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Calleigh Duquesne could vividly remember when she couldn't care less about Ryan Wolfe. It wasn't something to be proud of, but nonetheless her subconscious wouldn't let herself forget it.

Slowly but surely she realized her numerous shortcomings when it came to Ryan, and as slow as the process went, at least it went. And Ryan couldn't have been happier.

Calleigh, still proud of her enlightenment and maturity of that situation, searched her memory all the way back to when he was first enlisted to work with the dayshift CSI team. Of course it was there, and she allowed herself to be absorbed into the bleak past. As painful as it had been, she wouldn't change it for the world; it made for a bright future with Ryan, in spite of it all.

so this is my first crack at a dramatic & possibly angsty Cal/Ryan fic. how'd i do? reviews make me happy & better at the same time.