She needed four things for the sake of tradition, or three in this case, since he already had one. Sonic x ?

Vegas Wedding

There was something about those Vegas weddings that made them special. They could feel glamorous despite the ease with which they could be improvised, and they always seemed to be unique and original.

Just as easily as the wedding was arranged, the bride was able to find a white dress, which was new, so that was taken care of. The shoes were something she tossed in the bottom of her suitcase while hastily packing to escape to Las Vegas, something old. The earrings were borrowed from the self-proclaimed matchmaker, which left the final item to complete the little tradition.

Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue... and there was the groom, as blue as ever.


Disclaimer, I don't own Sonic. This mini drabble was inspired by Jeshi. Happy Birthday!

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