Chapter 1: Epilogue, Uncharted Territories


All should have felt safe, secure—finished. The purpose of their destiny was over, the last thing that could alter the fate that all that was good for the worst, permanently, was vanquished for good.

But even with that fact, something felt off, not right.

Something still felt purely evil. Problem was: they couldn't for the life of them figure out what it was.

It would take the influence—and lives of unexpected others, to bring the troubling feeling to a reality.

And that was where this story begins.


One life to lead—in one particular city by a bay—

Home. It's always a very nice thing to be able to take a break just after fighting a couple international threats. And a nice thing to have when a mind had been troubled for so long and finally was given a chance to gain some peace.

The return to a normal reality of sorts was something that one known as Raven had been seeking—longing for even—for so long, and to get it was almost bliss.

But although it started out peaceful, maybe even almost joyous, things would not remain that way, although the method of its change was unexpected. A lot of things would be realized, not only the change itself, but also a few things brought to light with it.

The obstacles, an uncharted reality they'd never expected, and some people of dark and light none of them fathomed on encountering.

Varying from the likes of demons, angels and witches...creatures of magic—dark and light.

Nothing would ever be the same…


A month after the last big crisis—

A book in hand, and with music in the background; the sense of peace was in the air, and Raven was happy with that.

But a lingering thought would chase that sense of peace away, leaving her mind overly restless.

The restlessness would just not go away. Frustrated, she set aside the book, trying to fathom the cause of her restless mind. The thought did not just linger, it took on a life of its own. The thought was not one of a pleasant sense; it was one of pure nightmares.

Fire all around, engulfing everything but the bed in which she resided, horrible visual effects reflected in the dancing flames—horrors and monsters of a nightmare brought to reality.

And a face—his face—one she had loathed since her creation, one she had hoped to never see again after his demise at her hand.

Yet slight reflections of that face—the glowing red eyes he had possessed, danced in the flames alongside the other monstrosities, staring menacingly, emanating all she had feared.

The vision of an almost reality that took on a nightmarish quality had occurred before, and like before, she became frightened. She didn't understand the meaning behind it; she just knew it brought her worst fear to light.

Bad memories, a possible return of the chaos that had almost destroyed her…. the concept of reliving it all was unsettling—and very frightening.

And all she could do was scream as the harsh reality of the visual nightmares danced around her in the dancing flames.


It had taken a lot of searching. Paging through ancient texts and unrolling just as ancient scrolls in search of answers, proverbs, truths—prophesies.

The search for such began a while before, in search for an answer to altering a certain destiny.

But what was come upon was much more, and he knew it.

He was known as Kane, leading an uncertain destiny with a troubling past. He was known as one fighting for the good side—a whitelighter by trade, and by birthright—but all was not as it seemed.

But he never revealed that—the very idea of that side existing was abominable, to him and all he associated with.

And he never felt he would. The truth of it would not be very favorable, and keeping it hidden wasn't only favorable, it was necessary.

That had led to his search for anything on his past, and that would be how he uncovered an unknown prophecy

And how he'd play a major part in it.


All should have been at rest. Christy was gone, the Triad permanently vanquished, Leo returned alive for good, and all the dreams they had long desired—love, family, a sense of fulfillment—had finally become a reality.

Yet something was up. There was sudden unrest in the Underworld, and rumors of the return of one of their enemies, the Source of all Evil, reached the world of good magic, causing unrest in the magical community.

Once again the sisters—known well as the Charmed Ones—found themselves being dragged into a possible chaos they had spent most of their adult lives fighting against.

One problem: the target of all the chaos wasn't completely them for once. But that didn't mean they wouldn't play a part in stopping it.

Because they would be needed, as well a few others they didn't know about yet.


The loud noise caught their attention, as well as their concern.

"Isn't that, like the millionth time she's done this since we got back?" Beast Boy asked all his friends present in the common room. There was a video game halfway in progress, with some music playing in the background as an added effect.

"Sure does seem like it," Cyborg observed as he set down the control. "It seems like the only thing Rae's done since we got back."

"Is there a reason for it?" the changeling questioned as he got up. "Cuz she hasn't said a thing to me about why she does it."

"Something about fire and brimstone," the half robot shrugged. "She didn't tell me anything besides that."

"It's probably just stress," Beast Boy responded. "Should we check it out anyways?"

"Rob said to keep any eye on her," Cyborg replied as he made his way towards the kitchen for a snack. "You go on ahead and check in with her. I'll be here when you get back."

"Why aren't you coming?" the changeling questioned his friend.

"Because," Cyborg replied, grinning. "I need a snack, and her room still freaks me out."

"Whatever dude," the changeling replied in a defeated tone.

"Have fun," Cyborg called after him in a teasing tone as he made an exit.


"Why do I keep seeing it?" Raven asked herself. "Why do I keep seeing a vision that seems so real, that it's like it's right out of my nightmares and has become a reality?"

The room had once again reverted to the darkness she was used to, and comfortable with. That didn't mean that the unsettling feeling that the whole visual nightmare had brought on was gone.

Her nerves were on edge, and once again it took all that she could muster to keep her sanity.

She couldn't afford to break down, yet it felt like something—or someone—was trying to force it.

That reality was your fate, an inner voice told her, a voice she didn't recognize. And it could still be.

