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Luna's POV:

It's too heavy! Why the hell do we wear all this armor! I mean aren't clothes heavy enough?

FOCUS! I must get that flag. I am too competitive to let them win. Rushing through the forest makes me feel a sense of pace as I run through, but the whistling of passing arrows soon disturbs that. Amazingly I dodged with ease, until like the klutz I am, tripped over a foot in the forest. While Fumbling, I kind of knocked everyone and everything in my way since I was going full speed down a hill. The one and only reason I stopped, was because he head hit the Athena flag strait on, which stopped me from fumbling any further. Once I regained my footing again, I looked around to find only a bow and nothing else. As I stared at the bow for what seemed like age, the gears in my head started to turn and I hatched a brilliant plan. I then kicked up the bow, snatched the flag and started to aim it toward our boundary line. Just as I shot it, it felt like the wind was with me giving me the power to have the flag soar toward our side, granting us the win. As Chiron blew the conch horn, and trotted over he announced that the game was won. My whole team came over lifted me up and started chant my name. At that moment I felt as though I was actually accepted by everyone around me. Finally after my teammates got tired, they put me down. Percy then came out of the crowd with is mouth wide open. "How did you do that? That was amazing!" he exclaimed. "Really?" I said in a proud way. After we all left to go to our cabins all I though to myself was what a day.

Hey everyone this is the last chapter for a while there will be more later