Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: steady. Happy birthday, Woodburner! Hurt!Dean, protective Sam. You can't go wrong with Dean in a straightjacket in a mental institution. Story told in 7 drabbles. Yes, I added 2 more drabbles. Now we're done!

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural this is for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

Chapter 1

He was a kid again, cradled in loving arms.

Daddy, please…

The straightjacket strapped tight around him felt good somehow. He rocked in the corner of his cell, slow and steady, against the white padded walls.

They told him he was bad. Told him he was sick. His head was filled with bad words like bitch and jerk and Dean and Sammy.

Maybe he could knock those words loose if he tried hard enough, and the men in white would leave him alone.

No more needles. No more electric shock.

He was a good boy now.

Yeah. A good boy.

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