Pokémon Novien: Phoenix Rising

Final Chapter

Terrance!" Tyler shouted to his Tentacool, "Bubblebeam on that Rapidash!

Nicole heard the command and tapped Bronco's sides with her heels. He jumped off of the wall and into Burlain. He skidded to a stop and faced Tyler as Edana hopped off and fired flamethrower at the Tentacool.

Archie leaped in front of the Flamethrower, absorbing it thanks to his Flash Fire ability, giving him increased Speed. "Now, Extremespeed on the Vulpix!"

Nicole jumped off of Rapidash and pointed at the Growlithe. "Quick, tackle it!"

Bronco quickly galloped towards it and tackled it as it hit Edana. Edana fell backwards skidding across the ground, but she managed to get up and shake it off.


Aero released the Aeroblast into Honchkrow letting go of the foe as she attacked.

"Good job Aero."


Staraptor dodged most of the needles, but was still poisoned. Knowing it would faint soon anyway, it divebombed Breeze from way up in the air.

And this time, Calfrun thought, stay down!

Meanwhile, Xadc, his target gone, went to attack Xero. U§ƒen kept right on attacking Checkers.

Breeze took Staraptor's attack head-on and slammed into the ground, unmoving.

"Breeze, return!"

Breeze disappeared into the Poké Ball in Michael's hand.

Meanwhile, Checkers' was taking U§ƒen's barrage of attacks and fainted, sinking below the water then rising to the surface belly up. Frustrated and worried that he would run out of Pokémon, Michael called out, "Checkers, return!" and Checkers was sucked into his Pokéball. All Michael had left now was Xero.

"Xero, get out of the Smokescreen and dodge Blaziken! Then use Agility again and repeat Scar's attack: force the Smokescreen to be absorbed into a vortex around Blaziken!"

Xero nodded and flew high into the air, out of Xadc's reach. His image shifted just like before as he built up speed. Then he flew down and circled Xadc repeatedly, causing Checkers' Smokescreen to swirl around the Blaziken.

"Now use Hyper Beam!"

Still circling Xadc, Xero charged a ball of energy between his drills and fired a Hyper Beam at Xadc from point blank while the Blaziken was blinded by smoke.


Yolanda screamed something at Shadow as Ursula dropped in altitude. The Weavile leaped up and landed on Aero's back, beside Wesley. With one quick movement, it froze both of the Pigeot's wings, causing it the fall along with Ursula. Shadow leaped off as both bird Pokémon hit the ground at about the same time. Neither moved.

"Come back," Yolanda sent Ursula back in her Poké Ball, and stared at Wes. "Guess our fight's moved to the ground."

"Good." Wes smiled as Ragnarok landed cracking the ground under it. "I hope you know what you're getting into. I've trained every waking second the past month."

Shadow swiped at the ground, attempting to intimidate Ragnarok and Wesley. "Such a shame that all that work will be for naught," Yolanda mocked.

"Well lets check. Dragon Rage." Ragnarok roared and blue flames shot out at Shadow.

Shadow brought his hands together and unleashed an Ice Beam that collided with the Dragon Rage.

"Ha! Don't you know that Ice is super effective against Dragon-types?"

"Don't you know what a distraction is?" Ragnarok shot out from the middle of the Dragon Rage and Headbutted the Weavile.

Shadow flipped backward in the air, then righted itself. "Ice Punch!" It delivered a fierce fist to the Shelgon as it regained its balance.

Ragnarok skidded to a halt in front of Wes. The attack was super effective.

"You can do it Ragnarok." Slowly the Shelgon righted itself. Another attack like that and Shelgon wouldn't be getting back up this battle. "Okay, Flamethrower, then dig." Ragnarok nodded understanding completely Wes' plan. A column of fire blasted towards the Dark-Ice type.

"Move!" Shadow jumped sideways out of the line of fire. The Shelgon had vanished. "Where'd it go?"

Wes laughed.

"Perfect!" Ragnarok's exiting dig appeared beneath Shadow and another column of fire engulfed his foe. The Shelgon erupted from the dig and launched off the Weavile landing back on Wes' side of the match.

Shadow got to his feet, battered, struggling to hold his posture. "Shadow..." Yolanda was reluctant to give her Pokémon another command. "Are you..." a fierce look told her he would keep fighting. "All right,"

The Weavile leaped back a bit. One claw stretched out with Shadow Claw, and the other with Metal Claw. The determined Weavile rushed at the Shelgon with quick attack and delivered both attacks with quick succession.

Ragnarok fell. He was out for this battle.

"Eliandas. Take Weavile out." A black and blue blur tackled the Weavile. Electricity crackled outwards at the impact. A Luxray stood defiantly looking straight at Yolanda.

Shadow swayed, then fell. Out. Yolanda reluctantly called him back, an whispered, "Good job."

one more left: Cerberus. A great, black Houndoom appeared opposite Eliandas.

Eliandas rushed the Houndoom. Electricity sparked and connected to the Houndoom.

Cerberus lowered his head at the last second and the Luxio connected with it's horns. The two struggled for a moment, before Cerberus threw him back and lashed out with Flamethrower.

Eliandas winced as the Flamethrower connected with its underside. It burned. Lightning shot from its body into the sky. Promptly arcs of blue electricity lashed out at the Houndoom.

Cerberus howled in rage before launching himself once more at the Luxio. It found a hind leg and bit down on it with Crunch.

Luxray howled. It leaned off of the leg.

"Come back Eliandas. Aristar you're up." Luxray hobbled off behind Wes. There wasn't any sign of the Gengar but Wes was smiling. "Get ready Yolanda."

"Be ready, Cererus, his Gaslty's a tough one," she warned the Houndoom, unaware of the double-evolution.

