Random Ramblings

I wrote this forever ago – intending to add more but never did. No reason to waste it though. So here's a real short one.


Here's what happens when one authoress stops being sane and starts talking back. (The bold lines are me...)

To start let us travel to Juraika, the jungle planet. As Jaster, Kisala and Zegram search for Lilika and her sister; they are forced to endure the bubble-headedness of an almost incompetent game player. Sometimes slow on the draw, she gets stuck on the most obvious of puzzles while breezing through ones that guides deem as 'tough'.

In all his controlled glory, Jaster has frozen the waterfall. But there is one small problem…no place for foot-holds. Well, the ever lovable controller is brain-dead from extended exposure to pixels on the screen while running on little to no sleep. Here's what happens when the Almighty Control decided to talk back to the character's she is mercilessly make run circles.

"They can't sacrifice Miri. That's just wrong," Kisala worries.

Yeah, yeah… Discrimination! Never knock another's culture – that's just wrong.

"There's just something about this planet I don't like," states the ever informative Zegram.

I wonder what you do like.

In a fit of frustration (perhaps because no one responded to his last statement), Zegram tries again. "Are we going after them or not? Make up your mind."

When I'm ready. Until then; run darn you run! Mwhahahaha!

A few paces behind Jaster, Zegram decides once again to put his two cents in. "If you have a freeze shot, there's only one thing to do."

Yeah! I could freeze all your mouths shut!

After an hour of running and exploring, the whole area has been trampled on by our three heroes in training. The Almighty Control (that would be me) decides to save and go online – thus sparing anymore comments and retorts. I should have realized I had the needed weapon already to provide foot-holds.