Summary: Yuffie would have never thought that after an accident involving Hojo she would end up in the past right about the time when they awaken Vincent. The catch- she's mute and stuck in her six year old body. How in the world is she going to get back to her time? Is she relly forming feelings for Vincent realizing how emotional and protective he really is over his friends?

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Have you had one of those days where you just know something odd is going to happen that you're not going to enjoy AT ALL. Yeah well when I woke up this morning on a lab table I wasn't just knowing it, I was feeling it.

Lab table, really. I never really did like doctors because I knew they were EVAL, emphasize on the 'A' would yeah?

Well me being me I didn't wait for the doctor to come, I pulled and tugged on the rope thingies bounding my arm and wrist, neck, and legs. Nothing seemed to work. I started panicking when I noticed some sparkling green liquid was being transferred into me by a needle. UGH, I hate needles.

"Hey, Doc." I called out my eyes scanning everywhere for some other person besides me. While I was looking around I noticed some familiar things. A tube like thing with water filling it. Human sized, like a containment thingy, I don't know where I've seen this before but I knew I never liked it. Then there was this HUGE computer with all these wires connecting to the wall, the tube thingy, a few lights… and the tube that was connected to the green stuff flowing into me.

"SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE! DOC!" I screamed struggling more than ever to break free of the restraints , I only managed to bruise my upper arm pretty good. I bucked my middle section of my body up to see if I could slide out of the ropes but they were too tight.

"I see our princess is awake" an old wiser voice laughed lightly for behind my line of vision. Princess? Oh no he did not just call me that- he's in deep on my bad side. "do you like my home?"

I snorted in disgust, "Home? More like a freaky geek hide out, it's freaking me out Doc. And that's saying something' because I rarely get freaked because I've seen almost EVERYTHING". Oops, almost started rambling again.

"Really?" the old man laughed making him seem younger than he sounded like, "have you seen me?".

"Well, your voice and lack of humor remind me of someone, but he D.I.E.D- for good, he was this freaky guy that smiled too much and scared the living doodoo out of me" I said struggling to see the man talking but my head wouldn't move as much as I would have liked it to have.

"I'm touched" and with that said the man came into my line of vision.

"Oh Lavithian.." I gasped as I saw the man that was defiantly not old but should be. Hojo, glasses and all, his evil smile never changing, "No, you're dead, I saw it, Vince killed you, the explosion. NO! Damn it Yuff, wake up- super bad dream, he's dead, Vinnie even told me face-to-face" Rambling to a dead guy Yuffie, nice.

"Aw, so your acquaintanced to one of my test subjects" the, I so hope, fake Hojo guy said with a quirky voice of a teenager that was talking about her ex-boyfriend. EW, Vince and Hojo..

"HEY! Vinnie isn't a test subject!" I yelled in realization. Lavithian, Vinnie was a human being just like the rest of us, why does everyone assume he's not human just because of his appearance.

"Closer than an acquaintance.." Hojo mumbled in interest as he suddenly pulled out a clip board and jotted something down. What is he writing? I tried to lift my head but the ropes around my neck prevented me from doing that.

".. WAKE UP!" I screamed banging my head on the metal table under me, "OUCH!" that really hurt.. NO this can't be real, he's dead, under the ground rotting dead. This can't be happening, not here, not to me.

"So the truth finally reveals itself to you" Hojo mumbled scribbling more down on that stupid notepad.

"Come on, you're dead, no need for haunting. It's Vinnie's birthday today and I bought him this awesome birthday cake that has a chibi vampire on it! I would really like it if I could go to the party" I begged now going into hysterics. Please someone save me.

"Precious Dear, I'm far from dead" Hojo laughed walking away to the huge computer and typed some foreign language into it, "I hope this hurts- it's working if it does".

"VINCENT!" I screamed as lightning flowed through my veins along with fire. I screamed for what seemed like hours on end, yelling for Vinnie over and over again, hoping, praying that he would here me and save me. I could have called for anyone else I suppose but… His name is the only one that registered when the pain kicked in. I guess knowing that he went through similar agony like this made me think he could help me through this.

I don't know how long it lasted but it all just suddenly stopped and I was left with a soar throat and an exhausted body.

I lifted my eyelids and saw tiny green particles all over the me, sticking like glue. It was like the life stream… but what happened? I lazily turned my head, wincing when a throbbing pain entered my heart and gasped at the sight I saw. Everything was detailed, and there stood my mother.. She looked so much like me but with long, beautiful, hair that was more brown than black.

