Chapter 21- Epilogue

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Emmett's POV

Edward and Rosalie's wedding was lovely. It really was. Mine and Bella's honeymoon was amazing too; we went to Isle Esme while Edward and Rosalie went for a trip around Europe for a month.

Today we get back home. At the moment, we're on the plane on the way back home, back to normality.

Bella mentioned she wanted to talk when we get back. Not about the honeymoon but about something else. She said she's wanted to since before the wedding but didn't bring it up as she didn't want to put us all out.

My Bella. The selfless girl that I am in love with. My Wife. It feels so good to call her my wife.

Bella's started to use her powers more and more. She thinks that the more she uses them the more she will be able to do. I don't blame her for trying it. I think it's a good idea. But that means she hears all my thoughts. I like my privacy but living with Edward since I've been changed has definitely changed my line of thought.

We landed soon enough, got our luggage and made our way to the arrivals gate.

Edward and Rosalie got back yesterday, apparently. As we turned around the corner the whole family was there, Alice jumping in excitement.

I nudged Bella with my elbow and nodded my head towards the family. A massive smile plastered across her face, she let go of my hand and ran human speed to the family and pulled them into a massive hug. I reached them and found myself being pulled into the hug by my wife.

She let go of us all, and we started to walk out of the airport.

We reached the house, took our stuff inside and unpacked.

Bella's POV

I'm so nervous. I don't know how the family will take it. There is only one way to figure that out and that's by asking them I suppose.

Emmett and I finished pretty quickly and made our way to the dining room where the rest of the family were sitting.

"Hey," I said to them as we sat down.

"Bella, I get the impression you want to talk to us about something," Carlisle said.

"Yeah. Actually, it's been on my mind a lot and I'm fed of up of thinking about it, so I figured I would ask you all what you think," I said to him

"Okay. Well, what's up"?

"Well, ever since the Volturi showed up, I've been thinking about what they said."

The others started shouting.

"Shut up! All of you; let me explain," I said to them, they all quietened down. (SO, THEY'RE SHOUTING AND SHE SAYS SOMETHING AND THEY LISTEN..? SHE NEEDS TO rrrrrrroooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr... you know?)

"Okay, well, I was thinking about how I would accept their offer, but only if they allow the rest of the family to come with me and the current rulers to step down so we would end up as the rulers of the vampire world. We would enforce new and better rules then Aro, Marcus and Caius. If they say yes and it leads to a fight, Alice and I have both seen that we would win. No one in the family would be lost. Aro, Marcus, and Caius would be destroyed and the rest of the guard would either go their own way or they continue being a part of the guard albeit treated better then they are being treated now."

The others were quiet so I looked into their minds.

... Amazing, she's actually thought of everything. I don't have a problem with becoming a leader of the vampire world. As long as I can still be a doctor, I would be happy. Helping people is all I want to do. If that also means guarding over other vampires to make sure then I will do it...

... My daughter. She's so brave, if she wants to do this then I will too. I don't want this family to be split up. I love them all too much to ever let them go different ways...

... My wife... If she wants to do it, then I will, I'll sit on the throne with her. I'll make sure that I will take care of her, I will make her happy, if this is what will make her happy then I'll do it.

... I knew it! They'll do it, Bella. I know you're listening. It'll come out as they'll all want to do it. We'll talk to the Volturi next week and it'll all work out from there...

... Bella, I know you're listening. I'll do it, but only if you are 100% sure you want to do this. Rose will help too, you know she will. If Alice does then so will Jasper. You're pretty much set. We'll do it. We'll take over the vampire world...

I pulled out of their thoughts.

"Rose, Jasper? Alice and Edward have decided to go through it as well as Emmett, Carlisle and Esme. Are you in too?" I asked them

"Yeah, Bella. We'll do it. We're family," they said.

"Thank you."

"It's okay."

Carlisle stood up and walked towards me. He pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head.

"Bella, are you sure you want us to become leaders of the vampire world?"

"Yeah, I am. I'm so powerful, I might as well put it to good use, right? I'd get new powers this way. It's one of the rules I thought of."

"What are the rules you've thought of?" Emmett asked.

I took out a piece of paper and showed it to them.

Potential Rules

All newborns must come to Volterra within 6 months of being changed to sign a document agreeing not to tell humans about us. They also have the choice to go vegetarian or traditional. If they choose to be a veggie then they must stay with us until they learn to control their thirst.

All vampires with gifts must come to Volterra to give me their gift. They have to know how to control it before they leave.

NO human must know about us unless they have a relationship with a vampire. Then the human HAS to be changed.

Any new member of the guard must be treated like family and must be respected by all vampires.

No vampire wars. Any vampires in conflicts will be destroyed by the new Volturi. Each vampire in the war will either join the guard or will be destroyed.

"So far that's all I have. I'll probably have more and if any of you have any ideas then we should talk about them and then write them down if we all agree."

"These are good rules actually. I like them," Emmett said.

I kissed him.

We were going to take on the Volturi and end up rulers of the vampire world one way or another.

We have eternity after all, now we'll be putting it to very good use.

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