I figured I'd neglected you guys enough and decided to write and post this. It's a song-fic so if you didn't like my last one you might not like this one. It goes to the song Suddenly Everything has Changed by The Postal Service. .com/watch?v=TAsN_tcKm7Q there's a link for you to use if you wish. Best of luck, and of course, I don't own iCarly.

Sam sighed as she lugged her groceries up to her apartment. It was the third Sunday of the month: errand day. Sam hated it, but it was necessary, and so she forced down another sigh as she struggled to get her keys into the lock on her door and stumbled into her apartment, setting the grocery bags down on the small island in her kitchen.

Putting all the vegetables away
that you bought at the grocery store today.
And it goes fast, you think of the past.

She pulled out her ham and turkey and put them in the fridge, catching sight of a picture of Carly's twenty-first birthday, her best-friend's face lit up with joy and slight inebriation, her body supported by Sam's arm and her head resting on her shoulder as she snapped a picture of the two of them. Freddie was beside Carly, the angle of the shot putting him in the background. He was laughing at whatever it was Gibby had said to him, his hair was slightly messed up because he had just run his hand through it in animation while telling a story, his hand resting lightly around a beer that had only been half-drunk by the end of the night.

Sam smiled as she remembered how he had taken care of both of them that night, and winced in pain as she remembered how he had woken the two of them up the next morning: with loud concert music and, thankfully, coffee.

Brushing her hand against the picture, she turned back to the rest of her groceries and picked up a quart of melting ice cream, but stopped cold when she realized what she had just done.

Turning back to the picture, chilled dairy product in hand, she gazed at the photo and finally noticed the light streak of oil her hand had left down the side of the photo. One that had slowly been tainting the picture every time she looked at it, stroked it, and went about life. Sam set the dessert back down on the island and leaned back as she studied the picture and realized she had formed a habit of grazing Freddie's face with her fingertips every time she looked at the picture.

Suddenly everything has changed.

Although it wasn't much, it was enough to make her alert to every other seemingly insignificant movement she had incorporated into her life. Every thought and action was studied to find a link to what was slowly being revealed in her mind. Sam thought back over the past years, going as far back as when they had both decided in high school to hold off on a relationship for fear of ruining their friendship. It was that moment, Sam realized, that everything had become different. Everything turned shallow, every deep thought of feeling hidden even from her.

Driving home the sky accelerates.
And the clouds all form a geometric shape.
And it goes fast, you think of the past.

It wasn't hard to find the evidence, but thinking about it took up the rest of the day. Every errand Sam ran, she did so with half her mind off in space, theorizing, calculating, and reasoning with her head and her heart. Finally a conclusion was reached: this could no longer go on as a friendship. The scales had been tipped.

Suddenly everything has changed.

But the fear was still very much present in every thought of telling him. Emotions, Sam realized, although wonderful companions at times, are fiercely apathetic toward anything like reason or logic, and they feed off one anther like a disease. She mustn't tell him, she decided. She could wait; she could try to kill the cancer that her affection had become. Now that she was aware of what had happened, she could take control and try to do some weeding. But through all of this, she knew that she wasn't dedicated to any thought, other than that of a change.

Putting all the clothes you washed away,
As you're folding up the shirts you hesitate.
Then it goes fast, you think of the past.

Finally it was the end of the errand day and Sam had only to fold her laundry. Pulling out each piece of clothing, she watched a crappy soap opera on the television, only half paying attention to anything she was doing. A commercial came on and Sam muted the television, reaching down for the next piece of clothing, and paused as she pulled out one of Freddie's shirts. He had left it here after the last iCarly only a few days ago, after he had spilled a drink on it. Sam fingered the fabric in her lap, her indecision coming to a boil. Her fingers grazed a button on the collar of his shirt and she had a sudden and intense urge to see if his smell still clung to the clean cloth. Quickly controlling the feeling, Sam stood up and walked over to her pad of paper. She picked up a pen and looked down at the list she had made.

Suddenly everything has changed.

To Do List:

Pay rent - check

Bills - check

Laundry - check

Groceries - check

Call Freddie -

Sending you all love!