A Shadow Ball blasted from the ground hitting the Houndoom from under. Aristar floated out and stood laughing as he watched Houndoom get hit with the Shadow Ball.

It wasn't very effective. Cerberus stumbled back, quickly shaking off the attack. Cerberus roared and used Flamethrower at Aristar.

The fire licked at Aristar's body causing him to flinch. He rushed Houndoom then stopped a few inches away then shot a Hyper Beam into the foe.

Cerberus flew back, slamming into a tree. But he still got up, limping over to the Gengar. When he reached it, he threw his head back, and fainted. Yolanda rushed over to him, and picked him up.

"You did a good job," she whispered sadly. After returning him to his Poké Ball, she stood there, staring at the ground. "I won't loose. I won't loose!" she rushed at Wes and Aristar with a clenched fist poised.

Wes stepped in front of Aristar and grabbed her hand.

"You lost. Don't put yourself in unnecessary danger." He pushed Yolanda away. "If you want to beat me. Then get stronger." Wes turned and pulled his hood over his head and walked away.

Yolanda actually stopped and watched him leave. "You - !"
she started to yell, but was unable to voice her thought's. Instead she settled on a scream. A sharp pain in her hands told her that she had them clenched so tight, it almost drew blood. She relaxed, and watched Wesley walk away.

"Arrogant son of a..." she muttered, then turned away. "Eric, where are you?"

Eric stared in shock when he saw Yolanda lose to Wes. He knew he should attack Wes as a member of Team Phoenix, but that would go against his sense of honor. Reluctantly, he let Wes get away. Turning back to Renegade and Wraith, he sent Wraith over to help Yolanda.

"Wraith, do whatever Yolanda tells you," he ordered the Dusclops. With a grunt and a nod, Wraith walked over to Yolanda and saluted. "Renegade!" Renegade returned to Eric's side, having just knocked out a Clefable. "This isn't looking good. Let's go back up Yolanda. We'll need to be able to make a quick escape if things get really ugly, and we can't leave her behind." Renegade nodded, and the two of them slipped back to stand back-to-back with Yolanda and Wraith.

Xero turned just in time to see a Charmeleon charging toward him. Still shooting Hyper Beam, he aimed at the Charmeleon, sending him flying back several yards. Suddenly, Xero started glowing. His shape began to shift and grow. When the light faded from his body, a large wasp-like Pokémon hovered above the ground in the Beedrill's place.


Michael gaped at his newly evolved Pokémon. Behold: WASPEAR!!

All of Calfrun's Pokémon fainted, and he grunted and went over to the machine that Team Phoenix used to heal Pokémon.

Michael saw Calfrun walking away. He wasn't quite satisfied at how the Phoenix member had lost and gotten away, but Michael was much too noble to attack the defeated trainer. Instead, he turned his attention to Eric and Renegade.

"Xero! Use X-Scissor!"

Michael's new Waspear's spear-drill-hand things began to glow as he flew toward Renegade. Crossing his drills, Xero slashed at Renegade and cut the Sableye with the super effective Bug attack. Renegade staggered and fell to his knees. He shook and struggled to get to his feet, but with a final shudder, he collapsed. Wraith was Eric's last Pokémon, and he was currently under Yolanda's command.

Eric stared at Renegade in shock. How could his best Pokémon be defeated? He returned Renegade to his Poké Ball and backed up against the Burlain Wall. He needed to get out of there. Now.

"Yolanda," he whispered, hinting at their predicament.

Yolanda barely heard Eric's calling her name, she was still in shock over loosing to Wesley. 'How could I loose? I never loose. I ALWAYs get what I want!'

Had she said that out loud? She wasn't sure.

"Eric... I lost. I... lost. To a kid," she said solemnly.

"Yolanda, it's okay," Eric said, quickly falling in step beside her, returning Wraith to his Poké Ball. "You'll get another chance. Right now we just have to get everyone out of here safely."

He reached over to his shoulder pocket and pulled out his phone.

"Phoenix HQ, we need transport from Burlain." He hesitated. "... We've lost."

Yolanda watched as her Team fell apart. Disconnected. Uncaring. It was over. With a great sigh, she walked away. Team Phoenix, no more.


Nicole watched as the battles around her were finishing up. She took it as a chance to escape, but there were still people in front of her. She called her Vulpix and Rapidash back and hopped on Bronco. She turned back to the person she had been battling and gave a quick smile. "Let's just say you one, k?"

She rode off and jumped over the wall, heading to wherever they were supposed to retreat to.


Tyler stared. "Alrght... Darrien!"


"They're falling back! Keep going!"


"Darrien, There commander has been defeated. Lets wrap this up." Wes said catching up to his old friend. Aristar laughed mischievously still on a battle high.

"Wes let's do it again!"


Michael watched as the defeated Phoenix members gathered away from the Burlain wall. He saw Eric back away and turn to walk beside Yolanda. He took this chance to break into the city.

"Xero! Use Fly! Get me in the city!"

The Waspear, using his newly discovered strength, hooked his spear-drills around Michael and lifted him into the air, lowering him safely on the other side of the massive wall. Michael handed Xero his Poké Balls, and the Waspear hovered over to the Pokémon Center to recover from the battle.

Meanwhile, Michael headed off to find Wesley and the others.


As the Phoenix members retreated, none of the Trianers who had participated in the battle could bring themselves to pursue. Everyone slumped down where they stood with their Pokémon partners. Then a cheer spread across the city, and brought everyone back to their senses. They won! Paladin defeated Phoenix.

The Pokémon Center was busy the rest of the day, as everyone crowded in and around it to recover. Then night fell across the city. Trainers gathered in large groups, telling stories of their battles, some won, and some lost. But ti was a great feeling: the feeling of victory.