"Mom?" I whispered unsure of myself, was I dead? She looked really sad when I called her name. Did she not want me to talk to her. "Mommy?".

"What has he done to you, my sweet little Yuffs'?" she cried and I saw clear sparkling tears fall from her face and she approached me with a hand outstretched to me.

"Is this.. The life stream? I'm dead aren't I?" I asked trying to lift up my hands but it just sent a wave of pain through it.

"Sh" my Mom hushed laying a hand on my forehead. I could actually feel the warmth radiating off of her, she felt so warm and safe, "I won't let him hurt you, you will not join me until you have lived your life".

"But I can-" I started to protest but my eyes caught another figure behind her, a man but it wasn't Hojo. I've seen him but where? I could see his figure clearly, dark navy blue spiked hair with a dark blue matching outfit with a little armor on- giant sword on his back too, reminded me of chocobo head.

I guess he noticed me staring at him and his blue eyes met mine. He smiled and waved at me in a friendly manor. Who was he?

I managed to return his smile but not the wave. He started walking up towards us and his gloved hand poked my arm. It didn't hurt, but it felt nice because of his warmth.

"Be a Dear and don't distract her, Zack" my Mom sighed swatting him, Zack, away with one of her hands but their was a smile on her face as she did so.

"Zack?" I murmured thinking back. Chocobo head mentioned his name a couple times, he said that he used to be best friends with a guy named Zack until he was killed, "Chocobo head said he misses you". I had to be nice because I know deep down Chocobo head would want me to say that.

"Tell the little runt I miss him too, and it's a pleasure to meet you, Yuffie" Zack chuckled waving me goodbye as he disappeared into a blur of green particles. How does he know my name? Do dead people gossip to one another?

I had to crack a smile at the thought. I can imagine dead people stalking their old friends just to go back wherever the life stream takes them and talk about them to their dead buddies.

" Yuffs', I can't do anything" my Mom sighed in anger, but not defeat, "but there is something different about your life energy".

"Mom?" I asked in question as I closed my eyes in discomfort. My heart was hurting even more and things got blurry, "will I see you again?".

"I hope not dear, you have a life ahead of you to live" Mom said gently and pressed a kiss to my forehead, "sleep and be strong, my proud little ninja".

"I don't want to sleep" I stated gritting my teeth as the pain in my chest started to spread. This is really getting uncomfortable, at least it wasn't as bad as the really hating pain.

"You don't want to sleep?" Hojo's voice broke through my concentration and I watched in pure sadness as my Mother decapitated into a green blur. I saw Hojo leaning over my body writing like a hundred words per second, "interesting, talking to one's self while delusional"

"What did you do to me!?" I screamed as sobs racked through my body. That bastard! Was Zack's and my Mom's image fake to mess with my head? That is sick, sick to mess with emotions like that. "I should $**&^ kill you! Rip you up in little pieces and feed you to the sharks! Even better I'll give your remains to Vince and let him use you as target practice, I'm sure he'll feel better at the end of it!".

"Aggressiveness heightened" Hojo muttered pulling a needle out of his coat and injected it into my neck. It made me sleepy and the green life stream particles seem to intensify. Did that mean I was dying and it was ready to take my soul?

I didn't want to leave this world, sure I wanted to see Mom, Arieth, joke about chocobo with Zack and haunt Sephiroth's grave, and scold whatever her name is for breaking Vinnie's heart, but I want all the time I could with my friends. To apologize at least, tell Cid I'm freaking sorry for being a Brat and I'll make sure to keep stealing his cigarettes. Tell Chocobo head to just spit out his feelings to Teef, and start making babies however you do it. Tell Reeve to stop making his men do pointless job orders and get a life. Maybe even tell Vinnie to spice up his mansion a little- make it a Halloween spectacular!

I guess I never realized how important they were to me, how much they changed my attitude. If I could go back and actually enjoy the times with them I would, maybe push Chocobo head towards Teef so they would go out before they get wrinkles. Maybe hide Vinnie's gun more often and just enjoy him scolding me just to hear his voice and emotion in it- to know that he at least cares about telling me not to do something, to know he would waste his time talking to me about the pointless stuff. Enjoy Cid's cursing and try to making him stop his bad habits other than joking about it.

Go back in time to make myself less ignorant, yell at Godo to open his eyes and see how much Wutai needs a better ruler than me.

Each time I said something the green particles around my body brightened. I don't think Hojo could see them because he didn't react at all because when the light became blinding he didn't care. Didn't care when he started being see through and everything went black…

"Why the %** is a $&&*^% kid in shinra's mansion?!"

Cid? The Shinra mansion?

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