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Kairi is a diplomat's daughter. By day, she is an innocent school girl, but by night, she hangs around with a dangerous group of pirates called the Crew of Cray. To do so, she disguises herself as a boy named Kai. Their leader, Cray the Red Blade is her valued friend. Kairi wishes to follow in her father, Damien's footsteps and become a ship captain. Little does she know: her father was a deadly pirate. After finding an odd looking sword in her dead mother's cellar, she meets the irresistible Sora. He also happens to be a pirate. Not just any pirate, though. He's the son of Cray's brother and the Aquaris's captain, Leon. Along with Sora's bestfriend, Riku, Kairi and Sora set out to aid Leon and his crew defeat the very people Kairi grew up with, the Brits. Finding inner strength and love along the way, will they be able to win the war of pirates v.s. the British Kingdom or will they fall to oblivion?

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Chapter 1: The Cross-dressing Firecracker of Port Royal

Booming echoes of laughter and the calming crashing of distant waves contrasted so serenely in my ears. The moon, high and shimmering brightly, was to be full by tomorrow eve. It made not a difference to most. However, I was not most. Nor should anyone dare claim me to be like most. Oh, but how I disliked predictable with much zeal.

The streets of Port Royal were so lonesome at night. One could hardly believe that this spot was the centre of the town's busiest bazaar. Market places, though, were public places. And I was not to roam in pubic places.

While the sun shone, that is.

Will would absolutely skin me if I was found in the market while streets were hosted by Them. We referred to the British Guard as either Them or Brits. Brits were frightening people if I did say so myself. Why any wretch would dare stand, nay wed one was beyond my comprehension. Though, I put not much thought into the matters of it.

Personally, the matters of women and men weren't in my highest interest anyway. I did not need the attention of men or the fame of gossiping wretches, nor did I see reason in those same pansy women rubbing their bosoms across the nearest man's arm like a lost puppy. Men were swine. Elizabeth didn't need to lecture me for the understanding of that to register fully.

Flickering flames from the bonfires lit the alleyways of our ghost time quaintly. Walls of brick seemed to dance with life. Or maybe it was just the drunken men that were dancing.

I smiled as I neared Camp. Whenever the time became plausible, Cray and his group of bandit misfits would rob the nearest liquor cellar. The Brits never seemed to figure it out, either. Some questioned, but none dared accuse Cray the Red Blade.

The funny thing about prisoners like Cray: Brits could never keep a hold on 'em.

"Cover me in flour and bathe me in brandy, look who it is! Kai! How ya been lad?"

Marco. Quite a daft man, but loose firecrackers were always welcomed. Insanity was all too common and Cray didn't mind it much. After all, the way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the way to a man's loyalty is through liquor. And with the raids being as common as insanity, we had more than enough to draw the loyalty of any sea rat in the seven seas.

"Aye, Marco. I've been faring fine, but by the look of ya, you've already been bathed in brandy."

A firm hand clasped upon my shoulder, one I knew by heart belonged to the Blade himself. Rounds of more laughter spit out and Marco, too, laughed. Had he been sober, I doubted not that he would join in our joke nonetheless. He was a good person.

They all were.

Strange for a bunch of drunk thieves and bilge rats, but good humor and kind words of advice were never in short supply. Disgusting to some, brilliantly blunt to others, the Crew of Cray, to me, was family. Ever since Mum and Pa died, I had survived as I did now. Scents of old brandy and perverted joking of drunken men was to me like breathing. Easy, simple. It was routine.

"Kai, ya gonna get ur self some of da goods 'for it be gone or what?"

"Come 'ere, lad! Have a drink!"

"Yeah, Kai!"

Dazed laughs burst from the crowd and a lazy man's grin snaked to my lips. The hand on my shoulder tightened its grasp and Cray boomed merrily, "Aye, ya buffoons! Enough! Let the lad have his peace. And Marco cool yer ass before ya blow yer brain. Whiskey straight ain't good fer ya, idjet!"

I chuckled and smirked, "Too late for that, Blade. Damn idjet blew himself out years ago."

"Oie! Shush yer mouth, boy! I ought ta keel ya!"

My voice barely broke through the wailing laughs and sighs of jubilation, "Aww, I mean ya no harm, Marco! But, just 'cus I love ya don't mean I can't jab a bit, aye?"

"Aye, lad! Relax! You're with friends. Have yer self a drink."

I nodded and grinned blissfully. Cray's hand left my shoulder and fell upon the simple grey cap atop my head. He ruffled it a tad. Leaning down a bit, he whispered, "Only a glass. If you come home drunk, Lizy'll keel me over. William, too. 'Kay?"

"Sure thing, Cray," I replied, violet orbs meeting the depths of his emerald ones. Like Elizabeth's, Cray's eyes were the greenest I'd ever seen. Will's brown eyes weren't unattractive, either, but those two and their emerald was just too overwhelming.

Whiskey was a bitter, yet seductive thing; Sea Goddess's natural temptress of man. It wasn't an unpleasant thing, not in the least. Though, I was yet to know how these men could drown bottles and bottles at a time. One glass alone had me spinning.

The pale flesh of my right hand shone through the torn glove I bore as I swiped a mug of toxic joy from Marco. Although the Crew was a joy to sit and josh with, I needed lonesomeness. I had come to thing, which I could not yet do surrounded by people.

The sand of the beach felt nice under my feet. No lass or lad knew of this place, here miles from town, but I and Cray. I liked it this way. Troubles and worries fled to Davy Jones' and I could finally be myself.

