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Chapter 2: A Lily for Eternity

The weekend days passed all too quickly for Lily Evans and all too slowly for James. Lily occupied her time packing her school trunks, making sure she had finished all of her summer schoolwork, and spending time with her mother Helen and her father Harold. Petunia chose to disappear whenever Lily was around, most of the time with her pig of a boyfriend Vernon Dursley who seemed to share her opinion on anything 'unnatural'. James, however, spent the days daydreaming about the upcoming event. He made lists and plans, hoping to impress Lily with how organized he could be.

When the fated day arrived James was out of bed in record time – five thirty in the morning. He showered and spent more time in front of the mirror trying to decide what to wear than any girl on a normal day. He finally chose a pair of new denims, a Puddlemere United quidditch shirt (navy blue with two crossed gold bulrushes) and his trainers. No matter how hard he tried though, he couldn't tame his hair which seemed to stick up even more whenever he tried to tidy it. He promised himself that he would keep his hand out of his hair when around Lily; though it always seemed to have a mind of its own when he was around her. He spent the morning trying to relax and decided when that didn't work that he might as well start on his homework that he had left until the last minute, like always. He left for Diagon Alley at two o'clock deciding to check out the new brooms before he met the girl of his dreams.

Lily was much different that day: she woke late and rushed getting ready before it was time for her to eat lunch. She showered and threw on a simple white tank top along with a pair of denims and some sandals. Seeing as this was her last meal with her family before she left for Kimber's house she ran down the stairs to help her mother cook. At fifteen minutes to three Lily Apparated to Diagon Alley and walked straight to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor to wait for James, hoping desperately that he wouldn't show up on time.

Against her wishes James appeared only five minutes later than Lily herself carrying a handful of papers. He ordered two sundaes from Florean before he sat down next to Lily and spread the papers out in front of them. As he explained what they meant Lily's mind registered that he had done nothing wrong yet… maybe he had changed, it also registered that he was sitting extremely close to her to point to things on the paper furthest from himself.

"…of course this is subject to change because of Quidditch practice. As far as I am aware there are only three Quidditch players who are prefects, as well as me. Two of us are on the same team; the other two are in Ravenclaw so it shouldn't be very difficult to schedule rounds around practices…"

"How much time did you spend on this?" Lily questioned wonderingly. She couldn't believe how much work must have gone into the planning.

"The past two days is all. I figured I'd better get it done before the rest of the Marauders get to my house, though they can't cause more trouble than Sirius has all summer…" Sirius had escaped from the Black house late in the summer between fifth and sixth year and had taken up refuge at the Potter Manor. Now James's parents consider Sirius almost a second child.

"Somehow I can't believe that living with Sirius is as bad as living with my sister," Lily let slip. Her cheeks started to turn a light pink.

James's eyes went wide. "You can't be saying that you find someone more maddening than a Marauder?" he said in wonderment. She had never once admitted that there was someone worse than James or Sirius.

"Actually, I don't mind Remus and Peter much. It's just you two," Lily relapsed, returning to her old self. "But… to tell the truth, Petunia is much worse than you and Sirius. We used to get along until I got my letter…"

"Then she started to treat you like a freak," James supplied quietly, understanding because of what Remus had told him about what happened after he had been bitten.

"That, yes, but she started ignoring me too, which was worse than anything. She's one of the only people I see when I go home and she won't even look at me because I'm a witch. She's scared of me, which hurts. I've done nothing to her, ever. Even when I was young and my powers started appearing. Plus, now she has Vernon, who hates me as well…"

For the next two hours Lily and James sat eating ice cream that Florean provided for them and talking about their lives. Only then did James look at his wristwatch and jump. "Lily! You were supposed to be at your friend's house half an hour ago!" he reminded her.

"How could I have lost track of time? Kimber is going to kill me!" Lily quickly gathered all of her things with James's help. James also gave her his papers to finish looking over. "Thanks, Florean!" Lily yelled quickly, getting ready to Apparate to Kimberly's house with her trunk. Before she went she remembered: "Good-bye… James." Lily was so concentrated on the task at hand that she didn't see James huge grin when he realized that she had, for the first time that he could remember, called him by his first name.

A loud crack was heard as Lily appeared outside the McIntire's house thirty-five minutes later than promised. Soon after Lily regained herself after the awful sensation of Apparating her two friends that she hadn't seen for almost three months crushed her again.

"You're late," Kimber said sternly, stepping back from the hug and eyeing her friend. "Why?" she asked suspiciously. "I thought you were with Potter before you came here."

"Well, yeah… I was with James," Lily replied, turning slightly red.

"And you didn't try to get out of there as fast as humanly possible?" Michelle asked.

"Elle," Lily sighed, "we were talking Heads' business and he had some good ideas. I guess we just got caught up in the planning. What, Kimber?" Kimberly's mouth was hanging wide open.


