My first romance fic! This is Fireflower's prize for winning first place in the Evil Gjinka COntest. Sorry it took so long. Lot's of writers block. eheh. the couple is MetalSeadramon x Machinedramon (what would you call that anyway? :P)

Slight Yaoi. Very fluffy. I hope you like it! ^_^

Puppetmon: Lunamew doesn't own digimon. If she did, I'd still be alive!


Machinedramon looked into the distance.

He could see it's ever-moving surface glistening placidly in the moonlight. He neared it, the grains of sand shifting below his massive cybernetic body. The cool salt air wafted into his sensors. Another figure came into view. It's serpentine form contracting against the flat surface of the sand. It's head was raised, looking towards the night stars.

Machinedramon walked closer to the figure. The creature was coved in golden armor, but refelcted silver by the full moon's rays. The tip of it's tail split into two razors and a blade-like horn jotted from it's helmet.

Machinedramon walked quietly, afraid to disturb the sea snake. The sea snake turned it's head in the mechanical dragon's direction. Machinedramon walked up to the shore's edge and sat down next to the serpent.

"What brings you here, Machinedramon?" it asked. The cyborg gave the serpent a sideways glance.

"I just had things on my mind and I couldn't sleep." he had confessed. the serpent nodded and just stared into the ocean deep blue and closed it's eyes as he savored the sound of the waves splashing lazilly against the sand. Machinedramon gazed at the mighty sea creature.

"Can I tell you something?" he asked quietly. It turned it's head toawrd him and gave a small nod.

"Anything you wish."

Machinedramon looked into the the creature next to him's red eyes.

"Ashiteru, MetalSeadramon."

MetalSeadramon looked to machinedramon and gave a warm smile.

"Ashiteru, Machinedramon."

Nothing else was said. They just sat there and watched the sun rise over the ocean.