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"This is pissing me off," Dean complained a week later. He was sitting in the passenger seat, sulking because he couldn't drive. Sam rolled his eyes and said, "Look, as long as you're still on your pain meds you shouldn't be driving."

"Oh, come on. You just want to drive," Dean snapped crossing his arms. He regretted it when he pressed on his hurt wrist. He pulled his arms apart, sticking them to his side.

"Yeah, that's why," Sam responded sarcastically.

"You boys act like you're teenagers again," Bobby said from the porch.

"Bet you wish we were teenagers, old man," Dean cracked getting a small chuckle from Bobby and an eye roll from Sam.

"Don't be strangers guys," Bobby said as Sam got in the car. "You know you two are always welcome."

"Yeah, we know," both Winchesters said at the same time.

"I'll keep an eye out for any hunts for you two."

"Thanks Bobby," Sam muttered. Before Dean rolled up his window Bobby nodded and said, "Anytime."

They rolled out of the scrap yard, waving at Bobby. Once he was out of sight, they travelled down the street in silence for a while. Dean flicking through the radio stations, while Sam tried to ignore the music.

"Still sulking over that missing angel," Dean asked curiously turning the radio off after finding nothing to listen to.

"I'm not sulking. It's just, he's been missing for over a week," Sam muttered.

"Yeah, so. I don't see Cass half the time, but I don't sulk over it. All the better when the angels are out of the way." Sam glanced over at his brother, wondering if he was fully telling the truth or not. Next to Sam, Castiel knew a crap load about Dean. And according to Cass, they share some stupid bond, too, Sam thought bitterly. He never thought he'd feel so jealous toward an angel. Castiel not only did what Sam couldn't, but he also knew a lot about Dean before Sam did. How is that fair.

"Besides, maybe Joshua took care of Alastair. Maybe…"

"No, he didn't," a deep voice said almost causing Sam to crash the car. Castiel sat in the back seat, calmly looking out the window. Dean spun around, his heart beating as fast as a humming bird, and said, "Do I need to get you a bell?"

Ignoring Dean's comment Sam said, "What do you mean?"

"He didn't take care of Alastair," Castiel muttered. "He tried, I'll give him that, but he didn't succeed."

"W…what happened to him?"

"I don't know," Castiel replied looking up at the ceiling, "but I don't think it was good. He might have been killed, or he's in Alastair's clutches again. Either way, we won't be able to help him."

"But… but he's on your side. A…aren't you…"

"Sam," Dean interrupted.

"No, aren't you supposed to help him?"

"We've done all we can to find him, but if Alastair doesn't want him to be found, we won't find him. I just thought you'd want to know." And then he was gone, the car about as silent as his departure.

Dean tried to spark up a conversation after a few moments, trying to keep Sam's mind off of the information they just learned, but it didn't work. So, after a few moments of one sided dialogue he just gave up.

Silently the Impala drove down the road, its destination undecided and its fate unknown. Until it drove into the next town it wouldn't find out. Before then, it just drove past the 'Now Leaving South Dakota' sign and past the state line…