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Summary: This is the story of what would have happened if Bella Swan had found a diary in the Forks' wilderness, dated 1934, by one Edward Cullen. It tells of what Twilight would have been like, if Bella had known.

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I had waited for this day for so long. I had planned everything perfectly, done everything right. All I needed to do now was find him.

Ever since I found the diary a few years ago, on a visit to Charlie's place, I couldn't stop thinking about meeting them. It had looked like an ordinary diary, no fancy binding or cover-just a worn, brown leather diary. I found it while exploring in the woods when Charlie wasn't looking. I normally am not an outdoors kind of person, but on this day I had decided to give Forks a try and see why Charlie was drawn to it.

That's when I saw the small brown book. That's when my life changed forever.

I had opened the diary, as anyone would after finding what looked like a century-old prize found in the dirt. The first entry I had memorized by heart:

E.C 1934

Today I start this journal in hopes of expressing some of unyielding grief, caused by my current situation. My name is Edward Cullen, and I was changed into a vampire sixteen years ago, when I was seventeen years old.

At first I had laughed at this person's obvious mental instability. I mean...vampires? Who would believe in that? I thought maybe it was just a teenagers plea to be heard so many years ago, but as I read on, I became even more interested, transfixed, and convinced.

He-Edward-told of his misery, but at the same time, his desire to please his father-figure, the seemingly glorious and god-like Carlisle, the man-vampire-who changed him. Edward also told of his abilities. He could read minds for one, which fascinated me to no end while reading his recollections. He also told of the beauty, strength, speed, and immortality which to him seemed a curse. Lastly, he wrote of Carlisle's morality. He told how his diet had been curbed, unlike a normal vampire, to fit that of a "vegetarian" vampire. To not eat human blood, but instead animal. I was shocked to read this, but it was at this point that I became the most convinced. Hearing him tell of his internal battles with the strain of the desire to kill memorized me, and I knew this was real.

I wanted to meet this man-vampire who told of his tortures, and I was finally getting the chance.

I found out that Edward had lived in the Forks area over seventy years ago, from his writings, and that usually Carlisle would repeat his locations. That was why I was heading to Forks now.

My mother, who had recently married a minor league baseball player, had decided to travel with him. Instead of tagging along myself, I opted for a little reunion with Charlie, who I had not visited since I found the diary. It was perfect timing too, and I hoped that maybe, just maybe, the Cullens would be there.

Edward had spoken of not just Carlisle in his writings. First, there was Esme. She was Carlisle's wife and the mother figure of the "family". There was also Rosalie, a beauty in the extreme who Carlisle had changed in the hopes of Edward seeing her as he did Esme. Edward did not. This pleased me for some reason that I could not explain.

Lastly, there was Emmett, Rosalie's mate. Besides Edward, Emmett was my favorite to read about. His childish sense of humor was often added into the pages of Edward's diary.

Now it was finally time to leave. I had planned for this, prayed for this, wished for this, yet I still didn't feel ready. Was I crazy for even doing this? Would if it was all some elaborate joke created seventy years ago? Would I find nothing in Forks? And a more important and scary thought, would if I did?