Author's Note: This is a collection of posts from an "interactive story" my friends and I have created. It was widely successful. But it began as a fanfic, so I'm going top post the fanfiction version for all to see! Be gentle...

Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and GAME FREAK, I just borrowed it.

Tyler stepped lightly into the Durgood Forest with Archibald at his side. Archibald (Archie) was his Growlithe, a present years ago from his father. Not so much a present as it was an adoption. Archie was a pup found by the Durgood Police Dept. one night. Apparently abandoned, Tyler's father offered it a home.

Now it was his best friend. And they were off to catch their first Pokemon.

Wesley stood outside his house. His roomie yelled and threw something. A wheezing laughing echoed through.

"Aristar! What are you doing? Are you messing with James again?" He yelled. A little gas ball floated out.

"Maaaaaaaaaaybe..." That was one odd thing about this Gastly. He could talk. And even acted like any stereotypical ghost. It possessed things. Aristar was just as mischievous as a 5 year old toddler. James didn't like it.

"Dang it Aristar. Ya know that James hates it. And you almost broke my guitar last time." Wesley whispered the last sentence. He hated letting anything happen to his present from his mom. And since he couldn't see her anymore...It was good that he had this keepsake.

The thick trees of the Durgood Forest rose up around Tyler and blocked out the sun. Eternal night, or close to it. Zubats were out during the day here. Archie put his nose to the ground, then to the air and sniffed. He barked and ran off, leaving Tyler to follow.

They raced through the tangled overgrowth before coming to a rest by a large tree. A single Zubat hung upside down. Tyler recognized it instantly because it had a gash in its left ear. He named it Tallon some years ago, but now he was here to catch it. Tallon understood. It unfolded its wings and dropped down to the ground, prepared to battle Archie.

"Oh well Aristar. Go get Masamune and lets go. We gotta gig in Durgood." Wesley opened the door and reached down to get his pack.

"You off? Break a leg!" James called.

"Not like you did right?" Wesley called back. James had just recently gotten into an accident with a Bagon. James got a broken leg. The Bagon got away.

"Hey! Shaddup!" Came the response. Wesley laughed and grabbed his motorbike keys. Cycling was fun and all but motorcycles were the way to go. A Ralts slithered(?) up to him.

"C'mon Masamune." He held out its Pokeball. The red beam extended and latched onto the little Psychic. "Okay we're off." And with that Wesley was off on the road towards his next show.

Tallon dropped to the ground, defeated. Archie was still tensed in case it came at him again, but it wouldn't. The Zubat was spent. Suddenly a red and white ball came flying through the air, hit Tallon, and opened. The Zubat became a form of red energy before vanishing inside the ball. No struggle. Tallon was caught.

Tyler retrieved the ball and stared at it. He did it. He caught his first Pokemon. Archie bounded to his side, barking excitedly. Tyler smiled. "Now we're off." He decided. He produced a map and found the nearest place.

Roi Rill Port. That's where we're going.

Wesley zoomed through route 312. Aristar easily kept pace. Roi Rill Port loomed ahead. He pushed the accelerator. Before he knew it he saw a girl walking to a stall. Whats bad about this is that Wesley was heading straight for her. What's even worse is that he took the wrong road and didn't have very much room to avoid her. He grabbed the brakes lever on the handles. Tires screeched and the bike began to flip.

"ARISTAR! Grab my guitar and get it off me!" Wes yelled. Aristar obeyed and possessed the electric instrument. It was off before Wes completed the unintentional flip. Its a good thing he wears a leather jacket when he rides. But that doesn't stop it from hurting. Wes screamed as he landed, the bike on top of him. Together they slid to a burning hot stop in the market. Wes was unconscious.

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