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Stella POV

I had hardly left my room all week Alex was here with me. It was bitter sweet having him here. I was glad to know he cared for me enough to put up with me but it pained me to see him because every time I did I thought of my lost child. All I did was blast music replacing my thoughts but I have this idiocy about only listening to songs that voice me thoughts.

"Stella come out everyone is worried about you" Max came in my room and sat down on the opposite side of the bed. I stared at her for a moment and then gave a small nod standing up. When I came out of my room all heads turn towards me Angel was grinning from ear to ear. I returned a small half smile that I was sure didn't reach my eyes.

"Fly?" Fang looked at me and Max. Max turned her head towards me indicating it was my choice. I really wanted to go flying I hadn't in such a long time; I nodded. Within minutes the flock and I were in the air. I missed this so much. Flying I felt powerful and beautiful all of the world had been lost in transition. I heard a distant scream and then I realized it came from me.

And then it was all black.

Alex POV

I was watching Stella fly a graceful but powerful technique with every down beat of her black wings. A small smile pulled at her lips but then she released a ear splitting shriek and began to drop from the sky. I was beneath her within seconds I caught her bridal style pulling us both down another hundred feet before I was able to pull up. I pulled her close to my chest when the impossible happened. I felt a kick from her stomach. Had Stella not been in my arms I would have done a 360 in the air. I kissed her forehead and flew to tell the flock what had happened.

"I she okay?" Max flew under me.

"I felt a kick" I was struggling to keep my voice even. Everyones eyes widened including Fang.

"Lets get back to the house" We were back a Dr. Martinez house withing 3 minutes. Stella awoke in my arms but I refused to let her go despite her protest.

"Dr. Martinez!" I called upon entering the house. She rushed into the room franticly.

"What is it? Oh my! Is she alright?" Her eyes widened at Stella.

"Never been better Doc." She threw her head back carelessly then she got a look of inspiration on her face and her head shot up. "Actually I would be a lot better if this dumb ass over here would put me down and someone would tell me whats going on. Cause like I sad never felt better." Then she started humming Panic! At The Disco~There is a good reason these tables are numbered hunny you just haven't figured it out yet.(A/n: I started doing that when I typed it if you listen to it it might make sense but then it might just be me because I am special like that)

"Please enlighten me" Dr. M looked very confused.

"We were flying and she just dropped from the sky but Alex caught her. He also says he felt a baby kick. She woke up soon but we wouldn't let her fly and so she is very grumpy." Max summarized.

"Stella come with me" Dr. M said and I put Stella down.

"AND FREDOM RINGS!" she sang sarcastically I just smiled I lent down and kissed her forehead. "It will be okay" I assured myself more than her. With that they were gone. I was anxious to say the least. I waited for over an hour before they returned home. Stella walked in with a major mix of emotions swirling in her eyes. Relief, grief, fear, nervousness, hope, and, very apprehensive of the last one. She was constantly running a hand through her hair. Her eyes locked on mine searching for something I shall never know what. That was when Dr. M walked in.

She glanced at all the flock "Turns out that...."

To be continued....

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