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Percy POV:

As I ran down the corridors of the Princess Andromeda, I searched for any other half-bloods that could be saved before the ship blew up taking many confused and rather innocent lives with it. As I took one last glance around me, I saw a confused, but determined half-blood trying to escape up the ladder onto the deck as a telkhine persistently tried to grab her and pull her back below.

Something overtook me as I immediately jumped into action and stabbed the telkhine before it even realized I was there. Once the half-blood found I was there she continued to climb at an even faster and more determined rate. I decided I was going to go after her and see what she was so determined to do.

As I was reaching the top of the deck, I noticed that she was sprinting after the lifeboats with Kronos's lacky's hot on her trail. I jumped into the fray and slashed about as all of them turned to yellow ash.

When I was done she was already in one of the lifeboats. "Hey!" I yelled at her from above. "What's your-----" then I was yelled at by Beckendorf .

"Dude we totally have to get 100 feet away from the ship if we don't want to be blown to bits!!!!! And no offense, but my ass isn't in the mood to be shiskamobabed! And burned to a crisp. (omfg yummy!!! X3)

"but that girl!! She was trying to get away too!! Shouldn't we go and help her? After all she may be one of us as well!" I yelled back to him.

He seemed to consider this and then said, "Well I'll have to agree with you on that one, but we have to get out of here first and then we'll look for her… plus, don't you already have like 2 girls fighting over you already??," he said while laughing.

I was so embarrassed by his comment, but I decided it wasn't worth the fight, plus we had to get out of here NOW. So I told Beckendorf to hang onto me as we jumped into the sea, away from the exploding ship with greek fire everywhere.

After we got to land, I remembered that girl and decided to use the ocean waves to locate her and if she was still at sea and was still alive, I would have a little chat with her and ask her what her name was and who her parent was…if she even knew who her parents were….but anyways. As soon as the waves found her she apparently fell into the water and I used the current to bring her over to were the shore line was.

By the time she arrived, the sun was seting and her eyes were illuminating in the winter moonlight. When I finally saw her eyes my mouth dropped open and I asked her what her name was, eager to found out.

"Hey, may I ask what your name is?" I said in the calmest voice I could.

As she gasped for breath, I noticed she was bleeding and she uttered the name I could never forget.

"Luna Gabriella Orion" She uttered before she blacked out and fainted.

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