I heard his footsteps before I got so much as a few feet from the camp. Damn Blade never could be thrown. Not a tad.

Cray trailed in silence, only sounds being the waves, distant chuckling, and our feet upon grainy beach. The Secret Place came to view. A sizable hole graved in a large tree all the way out by the tide. I set my mug on a branch and stripped my gloves. Cray leaned on a rock near the base of the tree. I need not hide things from Cray; he knew everything anyway.

So, I slide pale hands under my cap, fingering the mahogany tresses of hair. Slowly, carefully, I extended my hand to the heavens, enjoying the sound of my cap hitting the sand and the feel of my long, soft hair falling to the small of my back. A sigh of relief flew from my lungs.


Emerald eyes, flickering in the pale moonlight, demanded my immediate attentions. I permitted it. Somberness hadn't reached my eyes since the morn and that had all passed now.

"Yes, Cray?"

"Tell me again…why do you do this?"

Ah. This again. It seemed every time I revealed myself to the Blade, he asked the same question: why?

"Well, because I want to. Have I not told you before?"

"You know damn well that Elizabeth and William dislike it."

"I know."

"Then why bother? Your mother and father left you a mansion to live in. You have your siblings and Lizy and Will. Tell me, now, why walk the streets dressed like a common rat if you have all that?"

"Because I don't belong there."

It was true. I never liked formality. My rude tongue had earned me many a beating and I'd never once enjoyed opera or dance music. Other girls my age loved dancing and dolls. Yet, here I was, dressing as a boy and drinking straight whiskey with a group of thieves. Could I go back to being like my sisters?

No…I could not.

"I'm not like them and besides, you've told me before that my father was not rich. He was a man of the sea. Like you, Cray. He was a ship captain. It was just my mother that was a diplomat. I'd rather follow Pa's footsteps. Don't you see?"

Rare thing it was, yet happened anyway, Cray sighed and muttered, "You don't want to be like your father, Kairi…trust me."

I didn't quite understand, but I raised no hell. Why argue with someone who knows not of your own vision? I'd show him, though. For it had been decided some time ago, the wall restricting me to the horrid town of Port Royal would be broken. Then, I'd be free at last.

Killing the glass of whiskey in three swigs, I handed the wooden mug to the Blade. His pressing glare bothered me not. I merely leaned against the thick trunk of the Secret Place's tree. I wanted something to do. If I got too caught up in self visions, I'd hold petty expressions until morn. Then, Elizabeth would have my neck for sure.

"Have you been training lately?"

Frail conversation would have to do, I suppose.

"Yes. I recently beat Lino to the dirt. It felt nice."

I told no lies this time. I honestly hated that man. Lino was my tutor in both schooling and sword play. He was a simpleton in both categories. How any man could be so self consumed to give a life speech mid-battle was beyond me.

I repeat: men are swine.

A booming laugh sounded from the man at my side. Cray knew well of my dislike for my tutor. He thought ill of the conceited beast also.

"Aye. I've no doubt it did! What a strange lass you've turned to be! Perhaps it is rightful that you're sisters avoid you like the plague. After all, you happen to be Kairi: the cross-dressing firecracker of Port Royal! Diplomat's daughter by day, smuggling rat by night. Either way, you're vicious! Ha! I'm glad I met you, Kairi! I really am!"

I smiled and laughed alongside him. It was true anyhow. "Uh-huh! And you'd be Cray the Red Blade: peaceful kitten-like suck up by day, wicked leader of the Crew's thefts by night! Who would've thought?"

"Aye! Aye!"

Our laughter died down only when the sun's rising became visible upon the glittering surface of the waters. I bothered not to replace my cap or gloves. There was no point. So, Cray and I headed toward the camp, giggles and chuckles passing time and again.


I turned as a sack was tossed into my awaiting arms. A questioning glace at Cray revealed he wished for me to change.

"I kept your gowns from last week's bust. Change and I'll walk you to the villa."


Somehow, stripping my shirt as to expose my larger-than-average breasts and my other garments before Cray seemed just as simple as talking to the Blade. I'd been told I had a nice body. I didn't care though. And I knew Cray wouldn't be interesting in girls half his age.

Slipping on the plain white, satin nightgown, I shoved the other garments into the sack, slung it on my left shoulder and motioned Cray forward. Trudging through alley after alley in silence at the brink of dawn, praying Will had not woken yet, feeling the first effects of alcohol consumption creeping upon me…it was all routine.

So as well, crawling into my bed after scaling a ten foot wall and walking for miles seemed as normal as breathing. Having barely remembered to bid Cray farewell, I closed my weary eyes. More tired than previously thought, I accepted the dark calm greedily and let sleep drag me seductively under.


Dear Cray,

It would seem that much has changed since we last met. The King has ordered for the British military to double their efforts on destroying any and all threats. This includes you and I. I hate to say it, but we're on the verge of war.

Forgive me for the suddenness of this letter, but I must ask you to join us once more. I understand full well that you've given up the life of piracy, but regardless, I need you. I fear for the safety of my crew and yours. Our way of life, our family, may be eradicated this time around. It will not be easy. Though I do have Hale's son, Riku as my ward and my son, Sora has also grown strong; we all know it isn't enough. It shall be up to you in the end, though, I plead for your assistance. I do not ask as a fellow pirate or a friend, even, Cray. I beg you to join my crew as your brother. Please consider this offer. Heavens how I wish Damien had not passed.

I will expect a reply soon, as always. May the gods save us all.

Your dearest brother,


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