Yes you see right, I'm starting yet again another monster of a mulichap-AU. Well it was either that or a very strange 5D's /DBZ crossover One Shot, that didn't really have a point (other than amusing the hell out of me, which is why I'm going t finish it one of those days XD).

Anyway, this has been rotting for about two months in my lj now, without having anybody to really look at it and since I like it an am almost finished with chapter one, I thought I might as well get it up here. I'm not really sure about the title yet, so it may change if I find something moe suitable. Feel free to make suggestions though, cause I suck at titeling.


Warnings: Spoilers for whole series; resulting from this being a moster of an AU I'd like to say that I expect this to result in a certain level of OOCness, simply because different choices result in different character developments and reactions. But I'll try not to let them go too much put of order.

Summary: Multichap, AU – For Signer and Dark Signer alike death isn't as permanent as it should be and there are always consequences to be considered…

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

--- Starshards ---

--- Prologue: Clustered stars stumble---

Somehow this wasn't what it was supposed to be like, Yusei thought as he defeated his third opponent. Of course he had known this last Zone M would be tough, tougher than anything that they faced before. Their infamous reputation as Team Satisfaction, the one invincible team that was determined to dominate over everyone else in Satellite, had a long reach after all.

So Yusei had counted on difficulties here, perhaps that some of their old challengers would ally to a team of four trying to keep them from their goal as a matter of principle. However he had not thought to be confronted with a team of twenty instead of four. And despite what Kiryu had said abut them being alright with it, he couldn't help but feel that the game had been tainted by their opponents actions.

He turned to the last standing opponent on the roof. The whole time he had been duelling he had noticed the nervous glances the others have thrown him, especially after being defeated one by one. "Take it you're the leader?" he called out, his voice calm but behind that mask burned anger.

The other didn't even bother to hide his anger. "Bastard, how dare you-!" he spit. Yusei tried (and somewhat failed) to keep his face straight; but then he focused. There was no use in getting riled up, not if he could just give all payback needed in a duel.

"You were the ones who sullied the duel! I'll make you pay your just dues!" In an often-practiced movement, Yusei threw the cuff, which closed around the other's dueldisc. However now the other had regained his calm and chuckled; and somehow the sound send a foreboding shiver down Yuseis spine.

"A match is all about winning." the older man declared as he grabbed the rope that connected their discs.

"And winning means… beating down your opponent." He started running towards the edge, dragging the surprised Yusei with him.

He jumped over the rail to the next roof, leaving Yusei confused on just what that bastard was planning. And the moment he realised, it was to late, the other already pulled hard on the robe, using all his physical advantages against Yusei to pull him of the roof, calling: "See you in hell!"

But Yusei was not yet about to panic; it was not that easy to use his own weapons against him. Quickly he pulled the rope himself, drawing near to his opponent and the other roof. But the other just considered him a superior smirk as he took of his dueldisc.

"Later kid." he whispered, knowing all to well that this fall was not one to be survived.

And then Yusei felt gravity truly kick in, and as he was falling, he couldn't suppress the scream of shock. From the ground he heard Crow and Jack call his name but neither would be able to help him.

"Yusei!" It was Kiryu. In a split of a second he turned and saw the cuff that their leader had thrown to him, the lifeline he needed. He stretched and for a moment he felt his fingertips touch the cuff. But gravity won and he continued falling.

His mind went blank and he realised: He was going to die. Now.

And suddenly for the split of a second the cloudhung sky above him turned blue and wide and free. And cutting through that sky towards Yusei was a dragon with white skin, blue scales, wide wings and gleaming yellow eyes; and he felt it's fierce battle cry reverberating in his ears and soul.

And then the moment was gone and he was falling again. He felt himself connect with the ground.

And then there was nothing.


This is not real, Jack Atlus thought as he heard Yusei scream and saw him fall. But then he heard Kiryu call and for an instant relief settled within him. There was no way that Kiryu would ever let anything happen to a comrade (nothing permanent anyway). If they couldn't fix a situation by themselves, they could count on Kiryu to be the first to be ready to help them, to defend them. They were like brothers; always together, never abandoning another.

