Paper Planes

Alex crouched behind the black leather wing backed chair. He listened for any footsteps outside of the double oak doors. He sighed in relief when all he met was silence. Obviously he was not supposed to be here.

Said boy glanced around the room, searching for something. It was lavish study with a giant bookcase adorning one whole side of the wall. Oil paintings were distributed in an even pattern on the other two sides of the walls. The entire third wall of the study was made of glass and had a sliding door. The room was bathed in sunlight.

The soft tread of the boy was the only sound heard in the study. He crept around the room occasionally prying a painting from the wall, looking behind it. He was looking for a vault in a prominent French government official's house. Uninvited of course. He ground his teeth in frustration as he found nothing.

His goal was to retrieve a computer chip that contained highly classified information on how to produce biological weapons. As usual, such highly dangerous information always landed in the wrong hands. It was Alex's job to prevent a disaster.

Alex had scoured almost the entire room by now. He had only one more painting to check. Quickly he strode over to a beautiful oil painting of park and peeked behind it.

Gray metal shone. He had finally found the vault. He let a quite sigh of relief and glanced at his watch. Good, he still had a fair bit of time to crack open the safe. Then he looked closely at the container and almost groaned out loud. It was Israeli-made and had a glass relock system. He hated these kinds of safes. There is pane of glass behind the door. If Alex didn't drill exactly through the hole, he would crack the glass and steel rods would lock into place making the vault impossible to open. That would render his whole mission useless.

From his pocket he withdrew a pen made by the wonderful Smithers. It was a specially made pen that doubled as a miniature drill. Alex smirked.

He chose an exact place near the dial of the vault and started to drill. Luckily before this mission, he had received intense training on how exactly to crack all different kinds of vaults and safe. He had pretty much mastered the skill and could crack most vaults under 10 minutes. This one might take longer, he would need to be careful.

Alex held his breath as he listened to the quite whirring of the drill driving a hole into the metal of the vault. Deeper and deeper it went. His breath caught as he encountered a loud crack. He swore under his breath in five different languages. He had cracked the glass. Fortunate for him, the steel rods hadn't come down yet. Carefully he retracted his tool. He would have to open the vault by using the dial.

He closed his eyes for a brief minute to collect his thoughts. He could do this. He glanced at his watch. Damn, there was only five minutes remaining. After that, the guard shift in the house would change. That meant every room in the house, including the study would be thoroughly checked. He had to crack it before then.

Slowly he began turning the dial, listening for the almost inaudible clicks and jars as the dial spun around. Every once in a while he would write down numbers in his hand. He crossed a few out. He looked down. Only two minutes left. He already had two of the combination numbers, but he couldn't seem to get the third one.

Alex forced himself to take a deep breath and focused once more on his task. His heart pounded furiously in his chest. He fancied he could almost hear the guards starting to stir in the house. One minute left.


51 seconds.



43 seconds.


The voices of guards wafted downstairs.


37 seconds


A guard laughed in the distance.

30 seconds.

He felt it. The mechanisms unlocked. He unconsciously let out the breath he had been holding in. He had done it. Hurriedly he opened the safe. There were all kinds of things in there. From wads of cash, to jewelry, and at the bottom of all these possessions was an envelope.

With almost trembling hands, Alex pried the seal off and looked inside. There it was. An innocent looking computer chip sat in his hand, its tiny metal surfaces winking in the sunlight. He stuffed the envelope as well as the chip into his pants pocket. He glanced once more in the safe and then shut it.

The sound of a turning lock made him freeze. The handle of door to the study was turning. The guards were coming in to check. Quickly, Alex shut the vault door once again and replaced the painting. Two men came bursting in.

"Ce que l'enfer faites-vous dans ici ?" asked one of the guards in an outraged and astonished tone.

The man had yelled in French, but Alex knew what he said and grimaced. He would need to make an escape immediately before the guard called down a whole battalion of them. Before both of them radio their superiors, Alex reached into his pocket and pulled out another useful gadget Smithers had made for him.

It was a specially modified iPhone equipped with a few interesting things. The guards' eyes bugged out, not understanding why the boy had pulled out a cell phone. The phone was finger-print sensitive and Alex slid to unlock the screen. In deft motions, his fingers flew to a particular song. He fast forwarded it. All of this took no longer than 5 seconds.

Sometimes I feel sitting on trains
Every stop I get to I'm clocking that game
Everyone's a winner now we're making that fame
Bonafide hustler making my name

The guards looked at Alex in confusion. They weren't exactly the brightest stars in the universe and Alex was glad for that.

All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money

All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money

Alex hit a button on the side of the iPhone twice as the gunshots in the song sounded. Both of the guards clapped their hands to their necks. Alex had hit them with a tranquilizer dart each. Alex smirked. He loved Smither's genius. The darts were made to spit out at the exact moment when Alex pressed the side button during the chorus gunshots. He slid the phone back into his pocket

Like a shadow, the teen spy slid open the glass door and sprinted through the well-furnished garden. It would take a few minutes for the guards to be found out. Alex vaulted over several walls and fences. A car was waiting for him off the road.

Alex slid into the dark interior of the car just as he heard the alarm sounding in the Frenchman's mansion. He grinned to himself. He really liked that song. Teenage spy leaned back in his seat and hummed to the tune of Paper Planes all the way to the airport.

*Ce que l'enfer faites-vous dans ici ? French for: What the hell are you doing in here? (I used an online translator)*

AN: Hey, another one-shot peoples! I actually had to do some research for this one such as the special vault. Then I used an online translator for the French, sorry if I totally butchered it or something. As for the song, I got it from the Slumdog Millionair movie and I fell in love with it. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this one. Oh and please review. ;D

P.S. A huge thank you to my wonderful beta Crazimani! She inspired this oneshot!