Chapter 2: Thank you

The next day Ricky came home late from the Tropicana. "Lucy?" He whispered. "What is it dear?" Lucy yelled from the bedroom. "I have a surprise for you down stairs." Ricky said. "Oh really? Can I see it?! Lucy said happily. "Of course you can dear." Ricky said taking Lucy's hand. Ricky took Lucy outside, in front of the building. Fred and Ethel were leaning against a candy apple red car, with charcoal black tires. "Oh Ricky it's wonderful!" Lucy shouted hugging Ricky. "Now dear I know its wonderful and all, but we will be splitting the cost for gas. You understand? Ricky said looking Lucy in the eye. "Yes dear I do understand. I'll pay for 20% of it you pay for the rest." Lucy said looking in the opposite direction. "Lucy?!" Ricky scolded. "Oh I know dear I was just messing around, we will split the cost 50,50." Lucy said laughing. "I would think about what you're doing Rick, last time Ethel and I got a car, under careful consideration I let Ethel drive it first….. without me in the car. Fred said. "Yeah what is so bad about that?" Ricky asked. "Well I haven't gotten to the bad part yet." Fred said in a lower tone. Fred continued " When Ethel left, the car was black, when she came back the car was lavender. Ethel took it to a paint shop instead of a car wash. Fred said looking back at Ethel. Ethel glared back at Fred. "C'mon Lucy." Ethel said opening the car door for Lucy. "I'm coming Ethel." Lucy said stepping into the car door. "Bye!" Lucy called to Ricky and Fred as they sped away.