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This story was supposed to be written in Shaggy's POV. But I didn't felt like writing it in his POV, so it isn't.
Well, enjoy.... (this is a Shelma including story. for those of you, who don't like this pairing, go your own way and don't disturb anyone with it.)

"Rou've rot rour rier?" Scooby asked Shaggy.

"Oh, Scoob, c'mon, we're going on a ski trip, what would be the first thing you'd pack?" he said and walked to the Mystery Machine.

"See, Scoob? Like, my skier are right... inside the house." Shaggy ended his sentence while noticing, that his skier were not on the roof of the Mystery Machine and he turned to run back to Mystery Inc.'s headquarter.

With his head down, he ran through the floor and right into Velma, who was carrying an orange suitcase. They both fell down on the ground and Velma's suitcase right on Shaggy's belly.


"Are you okay, Shaggy?" Velma asked him with a little concern in her voice.

"Think so. But what is in that suitcase? It must weigh a ton!" he answered and stood up.

"Just some clothes, shoes, books, oh, and my microscope." she said and chuckled a bit.

"Why are you taking your microscope with you?"

"You can never know." Velma picked up her suitcase.

"Oh, let me handle that." Shaggy said fast and took the suitcase.

Velma blushed lightly. Shaggy looked at her with a puzzled face. He had not a bit of an idea, why she was blushing.

"Oh. Thanks."

"No problem. By the way, do you know, where my skier are?"

"Eh, they're standing there.." she answered, pointing to the wall besides them.


"I'll take them. Since you're carrying my suitcase..." She got more red.

"Okay. Are these the last things?"


They walked down the stairs and outside the house, where Fred, Daphne and Scooby were already waiting in the Mystery Machine. Velma locked the door and they both jumped into the Mystery Machine.

Velma looked at Shaggy. He slept in the back of the van, his head lied at the van's wall. She sighed.

Why she sighed?

She had a crush on Shaggy. For how long had it gone so... blushing, chuckling, the puzzled looks from him. Long. Very long. At first, Velma thought, that Shaggy would see it some day, but he didn't. He wasn't silly or something like this, in fact, he was more clever than the most people thought he would be, but he'd never solve this riddle. Not without Velma's help. So often, she had wanted to say him, how she felt, how she thought and it would be so soothing, but what then?

She had dreamed many times of saying it to him and then, he'd say her, that he'd also love her and they'd kiss and would be together forever.

But that were her dreams.

And she had no sense of knowing, what would happen in the reality.

Maybe, he would say the things she dreamed of, maybe the would kiss.

But what, when not.

She could loose everything.

And also, if she could have more, she, at least, wanted to save their friendship. Because being friends with him was better than nothing.

With another sigh, she looked to her left.

Daphne sat there, and, at another place to Velma's left, sat Fred.

She would never admit it, but, deep inside, she was a bit jealous of them. They were so lucky. Already in school, it was clear, that they'd be together one day.
(A/N: Shaggy is 22, Fred and Daphne are 21 and Velma is 20)

And, in their last grade, they were together. And they still were it.

Sometimes, okay, very often, she wished, Shaggy and she could be like them: A pair.

But, at least everything seemed so, they never could be one. She thought about the ski trip and got a bit nervous. Not because of the ski part, but she had decided to tell Daphne about her feelings for Shaggy. She just had to say it to someone. And, as her best friend, who would be better than Daphne?

Probably no one.

That was her last thought, before she drifted into a deep sleep, filled with lots of thoughts and dreams.

Most of them were about Shaggy.

"Velma! VELMA!" something shook Velma heavily. "We are here! Velma!"

"Hu-" Velma opened her eyes and saw white. White snow.

"SNOW!" she screamed. Snow was one of the things, that could awake the really little child in her.

"She has definitely awaked." Daphne, who had been shaking Velma, said to Fred.

Velma jumped out of the van, to see Shaggy and Scooby, who ran through the snow, Shaggy obviously trying to catch Scooby.

"Like, could someone help me?! He wants to chicken out of help to carry our things to the house." Shaggy explained.

"I think I'm going to help him." Velma laughed and started running behind Shaggy and Scooby, who now headed towards a little hill with some trees on it.

After some time, she caught up with Shaggy, who stood between the trees with a puzzled face and looked all around him.

"Have you seen where Scooby has gone?" he asked Velma.

"No." Velma looked around, too.

Shaggy walked some steps. Suddenly, he stopped, maybe five meters away from Velma.

"Hey, Velma, look at this!" he said and began to shovel the snow at his feet away. "It's a wooden hatch!"

Velma, who thought, that she had just seen Scooby's tail, turned around. Shaggy stood on an old and moldy looking hatch.

"Be careful. That thing doesn't looks very solid."

"Well, to me, it's solid enough. I mean, look at this." he started jumping up and down on the hatch.

"Shaggy! For your own safety, please stop it!"

"Okay, okay!" he said.

But right at the moment he stopped jumping, the hatch broke under his weight.

Velma looked in fear how Shaggy fell down, screaming and landing some meter under the hatch with a dull tone.

Then, everything was quiet.

Wooo, cliffhanger!

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