"What about him?" Lily asked, confused.

"You said 'James', not Potter, not bigheaded arrogant prat. No, you said 'James'."

"That is his name, isn't it? James Potter."

"James Potter, the seventh year Gryffindor student who has asked you out constantly since fourth year, who is friends with blokes such as Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, who pranks anyone who comes within hexing distance and even some who don't—us included. If you will, remember back to second year with the cheering charms, third year's hair dye, fourth year's enchanted suits of armor, fifth year's haunted dorm, or last year's particularly funny—" she spat the word "—wardrobe change."

Now you see, in first year the girls had gotten on fairly well with the Marauders—that was before the start of the year prank their second year of school. The boys had learned to do cheering charms and decided that Lily, Kimberly, and Michelle would make good – in other words, entertaining – subjects. The three of them had spent their first few classes giggle and bouncing and making fools of themselves until Professor McGonagall had sent them to Madam Pomfrey, the school nurse.

They were still on friendly terms until third year. On the train, somehow the Marauders had managed to sneak muggle hair dye, strengthened with wizarding spells, into their hair products, turning Kimber, Elle, and Lily's hair blue, purple, and red, respectively. Since Lily's hair was already red it hadn't mattered much to her, it was just the moral of the thing.

In fourth year after Lily had turned James down for a date he had enchanted a few of the school's suits of armor to follow her around for the day of the would-be date singing horribly written love songs to her in very off key metallic voices. The only escape from them was her dorm seeing how the stairs leading up to the girls' dorm turned into a slide when they tried to climb – the only problem being that unless she sprinted up the stairs they would transform before she made it to her room as well as the fact that after a few minutes the entire common room was yelling for her to come down claiming that even the love songs would be a relief from the clanging of the armor as the suits tried to climb the stairs time and time again.

Fifth year was the worst yet as the Marauders haunted the girls' dorm the night before their O.W.L.s by bewitching their beds to rock, the air to howl and scream and the door to lock them in. Only at three the next morning did they get to sleep, waking every hour or so to yet another scream from nowhere. Needless to say, Lily had tried extra hard on all of her tests receiving 'O's in all except Transfiguration in which she got an 'E' which was better than she had expected herself.

And last but not least the wardrobe change. As a start of term prank the girls had woken up to find all of their clothes sporting the words "In Love With the Marauders" on the fronts, and "Courtesy of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs" on the backs. As Lily thought back though, she remembered the look of outrage on James's face as he saw the back and warned Lily not to try any spells to remove the words so seriously that she believed him and heeded his warning. Unfortunately Kimber and Elle hadn't, and ended up running out of the Great Hall in their underclothing amidst much laughter, pointing, and ogling as their outer clothing turned invisible. Lily had been furious to say the least. As she stormed out of the hall James had run after her, shouting that he had had nothing to do with the prank. Now, Lily was wondering whether or not she should have believed him.

"Yes, I am talking about that James Potter. I think… I think he might have changed."

Kimber and Elle burst out laughing. "Come on, Lils," Kimber said, grabbing Lily's arm and steering her into the Clark house. "Are you hungry? We have to wait for my parents to get home before we eat dinner and they won't get back until after eight. We can always whip up some snacks, though."

"No, that's okay," Lily replied. "James bought me some ice cream while we were at Florean's."

Elle gasped. "I can't believe I didn't see it sooner! Lily Marie Evans, you're falling for Potter!"

"What? No!" Lily denied. "I've hated him for… five years! There's no way I'd start to even like him again, let alone fall for him!" While Michelle and Kimberly tried to get information out of Lily, Lily was heading to what she knew was her room for the last week of summer.

She had claimed the room the summer of third year when the three girls had started this tradition. It was one of the three guest rooms in the Clark's house and was Lily's favorite colors – blue, green, and yellow. It seemed strange at first to Elle and Kimber that the girliest of them chose the least girly room but now that they really knew her, it was natural. The room was painted bright green with white furniture. Yellow and blue flowers and pillows decorated the room just like she knew they would.

Kimber's room was pink and blue with accents of purple, while Elle's room – another of the guest rooms – was the most relaxed decorated all in earth tones. It was the room that Kimberly's aunts and uncles normally stayed in while her cousins inhabited the room Lily was staying in as well as the other room.

Lily levitated her trunk over to the foot of the bed and set it down carefully.

"When you finish unpacking, we'll be waiting in my room," Kimberly told Lily as she and Michelle left the room still discussing the suspected crush of Lily's. As their voices faded down the hall Lily opened her trunk and gasped. A perfect lily lay on top of her clothes and books. She lifted it out and found that it had been resting on top of a note. She quickly unfolded it and read:

My dearest Lily,

The flower is spelled to remain alive as long as my love for you continues (so long as it remains in water). I hope you don't mind that I put it inside your trunk.

Yours for eternity.