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White snow was falling down.

White snow that made them wet all over.

But they didn't care.

They were sitting up in their own world, lost in their kiss, the kiss, that both of them had needed so badly. Had long-desired.

And now, a sudden decision, made in under one second and not even a real decision, more a reaction, the brain hadn't been able to control, gave it to them.

They had forgotten everything else.

The men, the snow, the height they were in, the situation, nothing mattered.

Just the kiss.

And the presence of each other.

But at one time, they had to break it. Not because they wanted, they could have done it for their whole lives, simply for the need to catch some air again.

Slowly, very slowly, their lips parted. Their noses brushed when they gently backed their heads away from each other. Their lips formed a smile.

Gazing into the eyes of the other one, they could have rested on this branch of the tree forever, but a quiet chuckle interrupted them.

Looking down, they saw a smugly smiling Fred and a chuckling Daphne with her hand over her mouth. Both, Velma and Shaggy turned immediately dark red.

Then, their views fell over to a net, filled with three struggling men, who had struggled so much, that they had completely entangled themselves in the net, not able to get out of it without any help.

The smiles on their faces grew to a wide grin when they understand, that the danger was over. And because they knew, without words, without signs, that they other one loved them and vice versa.

And that made them happier than everything else.

Shaggy thought about the last days.

After they were able to get through the snow, they took the men to the next police station.

It had turned out, that they had printed false money. The green papers they had found, had been the paper, they had printed them on and the big machines, that had been in the room where Velma had been caught by the men were money printer. The boxes were filled with already printed false money or about to get filled with them.

Today, they would drive back to Coolsville.

Shaggy was in the kitchen, busy with packing the food in a cool box, when he saw Velma walking past the door with her suitcase. He quickly placed the things he had in his hand on the table and ran over to her.

"May I help you?" he whispered in her ear.

Velma giggled. He kissed her gently on the cheek and continued to carry her suitcase to the Mystery Machine.

"Roh Roy." Scooby, who walked past them rolled his eyes.

On their way back to Coolsville, Velma smiled.

She thought to the journey there.

Now, everything was exactly like she had always wished it would be. She leaned herself against Shaggy's shoulder, who was busy with staring out of the window. He turned his head to see Velma, slowly falling asleep.

He had to smile, when he heard light snoring sounds.

Everything was like they had wished it always.

Everything was fine.

When Daphne turned around to ask Velma a question, she saw them both sleeping, Velma in Shaggys arms.

"They're a nice couple, huh?" she asked Fred, knowing, that both, Shaggy and Velma were deep sleepers.

Fred shortly watched over his shoulder before he turned his view back to the street. "They sure are. But... so are we." he answered and kissed Daphne.

Daphne responded the kiss.

Really. Everything was really fine.


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