But not this time, this time Kiryu was a nick of a second to late, missing Yusei; turning all relieve back to ice-cold fear. And in the seconds in that Yusei collided with the ground, the time stood still.

This is not real, his heart said, fiercely denying what just had happened, screaming in rage, in pain.

This is reality, his mind said and the birthmark on his arm throbbed slightly, as if in agreement.

And then loud desperate cries snapped him back to the world, and he noticed that while he had spaced out, Crow had run to where Yusei had fallen, calling his name in faint hope, again and again. And despite knowing that he would be having nightmares over the sight Jack followed.

But even in his imagination the picture couldn't have been worse. The sight was one that would forever be burned into his memory.

Yuseis lifeless body, reduced to a mess of scratches and bruises and odd angled limbs, and the way Crow had cradled it, in despair, tears left running freely while his shirt started to soak up the their brothers blood…

Blue eyes, that usually were the only indication of their owner's true feelings, so void, so…


And as this truth sank in, he fell on his knees to his brothers other side, his heart screaming in agony but his voice unable make even the slightest sound. Silent tears ran down his cheeks as he listened to Crows loud sobs…

And suddenly they heard a loud, anguish scream from above them and Jack looked up just in time to see Kiryu leap across from one roof to the other. In order to pursue whoever is responsible for this, he realised.

And in an instant he followed, leaving Crow behind… Not in order to back up Kiryu, because in all the time he had known their leader, despite his strong believe into unity and comradeship, Kiryu rarely needed help.

No, because now terror and agony were pushed back by anger and thirst for vengeance, burning hot and consuming. He wanted to see that bastard scream; scream in pain, like his heart did now. A moment later he was already up to the roof, kicking open the door that separated him from Kiryu and their enemy.

But the sight that greeted him once again made Jack stop in his tracks and drained any thoughts of revenge from his mind. Not even a few meters away from him he saw Kiryu, who had pressed their adversary to the ground, beating down into his face merciless, again and again, spluttering curses and insults and promises of death and sounding like he meant every word of it. Wordlessly Jack watched the mess that took place before him; he had never seen Kiryu like this. Of course, he had seen Kiryu angry before. But even then it always had been controlled, never violent like this.

"Kiryu…" he whispered, still not quiet able to comprehended what had happened just minutes ago; what was happening just right before his eyes.

"Kiryu!" he called, now loud, forcing himself to deal with the scene before him, and tried not to shiver when Kiryus eyes, now piercing, amber gems that promised no mercy, fell upon him. But then Kiryu turned away again, more interested in the bloody mess beneath him, leaving Jack speechless.

Who was that person that now wore the skin of Team Satisfaction's leader? Because this wasn't the Kiryu that Jack knew, the one Jack admired. Infiltrated he lunged forward, grabbing for the older man. "Oi Kiryu! Come to your senses!"

He managed to get hold of their leader, locking his arms beneath his, dragging him away from the already unconscious other.

"Let me go Jack!", Kiryu barked enraged; struggling in his iron grip; and again Jack was shocked by the hard, cold edge his eyes still held, but didn't yield anyway.

"Stop it Kiryu." He said instead; his voice strained by the effort he had to put into holding the other in place. "You are killing him!"

"So what!" Kiryu hissed back, his voice like his eyes indicating that he was now beyond anger, beyond reason. "It's not like that fucking bastard doesn't deserve it! He killed Yusei. This is revenge for our comrades death."

And there was still a part in Jack that agreed, that called for raw vengeance; that wanted the bastard to bleed and die. But there was a far larger part of him that was stopped by blue eyes, as deep as the ocean, eyes that read his soul and made him feel foolish just with a glance; that condemned the need for revenge.

And so he buried it, forcing himself to calm, praying to whatever force was out there that Kiryu would come back to his senses soon, as he spoke what he knew true with quiet voice: " Do you really think that Yusei would want that?"

He started to hope again as he felt how Kiryu ceased struggling; a bit at least. "Do you think he would have wanted us to sink on… on that bastard's level?"

"Well, it's not like he is around to be asked, is it?" Kiryu spat as he turned his head, but now that their eyes met again Jack was confronted with something but ice. Now there was anguish, pain reflecting in Kiryus eyes, deep and raw, as he totally stopped his struggling, just hanging in Jacks hold like dead weight.

