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Jasper POV

I never felt hope until I was at my lowest point. For years I fed on human blood, and being bathed in my victim's dying emotions. Their fear and their anguish fed my personal darkness, and the monster in me. I was damned, I was alone, and I wanted to change. I was hungry but trying to resist the urge to feed. I was sitting alone in a diner in Philadelphia on a rainy day in 1948, trying not to breathe. She bounced up to me and told me I had kept her waiting. I apologized to her, out or reflex I guess. Just like that, I was rescued. My savior was the tiniest, most beautiful little quirky excuse for a vampire I had ever seen, my Alice, my angel. The hope that radiated off her that day has never dimmed in my heart.

She was the sexiest and most dangerous woman I had ever met, tied in the cutest little package you could imagine. She had visions of the future. She saw that we would build a life together, and damned if we didn't. She had brought me to another way of living and to a home with a real family. There was nothing I wouldn't do to protect her. She held all the answers, and the ones she didn't weren't important to me anymore. She watched out for me, sometimes she watched too closely. She rocked my world, whether I was just looking at her, or holding her in my arms. Alice made me want to be a better man. Alice loved me for who I was.

I never wanted to get complacent or lazy about loving Alice though. Sometimes I longed to do something for her that she didn't see coming. Sometimes I wished that I could surprise her with an intimate evening away, or a special gift that she didn't know about ahead of time. I guessed that those were the breaks of loving Alice. I couldn't complain, don't get me wrong, but boy would I have loved to really surprise her, just once.

"What are you doing, Jazz?" There was my angel now. I was standing in our room, looking at her ever-expanding walk in closet of clothes.

"Nothing much, just reflecting on you and your wicked ways, Alice," I said.

"You are scheming again, aren't you my love?" she smiled knowingly. Damn I was transparent to her.

"I have no idea to what you are referring," I said sarcastically. I sent her some little innocent vibes. She giggled and lightly kicked the door shut as she entered the room.

Alice lithely flung herself at me and climbed me like I was her own personal tree, crossing her legs around my waist and lacing her fingers behind my neck. The wave of her desire mingled with my own crashed into me, and I shut my eyes for a moment to savor it. Her tiny body clung to mine just where she belonged. My lord I loved it when she did this. I clasped my hands under her backside to support her, and I soon discovered she was bare under her knee length flowing dress. "Alice, you seem to have misplaced your britches," I said, looking down at her and smirking.

"I know just where they are," she chimed back at me. She smiled as she briefly dangled them on her index finger before she flung them to the floor and returned her wayward hand back to my neck.

She bit her lip lightly with desire as she looked at me. She pulled my neck, inching our faces closer, and I tilted my head to kiss her parted lips. Her mouth was honey and our tongues soon danced together in their way, usual but full of desire. We stopped kissing for a moment, and I moved backwards to sit at the foot of our bed.

Alice sat on my lap with her legs still wrapped around me, her bare bottom resting comfortably on my thighs. She naughtily ran her fingernail up the zipper of my jeans and it tingled against my already excited length underneath. "I thought you could use a little release honey, I know that I have been preoccupied with Edward and Bella's wedding coming up. It is just two weeks away! I have been working my tail off to get everything done. I have been planning and working and neglecting you. I am sorry," she said as she rested her forehead against mine.

"Alice, you don't have to be sorry, you have no idea how happy I will be to have them married and off on their honeymoon. The sexual tension around here is always high, but lately it has been unbelievable," I confessed. "I am so glad that Edward has been spending the night at Bella's house so much lately, his angst is really grating on me. I just wish he would just bite her and get it over with," I said, grinning at Alice. This would set her off, I knew it would, and I was counting on that.

"Jasper Whitlock Hale!" she shouted at me, "I can't believe you just said that!" Now I had her going.

"What?" I said, grinning at her crookedly as she hit my shoulder with her tiny fist. I feigned injury and fell back on the bed. "It wasn't that long ago that you were threatening to bite her yourself," I reminded her. I am not sure bringing that up was such a good idea in retrospect, but it was true.

"You know I love Bella like a sister! I can't believe you would even joke about something like that!" She exclaimed at me.

"I just said bite her, I didn't say drain her…" I chided, "I love Bella, too, but it sure would make things a lot easier for everyone involved."

Alice glared at me, "Where's your sense of romance?"

There was nothing more adorable in the world than Alice all riled up and sitting bare ass on top of me. She proceeded to rail at me for an extended time about my insensitivity. She was getting more excited every minute. I just grinned at her the whole time until she finally ran out of things to say and looked down at me in contempt.

"Feel better?" I asked her, "You of all people know I was playing with you. I just like to see you get all flustered and excited," I said.

"Sometimes you are a real pain in the ass, Jasper!" she said, grinning at me with her eyes twinkling.

"I can be that for you if you want me to be Alice, roll over and just be still," I teased her. Alice stuck her tongue out at me and I sat up quickly and caught it in my mouth. We reclined on the bed together kissing and laughing. God in heaven, I loved Alice.

"What will it be," she asked, "me on top or you on top?" She was looking mischievous and adorable and sexy. Her passion was hard to ignore. I looked at her like I was perplexed at the possibilities.

