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It was a Saturday morning in the middle of summer and a very special agent Anthony DiNozzo was sitting on the ground in the NCIS parking lot staring at the fenders of his pride and joy. There were no cases. Apparently even the bad guys liked to vacation over the summer.

He looked up when he head footsteps coming toward him. Ziva and Abby were walking towards him, drinking something cold, confused expressions on their faces. "Why are you sitting on the ground, Tony?" Ziva asked curiously.

"I'm watching my car rust." He replied, turning back to his car, a serious look of concentration on his face.

Ziva looked completely lost, but decided to play along with what he was doing, "Oh, well, if you want you car to rust, the metal needs to be wet." and she tossed the remnants of her drink all over Tony and his car. Abby started cracking up laughing.

"Hahaha! Nice Ziva, but seriously Tony, why are you down here?"

"Well, before I was needlessly soaked, I was bored so I came down here to go for a drive, until realized I left my keys at my desk. But I was too lazy to go all the back and get them so I just sat down."

Abby looked at him, shocked, "Bored! Over the summer! Nope. Not possible. There is always something to do, Tony, we just need to find it." She rubbed her fingers over her chin, looking up at the sky. "Hmmm... We need a list!" Let's start a list of things to do when you're bored and see how much of them we can do before the next case!"

"Why, Abby?" Ziva asked, amused at her excitement at the most trivial things. But she was already gone, returning to her lab to composite a list.

Tony answered for her, smiling at the idea, "Because, Zee-vah, we have nothing better to do. And yes, you have to participate, now help me up." He stretched out his hand, but Ziva just laughed, and ignored it, walking back to the main building. Tony humphed to himself and stood up on his own, running to catch up to her, excited about the possibilities this would bring.

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