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Luna's POV:

I stretched softly, I had shot a lot of arrows today. Not that I was complaining, it was nice to be able to do activities like these. Usually I was always so bored... that or running for my life. It was a nice change a pace to be honest, and I definitely needed a break.

My eyes scanned the area around me, and I never really took into account the beauty of this place. Sure other campers had been here way longer than me and thought nothing of it, but I couldn't help it. The way the weather was always nice, well nice enough to keep the rain out, the way the wind kisses the earth and sways the grass back and forth. Even the sun blessed the skies with its brilliant warmth and light.

It relaxed me to know that places like these were still around. Though lately the seas have been rough, and even though it doesn't rain here, it always looks like the skies are crying outside the camp borders. I always wondered why that was.

Just when I was about to leave, Percy seemed to be walking aimlessly back from the forest. Why was he there to begin with? Curious, I watched as he seemed to be deep in though.

I walked over and stood next to him, waving my hand in front of his face "earth to Percy, anybody home?" I asked, looking him over. No response. I frowned, this time punching his shoulder to get attention "hey barnacle boy you there?" I teased.

However, again I got no answer. I frowned "hey Percy I'm talking to you!" I said, punching him harder. This time it seemed to get his attention "ow! Hey what was that for Luna?" he asked, rubbing his shoulder.

I rolled my eyes "well considering I called out to you four times, and you didn't answer I had to get your attention somehow" I said.

Percy blinked, he seemed a bit shocked "oh, guess I was deep in thought huh?" he asked, laughing weakly.

I looked him over, he seemed stressed, like something had happened. Question was, what did he know that I didn't. I looked at him again, concerned "hey everything alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost" she joked.

Percy wasn't laughing, and I began worry even more. She looked up at the sky, maybe if I change the subject he'll feel better? I looked at him "the weathers nice today, though I wonder why it always looks so stormy outside the camp borders... must be my imagination right?" she joked.

Again, Percy said nothing. Instead he seemed even worse. I frowned "h...hey everything alright?" I asked him.

Percy just nodded softly "yeah, sorry I'm just a bit tired... I think I'm going to go take a quick nap" he said, walking over towards his cabin.

I watched him as he left, what was that all about? Did I say something to make him feel even worse? All I did was talk about the weather...

I was so lost in thought, and didn't hear the new pair of footsteps behind me "done with your club activities, or are you trying to ditch too?" a voice asked.

I jumped a bit surprised by the voice, it literally came out of nowhere! I whipped around to see the source and she rolled her eyes "oh, it's you... no I'm not ditching my activities are over" I said, sighing.

The boy gasped, acting as if he was hurt "I'm hurt! it's not just me, its the one and only Kaden for your information" he said.

I just rolled her eyes once more "oh, how could I forget the high and mighty Kaden, king of pranks" I said, tossing my hands in the air.

He raised an eyebrow "glad someone understands I'm the best prankster there is" he said.

I just crossed my arms "that's not exactly something to be happy about. What do you want, you didn't come here to chat did you?" I asked, wanting him to get straight to the point.

Kaden smiled a bit slyly, "who says I didn't want to have a lovely conversation with you?" he asked.

I just stared, unfazed. Kaden winced playfully "ouch, not even a reaction... I guess you don't want to know why Percy seems to be up so down then, guess I'll be on my way" he said, as he turned away from me.

My ears twitched lightly at my friends name, and my hand somehow grabbed his shoulder, halting his movement "wait" I said.

Kaden smiled, turning back to me "oh, Interested to have a conversation now are we?" he asked.

I hated to admit it, but I did want to know what he meant when he said Percy was up to something. I nodded softly "tell me what you know" I said.

Kaden thought about it "what can you offer me in return?" he asked, waiting for me to respond.

I looked at him, growing irritated "You little... what do you want?" she asked, tapping her foot on the ground.

Kaden smiled "well, hard to tell, you don't have much to offer" he said.

I blinked, even more irritated "if I didn't have anything to offer, we wouldn't be having this conversation now would we?" I asked.

Kaden just smiled "very perceptive, you can't give me anything I want now... so how about a favor? Some time in the future when I need help, I want you to give me a hand" he said.

I just looked at him "me owe you a favor? That's like asking me to help a criminal escape from a crime their going to commit" she asked, not buying it.

Kaden raised his hands up defensively "hey, I never said you'd have to help me steal anything... just that you'll owe a favor... or better yet why not a promise?" he asked.

I looked him over "and this promise means what exactly?" I asked, still looking at his lingering hand.

He pursed his lips "that you'll help me without question and do as I say... of course you don't have to do anything illegal or anything... deal?" he asked.

I looked him in the eyes, he seemed to be telling the truth. Then again this was Kaden we're talking about. I grumbled "alright, fine... now tell me what you know" I said, shaking his hand.

Kaden smiled, "excellent! Now about your Percy problem, it seems he got a visit from a rather odd fellow. I noticed them talking about something, I couldn't exactly hear what they were saying, but I did catch something along the lines of a decision being made. All I know is that whatever they were talking about was pretty serious" he said.

I just looked at him "that's it? That's all you know, you don't know what they were talking about, or who the person he was talking to was?" I asked.

Kaden shook his head "I would have been caught if I had gotten any closer, that's all I know... now be sure to keep your promise when the time comes Luna" he said, as he turned and left.

I looked at him, "that little snake!" I yelled, as I marched back towards my cabin.

