazing name is that?" Grant said. " Heartless" Thomas said before beheading all the heartless. " Nedrey ran towards the docks," Wu said as Thomas and Rattrap pursued, followed by the group. " Pay day is here, my good friend Sidious will reward me for sure" Nedrey gloated before he saw Thomas and Rattrap. " Dusks and Creepers attack" Nedrey screeched as both enemies appeared. " Metagross use earthquake" Thomas said calling out his Metagross who shock them all down. " Nedrey, give those back now or I will sue" Genarro said. " Morning star" Nedrey said snapping his fingers; as the heartless fell on Genarro, breaking his arm before Rattrap shot it. " Come forth raptors and destroy them," Nedrey said now cowering. The pack appeared, with odd clamps on their heads controlling them. " Jierda" Thomas whispered, breaking them all. The raptors then turned and killed Nedrey, whose girly screams emitted all over the un-dino habituated forest, before attacking Thomas. Thomas sliced off two heads with his lightsabre before using Jierda on the other five. However the more aggressive one escaped that and charged at Hammond; then Thomas teleported in into the pen, who promptly ate it. " Thomas, thank you for saving the park, so we name the tour the Thomas honorable dino tour" Hammond said with brimming gratitude. All the others, even Malcolm were impressed. " I am now willing to accept this park" Malcolm said, as did everyone else. Then old Waspinator appeared. " Die fleshy bots" He said, before Lex pulled at his tail, and caused him to fall apart like a tower of blocks. " Waspinator need stickier glue" he said before disappearing" Party time" Rattrap said with a extremely unexpected burst of happiness no one else was even attempting; before Thomas said goodbye and left, dragging Rattrap with him by his ear.

" Omi, get out of the Prairie dog town"!!