I do not own iCarly nor any of it's product. Just my fantasies. . .and that just made me sound creepy/crazy didn't it. . .ah well, your the one reading them.

He said it again, like he always does after we fight. I'm not always there to hear it, and he never thinks I can. The first time I heard him whisper those words under his breath it sent a thrill down my spine I wasn't entirely comfortable with. We had just had a fight over some stupid comment I had made; I don't even remember it now. I had walked away from him to the other side of the room. I was opening the door to go get Carly so I had something to hold me back form killing the boy and he muttered it under his breath. I turned sharply, but he head was down looking at his shoes. His hands balled into fists at his sides. I don't think he even knew what he had said, or that I had heard it, but it wasn't the last time it happened. The next week a scene almost identical to that one happened and he said it again, this time I didn't react right away, I just looked over at him and saw his shoulders slump in defeat. It seems to be happening more and more: me walking away instead of getting violent just so I could try and catch those whispered words, help at bay under his breath. That one simple sentence of "I don't hate you, I'm sorry."

And that's all. I hope I don't seem creepy or crazy any more. I'd hate for you to get the right impression. XP