Disclaimer: all characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

A/N: This is my first fan fiction. Hope you enjoy. Dedicated to Duskri123 for betaing it, and for giving me the inspiration.


Sometimes I wonder if things happen because of fate, or if I've been on the wrong path for so long that this is my new fate.

Now I guess I'll never know. I hate the way my life worked out. I just want to curl up and die.

Edward left me. Alone; dying; in the cold, wet forest.

Why did I have to follow him, to see if he could change his mind?

Why did I have to fall in love with a Vampire?

Why did I even move to Forks?

Why couldn't I have just stayed with Renee and Phil?

Why did I choose to live here with Charlie?

I guess now I'll never know why I made this path.

It's getting cold now. I'm freezing.

I hear someone calling my name, again and again.

A twig snaps nearby and I freeze, a million things running in my head.

Am I going to die now? Is this an end to my suffering? Is it Edward?

"Bella," someone says, not through searching but through recognition.

I've been found.

"Bella," I hear again, closer. I can't prolong the inevitable any longer.

I look up so I can see the person.

It wasn't Edward as I'd hoped.

It was Emmett.