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The Fourth

Tony's anger at Abby and McGee did not fade by the next day. He walked into work a little earlier than usual to find the bull pen devoid of life. He was glad, as this gave him time to collect himself before the others got here.

Ziva was the first to enter the room, for which Tony was grateful. At least she would restrain him from killing the probie when he walked in.

He smiled his smile as she sat down at her desk. "Good morning, Zee-vah." he greeted her.

"Hello, Tony, good night?"

He smirked, "Wouldn't you like to know."

"Yes, that is why I asked." She smiled.

He was saved from replying as McGee entered, smiling until he saw the look on Tony's face. "Hey Ziva... Tony." He tried.

Ziva happily returned the greeting, but Tony merely glared at his computer and began typing.

"Come on, Tony, you can't be mad forever. It was supposed to be funny." McGee tried again.

"Tony, you can not give McGee the cold elbow all day, as you do work together."

Tony caught her eye and grinned. "It's cold shoulder, Zee-vah. And how would you like it if some girl stole my phone and started making inappropriate comments about me over it. I was worried, Zee-vah."

"Well considering the amount of women you are with, I am actually surprised that has never happened before." Ziva retorter, then gave at the look in his eyes. "But thank you for worrying... even if it was needless. Even if there was a man, I can take care of myself."

At this Tony frowned, "That doesn't stop me from worrying about you. I could never forgive myself if something happened to you Ziva. You're my... partner, and I need to watch your six."

McGee was now trying his very hardest to block out the conversation. Tony and Ziva were obviously completely unaware that he was still in the room, focused only on each other.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, before Tony spoke again. "Fine, McGee," he said, still staring at Ziva, "you and Abby are off the hook for now, just don't forget I'm still mad." He was still, to say the least, very angry with them making him worry, but being the senior field agent and all he decided to be mature about it all and forget about it for now until he could get back at them later.

"Great. Happy fourth of July, by the way."

Tony brightened up at this. "Oh, yeah! I completely forgot."

Ziva squinted her eyes in thought, "The Fourth of July.... That is the day you use signing a protest against the British as an excuse to play with explosives and get drunk, yes?"

"Haha. I guess that's one way to put it." Tony said laughing, "but it actually is an important day in American history."

"Probably the only important day in American history Tony has ever heard of." McGee said teasingly.

"Hey McProbie, don't go there. I know a lot about our history."

"Oh yea, who was our second president?"


"Tony, even I know that!" Ziva laughed.

"Yeah, well, so do I. It was Adams. Not that I see why it even matters."

"Okay, fine," McGee allowed, "You know one fact. That doesn't prove you know anything about the fourth of July."

Tony was just about to speak when Gibbs walked into the room, "All I can prove from all of this is that none of you know how to keep a job. Get to work."

He was met by a chorus of "Yes boss." When everyone went to their respective work areas and got about to doing their paper work.

Later that day, Gibbs dismissed them early telling them to go home and not get drunk partying that night, looking directly at Tony the whole time.

And with that they all crowded into the elevator ready to go home.

"Me and Timmy are going to watch the fireworks tonight. Do you guys want to come?" Abby asked Tony and Ziva as they began to walk towards their cars.

Tony glanced sideways at Ziva, and the way her face lit up slightly at being asked to take part in an American holiday. No one else would have noticed the slight change in her expression, but knowing her as well as he did, it was almost blatantly obvious. He honestly already had plans for the night, but knowing that Ziva really wanted to go, and that she would go if he didn't (not wanting to be a third wheel), he automatically changed those plans.

"Of course we will." He said, smiling over at Ziva, now seeing a truly excited expression on her face.

Late at night, they all met at the Washington Monument, or, at least as close to it as they could considering the copious amount of people currently swarming the building. They sat sat down on blankets they brought, talking and laughing as the summer breeze created the perfect effect for what was going to be an amazing night.

A silence fell over the crowd as the orchestra playing began performing the symphony everyone knew would lead into the fireworks and just as the last notes sounded, the first fireworks exploded into the sky in many colors, shapes and sizes, and were met with an equally loud explosion as the crowd burst into applause.

"You know, no one really answered my question, earlier today." Ziva said, turing to Tony. "Why do you celebrate fourth of July like this?"

Tony smiled slightly, watching her face light up with every explosion of fiery color. "It's an annual celebration to commemorate the courage and faith of our founding fathers in their pursuit of liberty." He said, surprising Ziva. "And one day John Adams wrote at letter to his wife saying that he wanted it to be celebrated with 'pomp and parade, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other,' and so we have." She smiled up at him, lying her head back against his chest, impressed at how educated he really was compared to what he let on.

Ziva turned back to the display, but for the rest of the evening, Tony could focus on nothing but his partner, and the look of joy and fascination that remained on her face. He didn't even notice, at the end of the 33 ton display, the laser beams that spelled out "1776-2009, Happy Birthday, USA."

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