"My fate..." she trailed. "But... that fate—I changed that—it couldn't…" There was a knock at the door.

"Rae, is everything okay in there? We heard you again, and Rob said to keep an eye on you every time you…" She heard Beast Boy's voice from the other side of the door. "Can I come in?"

"You might as well," she replied. "I need to talk about a few things anyways." The door opened, revealing that the changeling was indeed on the other side.

"What do you need to talk about?" he entered the room cautiously. He looked around. "Ever thought of redecorating?"

"No," she replied to his second question. "I like it this way." She looked at him. "I need to talk about something that seems to reoccur. Visions, horrible—and very realistic—visions."

"What is it that you keep seeing?" he asked, taking a seat beside her. "And is that why you keep screaming all the time?"

"I'm having reoccurring visions," she replied. " Or, at least that's what I think it is."

"What is it about?" he asked her. "These visions, I mean."

"Fire," she replied. "Flames dancing all around. The fate I once spent a lifetime fearing."

"You do know that's an irrational fear, right?" he asked her. "It's been a while since you dealt with that fear, and you conquered it. I saw it—we all did. So why is it still bothering you?"

"I don't know why it's still bothering me," she told him. "I know I shouldn't, but for some reason it feels like somebody wants me to me to remember, and I keep reliving it." She lowered her head and continued in a lower voice. "And it's starting to get to me."

"Do what you always do," he told her. "Chant those words you always chant and do that concentration thing you always do. That usually works."

"I can't," she told him. "It hasn't seemed to work lately. Believe me, I've already tried."

"What do you plan to do about it then?" he asked. "You can't let it keep getting to you. It's not good, you know."

"I know," she replied. "Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it."

"But, if it's bothering you—"

"Can you leave now?" she asked him. "I just need to be alone right now."

"Yeah, but—why?" he asked a bit worriedly. "If this thing is really bugging you as much as you said it is—"

"Just go," she cut him off. "I just need to be alone right now, and your presence is only making things worse."

"Okay," he replied a bit reluctantly. "If you need anything just holler. One of us will come running in a instant."

He got up.

"I know," she responded. "If the situation does become unmanageable, I'll let one of you know."

"Cool," he replied. "Hope those bad vibes go away soon." He closed the door behind him.

"Me too," she murmured to herself when the door was fully closed.

"Me too."


"Something's up," Billie was reporting to Phoebe, fellow witch—and a former Charmed One. Or so they thought.

It was several months after one of the biggest deciding factors in the fight between good and evil. The triad was vanquished permanently, the biggest sacrifice Billie ever had to make—the very existence of her sister Christy—was made, and the purpose of their destiny was fulfilled tenfold.

Yet something just didn't feel right, and that was why Billie had went to Phoebe Halliwell.

The sisters now led separate lives, raising families or getting ready to do so. They lived in separate homes, with Piper and Leo remaining at the Manor, the house where it had all began.

Small matters of the darker side of magic occurred on occasion, but nothing their destiny had been designed to solely conquer.

Yet something was up in the air of the magical variety, and it didn't seem like all that good of a thing.

"Reports have been suggesting major unrest in the underworld," Billie went on. "And it's not your typical feuding among the factions."

"What kind of unrest are we talking about?" Phoebe asked her. "It better not be something that requires the Charmed Ones, cuz that destiny is done with."

"I'm not really sure," Billie admitted. "But I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled for anything that's useful."

"Have you talked to Piper or Paige about this?" Phoebe asked, taking a sip of some hot tea she had in a mug. "Have they come upon info that may be useful?"

"I haven't actually talked to either of them about this," Billie replied with a sheepish grin. "Piper's been busy with family issues, and I can't really keep track of Paige."

"Sure is a good time for her and the hubby to do the 'orb around the world' thing," Phoebe said a bit sarcastically. "I hope she's around if anything does happen."

"Yeah, "Billie agreed. "Her telekinetic orbing is good during certain tough spots."

"Try to keep me updated if you come across anything new," Phoebe told her. "If something's really up we need to keep tabs on it—if we really want to or not."

"Will do," Billie replied. "While I'm thinking about it I'm gonna go check things out, just to be sure." She got up to leave. "And I'm gonna head so I can check out any sources I come across."

"Good luck," Phoebe called to her as she left. " I just hope they were just rumors. We don't need to deal with the forces of evil again," she muttered to herself.


The search had been a long one, a very long one. Centuries of magical variety history had been sifted—and paged—through, from more timely scriptures to eras' drawn vaulted scrolls.

He had spent a long time searching, trying to find some answers he desperately had been searching for. There were so many answers, but never the right answers.

Kane had been looking for one thing, but instead came upon something else.

Something he never expected.

The text had been ancient, eons ancient. The edges were well worn, the ink faded with age the thin paper deeply yellowed. Yet the writing was pristinely legible, and the message plain as day.

"A world of darkness will come to pass," he read of the text aloud. "Only a triad of three representing all that is good working with the power of one other of another realm who acted as a gem for evil shall be of a strong enough force for stopping the arrival of eternal darkness."

The text didn't make total sense, but one thing was certain—he was making it his mission to find out what it meant.

With the message that seemed to be portrayed in that ancient text he felt he had to.

To save what is good—as well as himself.