Holly/Foaly fluff-ish stuff. I'm obviously not a good fluff writer… I should stick with confusing horror crap. But I love this pairing (even if no one else does) and I couldn't resist writing this. If it confuses you, I'm sorry. I blame my sister who said she understood it. =P

"I lufffff you!" Holly cried, hugging some random pixie that just happened to be passing by. The pixie stared at her with a "what-the-hell" expression on his face, then backed away slowly. Holly took no notice of this, as she was now hugging another civilian.

After watching her for a few more minutes, Foaly chuckled evilly to himself. Yes, Foaly, for who else could make Holly this way? Well, his original plan wasn't to have her go around hugging everyoneand claiming love for them. She was actually supposed to be reading minds right now. Obviously, something went wrong. But, Foaly was determined to enjoy this anyway.

The genius centaur had been working on a device that could allow a fairy to know everything one was thinking, without having them unconscious. It was just a simple matter of having the device that scans thoughts fit into a helmet and…

No, making the device wasn't the problem. The problem was that somebody had messed with it before it was finished. And due to… err… unfortunate circumstances… the techie hadn't noticed the changes until he had Holly test the helmet and act like… this. Even then, he didn't know what was wrong with it, or who changed it.

"I lufffff you Foaly!" Holly said, attacking the centaur with a hug.

"Yes, I know, Holls," he replied, trying to breathe. This was the third time in the last hour.

"But, Foaly," she pouted, "I really, really lufffff you!"

"Yes, like you really, really 'lufffff' that elf over there."

Her face brightened. "I'm glad you understand, Fa-Fa!"

"What the hell is a Fa-Fa?!"

"You're a Fa-Fa, silly

" 'A' Fa-Fa? Are there more?"

"Foaly is a Fa-Fa!"

"We've covered this already."

"I lufffff you!"

Apparently, they were getting nowhere.

"Foalyyyy," Holly whined. "Don't you lufffff me, too?"

The centaur paused, wondering what to say to this. He had an odd feeling that Holly was just trying to torture him. What would she do if he said no? If he said yes? Well… he took a deep breath and-

"Of course I, er, lufffff you Holly." He prayed to God that she wouldn't remember any of this.

"Foaly," she said innocently, using his full name. His attention bounced over to her. "Do you really, really love me?"

He started twitching again but replied, a bit sarcastically, "How could I not?"

She stared at him accusingly. "You don't do you?" She turned away.

Crap crap crappity crap CRAP!! Foaly wasn't capable of thoughts more complex than that. So he started humming a tune to it. The Crap Song? He noticed Holly looking at him and stopped. "Yes, I do! I swear!!"

"Prove it." Still pouting.

Without thinking, Foaly pulled her over to him and kissed her. To his vast surprise, she kissed him back.

When they pulled apart he asked, "Is that enough proof for you?"

Her smile made her look more like an imp than an elf. "I guess it is Fa-Fa." She hugged him and whispered in his ear. Foaly paled. Her words echoed in his ear.

"By the way Fa-Fa, the helmet works fine."