Percy's POV:

I didn't mean to sound so unhappy when Luna came up to me. I just had my mind on so many other things. Was it really best to go along with Nico's plan? Was that really the best way to defeat Kronos? So many unanswered questioned popped up in my mind.

The change in topic didn't help either. When Luna mentioned how the weather seemed to be terrible outside the borders, it just made me think back to the reason for that. There was a war brewing, and if they didn't succeed, then the word as they knew it was doomed.

I threw my hands up in the air, defeated. I gripped my door handle, about to go it, when a gentle hand rested on my shoulder. I was a bit surprised at first, but I knew how it was "Annabeth" I said softly.

The girl beside me nodded "who else seaweed brain" she said. I just rolled my eyes at her, whenever she was around, my mood always seemed to brighten up a bit.

I released the door handle to look at her "need something?" I asked.

She studied me with those stormy eyes of hers "you're not acting like yourself, what's wrong?" she asked. I wasn't entirely surprised that Annabeth noticed something wrong with me, she had known me better than practically all the other campers other than Grover.

I shrugged "I guess this whole situation is starting to get to me... I mean the prophecy, the upcoming war... Luke and his army..." I stopped midway, realizing I might have just reopened an old wound for Annabeth. After all she had known Luke since she was young.

She sighed, "I know... I'm anxious too, but you can't let that get you down alright, are you sure you're not worried about anything else?" she asked.

I looked at her and shook my head "no, just my nerves" I half-lied. I couldn't let Annabeth figure out what was really going on through my head. I needed to do this without her help. Her hand lingered on my shoulder for a few more seconds before she released me.

I noticed that glint in her eyes, and I thought she was going to press the issue, but surprisingly she let it go "alright, if you find that there is something else you want to talk to me about... I'm here for you" she said softly, giving me a quick hug before making her way over to the Athena cabin.

I was grateful for her support, but again I couldn't drag her into this mess. I turned and opened my cabin door before shutting it "alright... better get ready" he whispered, as he gather some things together.

Kaden's POV:

I knew it was only a matter of time before Luna got sucked into my deal. Usually I would mind my own business, but I just had such a bad feeling for some reason. I felt compelled to get her to promise me she'd owe me a favor. What that favor was, was still a mystery even to Kaden.

However, it would be clear to him later on. He sighed softly, as he turned. He watched as an older pair of campers gazed into each others eyes. The male, Beckendorf I think, and one of the Aphrodite girls were practically making out all day so far. I didn't understand it to be honest, I mean they saw each other everyday. Was there a need to make-out at every possible moment?

I just ignored them, I would make sure to prank them both good sometime this week. It was just a mater of time now. I chuckled a bit to myself, but jumped at the voice behind me.

I turned to see yet another annoying figure "why do you insist on ruining my fun before I can even start it?" I asked.

The blond snickered "hey, you're the one who makes it obvious as to when you're plotting something" she replied back.

I just sighed "you grace me with your presence again, how can I be of service oh wise one" I joked.

She hit me on the head, and I winced "ow!" I protested, but she simply hit me on the head again "come on Annabeth, give me a break already!" I said, rubbing the sore spot on my head.

Annabeth shrugged "then stop trying to prank everyone you see" she said, shrugging.

That was impossible, how would I entertain myself in the mean time? I wouldn't have it! I just flopped down on the bench nearby "so how can I help you?" I asked again.

Annabeth looked back over at me "Percy knows something we don't, do you know anything about that Kaden?" she asked.

I was going to pull the same card I had with Luna, but this was Annabeth we were talking about. There no way in hell that card would work on her. I sighed in defeat "look all I know is that he was talking to someone else in the forest a few hours ago. Whatever they were talking about was serious... all I heard was that they made some soft of decision, and Percy didn't seem to like the conclusion of that decision" I said.

I had wanted to know more myself, but I didn't know Percy at all, so it's not like he'd come spill his worries to me. Plus Annabeth had her ways of getting Percy to talk, even I was impressed by her methods.

She remained silent, the gears in her head turning. I just kept my mouth shut, no point in pissing her off now. Eventually she started to walk forward, and Kaden just watched her "If you hear anything else, let me know" she said.

With that she was gone, leaving me alone once again. Sometimes I wondered what she even thought I was here for.

Percy's POV:

I've been in my cabin since my club activities were over. It was currently dinner time, which I skipped in order to avoid Annabeth or Luna. Surely they wanted to ask me what was up, so in order to avoid that I decided against going to dinner.

I gathered my things, and turned off my cabin light. If I was going to do this, I had to leave before dinner was over. Annabeth and Luna would noticed I was missing, and they'd probably both come over to question why.

I lifted the bag over my shoulder and opened my door quietly. I looked around, and didn't notice anyone. So I made my way into the forest, where dark figure awaited me. I walked over to the hooded boy "Nico... I'm ready" I whispered.

He turned to look at me nodding "You and I both know this is the only way, the only way to win Percy" he said. I nodded, knowing full well he might have been right.

I walked forward, looking back towards the direction of the dinning hall. I hoped they didn't worry too much, hopefully I'd get back before things got bad. I took a deep breath as Nico spoke "don't worry, I'll be there with you, everything will work out" he said.

I nodded, wanting to believe those words "here we go, hopefully this won't be as bad as the last time" he said, knowing full well it was going to be way worse than his first visit to that place. To the underworld.

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