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Logan stood quietly and still by the door, watching the girl who had come to mean everything to him. She had finally emerged from her shell, allowing those her own age close, and not just sticking with the adults at the mansion.

Right now, she was playing a game with some of the other kids while their teachers watched TV. The sun was streaming through the window behind her, encasing her in an unearthly glow- her hair shining beautifully.

He couldn't help but smile to himself as he thought of how one small girl had turned the hardened Wolverine into a pushover, but he had come to terms with his fate and had accepted it willingly- anything to keep her happy.

After burning the image of her into his mind, he turned to the door, all the while feeling as though his heart was turning to lead.

Then he heard and smelled her. Her heart was racing and her young, clean scent was heavy with dread.

"Logan, wait."

His heart pounded in excitement as he heard her running towards him- her steps never faltering.

He braced himself to face her and turned from the door. Guilt immediately consumed him when he saw the stricken look on her face, but he needed to do this. He needed to discover the truth about his past so he would be free to live his life- to live it with her.

"You runnin' again?" she asked shakily, and he could tell that she was trying to hold it together.

Suddenly he felt unsure of his past actions. Maybe he shouldn't have became so close to her. He should have allowed someone else to comfort her and look after her- but no. He couldn't bring himself to regret those long nights of holding her close while she slept, keeping her safe from her nightmares and from anyone who would harm her or take her from him. And then there were the equally long nights spent talking when sleep refused to come to either of them. Those were the nights when his feelings had begun to grow as he got to know this amazing young woman better. Sure, he had saved her life by risking his own- the wolverine within him demanding that he protect her, but now he knew her, her loves and hates, her likes and dislikes- what made Marie, Marie.

Of course their relationship had been frowned upon. The only one truly understanding being Xavier, who saw that Logan needed to protect the fragile young woman while Marie in turn gave the Wolverine some peace.

Ororo looked on with a kind of silent acceptance, seeing the long term benefits and also how Logan was changing because of his acquaintance with the girl.

Scott would just scoff in disgust, not approving of the violent man's close bond with the young girl who had already suffered so much.

Jean's opinion, on the other hand, was like a pendulum swinging from encouraging the relationship between the unlikely pair and jealousy. It was the latter emotion that Logan hated the most. The smell would cling to the redhead like a bad odour, and he would often have to restrain himself from taking action when he saw all of the resentment and jealousy aimed at his Marie.

The other kids at the school tended to avoid him, viewing him as the unapproachable fighting and growling machine, while Marie kept her distance, only allowing a select few close enough to be friends.

He reached towards her to stroke the silver streak of hair hanging loosely, careful not to touch her skin- not that he was frightened of her mutation and what it could do to him. It was more that he knew what effect hurting others had on her.

"There's just some business I need to take care of up north," he told her, his voice rough and loud, with everyone taking on a gentler, softer tone while speaking to her.

He watched as a sad smile hovered on her lips before she launched herself at him. He caught her easily, wrapping his arms around her slim frame, while she threw her gloved arms around his neck and buried her head in his chest.

"I don't want you to go," she choked out pressing herself closer to him.

Logan felt his mind waver. The Wolverine demanding that he stay and keep her safe.

No. This is for her. I need to go.

Taking her gently by the shoulders, he pushed her away.

Cupping her face in his hands, her hair shielding him from her skin, he looked into her eyes.

"I will be back, Marie," he whispered, seeing that they had attracted some attention from the various students milling about the halls.

She took in a deep wobbly breath, trying to compose herself and Logan was proud of her for making the effort.

He saw a flicker of doubt pass through her eyes and wondered what to do to reassure her that he would return.

Releasing her, he reached for the dog-tags that hung around his neck, his only link to his past that would now hold him to his future- to her.

He whipped them from his neck and placed them about Marie's, planting a quick kiss on her head.

"I'll be back for these."

Yeh wee bit bizarre I know, but I have had it laying about for a bit now and thought I'd post it. Ever since seeing the first film I always wanted Rogue and Wolverine to get together so this was my attempt at that.

Thanks for reading.