Jack tried to think of a way to reply, but damn this wasn't his job, he wasn't all that great in the comforting department. And seeing Kiryu, Kiryu of all people, reduced to a shaking mess by the pain, by the guilt, and being unable to do anything to change that made him feel even more helpless. It was Yuseis job to keep everyone staight, damnit!

And now he realised for the first time just how much he relied on everyone else in the team, how he needed Kiryu to be unbreakable, Crow to be cheerful and daring, Yusei to be grounded and just there!

Jack continued to seek for something he could say, anything that wasn't that raw cry of pain that was about to release itself from his throat, one that could only end in total breakdown. Because right now he was needed to be the strong one, to get what was left of their team out of the district, back to their own turf. Kiryu certainly wasn't able to do that right now.

But before he had found any words to say, before his mind had even stopped to think in straight lines again, the earth started to rumble and shake, and for a moment Jack fought hard to keep panic at bay because Kiryu still wasn't moving. Not even when the earth shook even fiercer, making Jack realise that there was no way that the building they were in would hold and that they would go down right with it, if they stayed as they were.

He released Kriyu, knowing that he wouldn't move anyway, to run towards the edge of the building. Looking sown he saw Crow's hair contrasting with the rest of the alley, helping him pinpoint his friend.

"Crow!" he called down to the red head that was still sitting beside Yusei, unmoving as if not noticing the erupting chaos around them, not registering the shaking buildings that could drop on his head any minute…

"Crow, get your ass up!" Jack shouted again, a panicky edge in his voice, as he saw that his other younger brother was still unresponsive. Finally Crow looked up, whipping away tears with one hand while the other refused to let go of Yuseis body.

"Help me! We can't leave him behind!" he called up.

Jack quietly bit his lip; there was no time for this now. He needed to get Kiryu out of the building and Crow out of the alley and both of them alive. The shaking had just decreased, but somehow he had the feeling that the worst was yet to come. If they kept dragging Yuseis body through the district they would probably get all killed as result.

"Leave him." He called back, the slightest bit of hesitation in his voice but somebody had to be strong had to voice reality as it was and currently he was the only one able to. Even from afar he could see the blank glare that Crow gave him. "What the…?"

"I said leave him!", Jack shouted, louder and more certain this time. They needed to get out here. He turned around knowing (hoping) that Crow would come to the right decision and join them as soon as they were out of the building. He ran back to where Kiryu was still sitting, grabbing him by the arm, hoping that the building wouldn't break until they were out and far away.

A minute later Jack was already outside on the wide main road, dragging Kiryu after him. When he was in the middle of the street he turned to the ally and a sigh of relieve escaped him when he saw Crow, the shirt still bloody and tears still running down his face, hurrying towards them.

His eyes fell to Crows left hand noticing but not commenting on the deck it was firmly gripping. A Warrior-Machine Synchro deck consisting of 42 cards (40 cards main- and 2 cards extradeck), that Jack knew as well as his own.

Grabbing Crow by the shoulder less than gentle, Jack pushed the younger boy in front of him, all while dragging along Kiryu. Further away from the building towards another that looked far more stable, the ground beneath them rocking worse than before as the three of them stumbled to safety.

And finally they reached it, just as before the shaking became yet again stronger, Jack grabbing one side of the doorframe, pushing Kiryu towards the other and pulling Crow to his chest, stabilising the smaller boy.

When the earth stopped shaking, the building they had just been in had broken down, burying Yuseis body. Jack stayed silent as Kiryu slid along the frame, sitting down, his eyes dead and defeated. He stayed silent as he glanced down to Crow, who was holding onto his shirt with his right, his left still clutching Yuseis deck, his loud sobs the only sound ringing through the district.

This wasn't his job, Jack thought again. It was not his job to hold everyone together, to ground everyone. It was Yusei, who knocked him down a notch, when he became to arrogant; who kept Crow from being too daring; who was level-headed no matter how enthusiastic Kiryu became. It was Yusei, who knew exactly if one of them was worried or bothered, who was not afraid to call it on them, who would listen no matter what and offer comfort in his own silent way.

