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Midnight Swim

Alex snatched the CD from the wooden oak table. He grasped it tightly in his hand and took off. In the distance he heard the angry shouts of men. He picked up his pace. He couldn't let them catch him. The results would be quite disastrous.

That CD in his hand was one of the most important pieces of technology in the world. It contained a special program that could hack into any computer network. Security networks around the world would not be safe from this little program. It was one of a kind and it was in the wrong hands.

This CD was passed from hand to hand based on the highest bidder. It was currently valued at approximately four million dollars in American currency. The current holder was a middle-aged businessman who had previously worked for the American CIA. Said man had been fired for mucking up a mission and leaking information to outsiders, namely criminals for money. This man wanted revenge and got it in a small package. The CD.

Unfortunately, this CD was in the grasp of one teenage spy, Alex Rider who was currently running for his life. It had been two years since his first mission. He was still working for MI6, surprisingly. He was just too good at what he does.

Alex wound through the hallways searching for a way out. A stairwell made its appearance on his left. He rushed towards it. He was faced with a choice. Up or down. He knew he couldn't go down. By now, the first three floors of the ten story building, was probably filled with armed men. All searching, for him. So he went up.

Up and up, he climbed. The stairs seemed endless. Hopefully there would be a fire escape or a ladder at the top for Alex to escape with. His breath whooshed in and out as climbed the stairs. White-washed walls surrounded him, closing him in. His legs burned as he worked his way up.

Almost there, almost there, was the mantra that repeated itself in Alex's brain. On the eight level of the building, he heard a crash down below.

"He's probably in here!" shouted a man several levels below. "Hurry up and get him. We can't let him get away."

Thundering footsteps invaded the previous quite of the stairwell. Alex moved faster, taking the stairs two at a time. He could hear bullets ricocheting off of the railings and walls. A pattern of holes materialized at his right. Bugger, he thought, they could see me. A bullet grazed him and he hissed. He had no time to look at it now, his life was still at stake.

Fortunately, he had made it to the top without getting shot severely. He reached the door that opened to the roof of the building and kicked it open. A fresh breeze greeted him. The stars twinkled above him and he heard the rushing of traffic ten stories below. There was the sound of lapping water. The building, Griffith & Rockner Law, stood next to a large river. He could see ships gliding along the slick dark waters.

Alex looked around himself anxiously. Not a ladder or fire escape in sight as he moved to examine the edges of the roof. He was trapped.

Alex was startled as the door connecting to the stairwell crashed open again. A flood of armed men made their way across the roof. The businessman stood in front and glowered with his gun raised. They lined up to face Alex who was still standing near the edge of the roof.

"Alright, games over. Hand over the disc before I shoot you," growled the man.

"Oh you mean this one?" asked in Alex in a polite tone.

"Of course that one. Don't play stupid wit…..,"started the man. His eyes bugged out.

Alex had taken that precious CD and snapped it over his leg. He threw the broken shards of the CD at the businessman. He grinned maliciously.

The man's face grew red in anger. Without further ado, the man pulled the trigger of his gun which was still aimed at Alex.

A single shot rang out. Its sharp bang pierced the silence that had blanketed the roof. Alex fell in a graceful arc. Off the rooftop. There was a splash in the waters below. He had fallen into the river.

The businessman and his fellow guards looked down at the dark shape that was Alex's body in the water. It was still, rocking gently with waves of the river.

"Stupid boy," snarled the businessman. He and his fellow men made their way back towards the stairs. They were fairly sure that Alex was dead. The man was disappointed. He had paid a lot for that CD which was now lying broken on the rooftop, useless. And he had killed a boy over it, not that it really mattered to him. He could always try another way of infiltrating the CIA. It wasn't like he lacked the money.

Ten stories below, the dark shape floated. Then it moved. It stretched and surfaced. The wet head of a boy broke the surface and gasped in air. Slowly the boy made his way towards shore. A tiny trail of blood followed him in the water. It came from his shoulder. Said boy collapsed onto the bank breathing heavily.

"Alex! Alex? Are you there?" crackled a voice in the boy's ear. "Are you alright?"

Alex winced as he turned onto his back. Yes, he was alright. Luckily, it had only been a small graze on his shoulder. The man had missed his heart as he had fallen off the building. A most unorthodox way of escaping, but effective.

"Yes," said Alex while smirking. "I made a slight deviation in the plan, but everything was successful. I'm coming home now."

"That's wonderful to hear. We will be waiting for you at…" replied the voice. Alex pulled the device from his ear and his mouth, killing the connection. He already knew where the car was waiting for him.

The dark outline of a boy was seen loping along the bank of the river. He disappeared into the night.

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