The Reunited Souls

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Summary: Two friends got separated when they were young. After a new student transfers to Seigaku junior high, they end up meeting up again several years later. Will they still remember each other after so many years?

Regular text= spoken lines and narration.

/Thoughts of the characters/

Italicized typing= memories of the characters.

Chapter 1:

A New Friendship Begins

It was a sunny Saturday morning, and all of the children were out playing with the exception of a small, very shy, strawberry blond girl, who sat in her room and watched the other kids have fun through her window. The young girl had no idea that she was being watched by a pair of concerned eyes.

"Ayame, honey, why don't you go outside and play with the other children?" asked the girl's mother in a concerned voice.

"I would, but the other children scare me, and I don't think the other kids will like me." the girl responded to her mother question.

"Well, you will never know until you try to play, so go outside and play with the other kids, okay?" her mother asked. The girl complied with her mother's request, and she went outside.

Ayame was outside, but still was not socializing with the other children around. She continued to watch the other kids play what seemed to kickball. That was until she heard a voice from right next to her to her left.

"Why are you just sitting here watching, when you could be out there playing with everyone else?" She looked to her left to find a young boy with brown hair and a smile on his face.

"I would but……" Ayame started to say, but stopped mid sentence.

He looked at her and asked "but what?"

"But, I'm afraid of the other kids……" Ayame replied.

/Oh, she must be the shy type. / The young boy thought to himself. The then said to Ayame, "Hey, why don't you come and play with me? Or if you prefer we can just sit here and talk."

Ayame looked up at him and smiled, and thought to herself /he doesn't seem like a bad person, maybe I should give him a chance. /, and said to the young boy "sure, I'll play with you." With that they both got up, and walked to a near by park, so that they could play together.

When they arrived at the park, Ayame had asked the young boy "What do you want to play?"

"I don't really know what would you like to play?" replied the young boy. After a few minutes of thinking they both agreed to play a game of follow the leader. The two kids decided that the young boy would be the leader first, and then began to play. After a few hours of playing, they decided to sit down under a tree and take a break. While they were resting, the two heard a noise coming from a little further into the park. So the two decided to go and see what the noise was, and what the saw when found where the sound had come from they saw a couple of older kids playing tennis. The two kids found it somewhat amusing to watch, so they decided to sit on the bleachers that were near the tennis courts. When they were watching the older kids play, one of the players caught Ayame's eye. After she realized who the person was, she began to get anxious, and she fidgeted around while she watched.

Her companion noticed that she began to fidget around in her seat, and asked her "What's the matter?"

Ayame spoke is a nervous tone and said "one of those older kids is my older brother, and if I get spotted here, I'll probably be in trouble." And with that she got up to run before she could be seen. But as she got up to run, she tripped and fell backwards into the bleachers. It all happened so fast that the young boy had no time to respond to the situation, and before he could do anything, it was too late, Ayame's head went smashing into the corner of the bleachers. After that, all of the older kids stopped playing their matches due to all of the commotion at the bleachers to see what had happened, and when they saw two young children sitting there by themselves, and that one was laying there with a major head wound, they ran over to see what exactly had happened.

But when a certain boy had seen who it was that was lying there, he yelled the young girl's name "AYAME!", and ran as fast as his legs would let him move to get to his younger sister. When he got to her, he knelt down beside her, spoke her name so softly that she could barely hear him.

"Shinji, I'm sorry." and after that she blacked out.

With that Shinji began to cry hysterically, while he was crying, one of the other older kids went over to the remaining younger child, and asked him what had happened. When asked, the young boy explained everything. While the other two were preoccupied with other things, the remaining older kid pulled out his cell phone and called 911 immediately. While waiting for the ambulance to get there, the two older children tried to comfort the completely mortified boy, but they did not prevail in doing so. When the ambulance finally arrived, they put the young girl on the gurney, and put her in the back of the ambulance, when they were about to shut the doors, all of the children asked if they could come too. The medical personnel decided that they children could ride with them to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Shinji immediately called his mother, and told her the bad news. After hearing everything, she too went into hysterics, and rushed to get there to her children. Upon arriving at the hospital, she automatically found her son to get more information on how things were going.

"Not so well, I haven't heard anything new about her condition just yet." "So I'm assuming that nothing new has come up." was all he had to say at the moment. After he mentioned that to his mother the door to the operating room opened, and out came a guy that looked to be in his mid fifties.

He went up to her and said "Mrs. Hamasaki, could I speak to you please?" "It pertains to your daughter." And with that said, they when to a corner in the room to talk in privacy about the situation.


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