And once again Jack realised just how much he hurt. Just how much the knowledge of his brothers, of Yusei's death hurt him, how much he still tried to deny it. Even before Team Satisfaction, Yusei and Crow had been an absolute constant in his life. That one day one of them might be just gone, had been unthinkable. And it hurt far more than Jack had ever thought it would.

And somewhere beneath all that hurt, he started to wonder if friendship was really worth that pain. Really, what was the point of having comrades, when them leaving, them dieing hurt you so much that you might as well be dead yourself?


It was long after the rest of the once proud Team Satisfaction had left and night had fallen over Zone M that they came. Two figures in black pitched robes that held differently coloured strips, one red and one yellow, who were as silent as the night, moving within it's shadows, almost as if the light was avoiding them on purpose.

The buildings around them bearded the marks of senseless destruction, like so much on the island of Satellite. Yet even though their surroundings showed no orientation points, they walked with out straying, as if guided by a higher force.

And then they stopped in front of the destruction's epicentre, knowing that whatever had agitated the darkness and had driven them to leave the safety of their hiding place in order to investigate, was just before them. Silently the yellow-stripped man pulled out a card, like the ones usually used for the Duel Monsters Card Game. However this card and the others the both of them possessed were engulfed with the power of death and darkness, making them so much more than just a card-game.

With a flick of his wrist the man send the card flying, and in a flash of dark power the rocks before them where reduced to dust, giving way to a red glow that started to enlighten the lightless place. The two figures stepped closer to examine their find.

Beneath steel beams, which had worked as shield from the falling debris, was the body of a boy, hardly older than sixteen, sprawled seemingly lifeless on the ground. It was no pretty sight. The boys cloths were ripped, his arms bent in unusual angels, many scratches marked face and body and the ground around him was soaked with what seemed his own blood. But the truly curious thing about the boy, that made him their concern, was the crimson-red mark that shone from his forearm.

The yellow-stripped man crouched to the boys side, his gloved hand hovering over the boys throat, as if unsure if he should touch him. But when they finally connected, pain raced up the man's arm, causing the purple, monkey-shaped mark on his own forearm to pulse and glow in response to the boys.

The boy hissed, showing that he was indeed alive no matter how impossible it seemed by the looks of his body, as the red mark glowed in an even fiercer light, and one of the various scratch marks on his face disappeared slowly, fading until it looked as if it had never been there in first place. Even so he stayed in the realm of unconsciousness.

The crouched man withdrew his hand and looked up to his companion: "So he is the cause of the disturbance…"

"It appears that way…" the other agreed as the first one rose again, facing him.

"What shall we do with him?", the yellow one asked.

The red one stayed silent for a while; apparently not quiet sure how to react in the situation. But rushing would do them no good, not when they had more then enough time. So he took the time for himself, consulting the darkness, only speaking up again when he had reached a conclusion.

"We will take him with us.", he said firmly, not wanting to leave no place for doubt or objections. "The Signer shall serve as the first sacrifice to the gods of the underworld."

Yet the yellow one was still hesitant. "Is that really alright? He is a Signer after all…" Taking the Signer with them, would mean that they would have to restrain and contain him, because once he awoke again, he would see them, would attempt to flee and fight, which they would have to prevent in any case. It was far too much of a hassle if you were to ask the yellow one.

"Of course…" the red one said, unpleased that he was being questioned but knowing that he needed to explain his reasoning.

"The Crimson Dragon has granted the Signer life, for the purpose of fighting us. However this life is unnatural just like ours and there is a price to be paid for it. The darkness demands his freedom as that price. Also, right now the Signer is weak and has no idea of his fate or powers. If we were to leave him as he is, he will only grow in both, might even become a true threat to us."

The yellow one bowed his head, in agreement and apology, while picking up the boy and throwing him over his shoulder, ignoring the pulsing of both of their marks. Yet he could not totally dispel his doubts. The red one quickly caught onto that.

"Think of it as a present.", he suggested, as his silver-shining eyes fell onto their capture. "It would be certainly rude not to accept, don't you think?"



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Preview: Time jump to about a year later, Crow has to come to terms with the team falling apart, Kiryu contemplates about the fate between Signer and Dark Signer and how it affects his releationship to his former comrades and Yusei wakes up in a place, unlike any he has ever seen before.

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