"Are those my only options?" I asked with teasing indifference, smirking at her.

"What is it with you tonight!" she asked, hitting me in the chest with her little balled up fist again.

"I am just feeling sentimental and feisty, that's all," I confessed. "I didn't get a chance to have a wrestling match with Emmett today like I usually do. I guess I have testosterone overload. Rosalie has him off doing goodness knows what."

"I know what," Alice said, touching her temple and wrinkling her nose in mock disgust, "I won't torture you further with the gory details since you are already so frisky," she grinned at me again.

"I knew I loved you for a reason darling," I said as I kissed her nose.

Alice reached down and undid the buckle on my belt. "Getting down to business are we?" I asked her.

"I have a million things to do today," she said. "Esme and I are going to see the florists, and the caterer still hasn't gotten the fruit decoration design like I want them, and..."

"I get the picture," I interrupted her with genuine affection, "thanks for putting me on the list."

"You are at the top of my list and you know it," she assured me. "Oh, and will you help me with the twinkle lights later on, we should probably start putting them up today." I lost all desire at this point.

Not the damn lights again. I would do anything for Alice, but teetering in trees wrapping those damn twinkle lights with the skinny little fragile cords that shorted out and broke while she and Esme directed me from below was pure hell. I would rather have had to eat a werewolf.

"What happened?" Alice exclaimed at me, noticing that her planned activities had just gone to hell with my erection. Confusion, disappointment and bewilderment came off of her in waves. I didn't have the heart to tell her how I felt about the damn twinkle lights. I tried to think of other things and get the mood back. "Jasper, sweetheart, what is it?"

"Oh, It's nothing," I assured her, trying to get the memory of the last time I hung lights for her and almost being impaled in a very sensitive area by one of the tree limbs as she jabbered at me from below. "Kiss me again like you mean it and maybe the 'Little Major' will cooperate," I said, hoping that it would. I didn't get as many chances as I wanted to be alone this way with Alice, every time was special and I hated to waste even one of them.

Alice started kissing my face, and running her fingers through my hair. Her tiny fingers traced the outside canals of my ears as our kiss deepened. Desire and longing flooded me, and it wasn't long before my manhood was standing at attention with all the eagerness it had previously before my arousal was so rudely interrupted.

I reflected Alice's feelings back at her, careful not to send too much of my own with them. I wanted to savor this as much as I could, and Alice liked to move faster than I did on a good day. She was a little spitfire, and there were times I liked to have our passion burn a little slower.

Alice's POV

Jasper was so beautiful, just looking at the way he looked at me with the fire in his black eyes would make my heart skip a beat if it could. I shouldn't have mentioned those damn lights. I could see that he really didn't want to get up in the trees again to hang them like he did for the graduation party.

How dense could I be? I almost ruined our whole day's festivities. Oh, but he was coming around now, I could feel him intensify my emotions and I could also feel the growing bulge in his blue jeans. I did that to him. I had to grin as he was kissing me, just anticipating putting his eager arousal to work.

He had his hands under my dress now, caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples between his fingers and thumbs. I reached down and undid the top button and then the zipper of his jeans. He growled into my open mouth as I used my bare feet to push his jeans down his waist, hips, and thighs.

I reached down to unbutton his shirt. I wanted to feel his skin on my bare chest. He slid his hands up my body and pulled my dress over my head, flinging it into the corner.

He stopped then. He was reclined on the bed and he looked up at me. I sat still on my knees for a moment, my legs straddling over his boxers and his manhood underneath them. His electric hands were tracing my body and his eyes were gazing at me with adoration.

He sat up and took my right nipple in his teeth, biting it just enough that it stung and then began alternating between urgent sucking kisses and his teasing nibbling. Excitement shot through me, making my aching center tighten a little more. I briefly rested my hands in his blonde wavy hair.

I looked down at him with heavy lidded eyes. I enjoyed watching him suckle me in such a sensuous way. I gasped with desire, I could almost climax just having him do such a simple loving thing for me, almost that is, if I weren't aching to have him inside me.

Jasper was endowed. He was the only man I had ever been with. Even though I didn't have a lot of experience, I had seen enough to know that my husband was blessed, and in truth so was I. It never ceased to amaze me how well we fit together. Not just in our temperaments and habits, but also physically.

I looked over at the full-length mirror by the window. I adjusted myself slightly on his body so that I could see our lower bodies reflected in the mirror. "Oh hell yes," I thought to myself, I had a perfect angle. I was going to get to watch our union in perfect clarity without having to strain. I giggled in delight.

"What has you so happy all of a sudden?" He asked me huskily, glancing back over his shoulder, catching me admiring our bodies in the mirror. "Oh…" he drew the syllable out in recognition of what I was doing, "do you want to see more of me baby?"

"Yes please!" I said to him, grinning in excitement. He finally pulled down his boxers revealing his hard silken erection. "Is that for me?" I giggled.

"Every inch of it," he smirked in reply.

"Okay then, let's get this party started!" I said, positioning the head of his manhood at my opening and preparing to take him fully into my crouched body as I sat.

I gradually lowered my body onto him and he shut his eyes and clinched his teeth, he took in a breath and held it. "Goodness Alice," escaped from his mouth and I moaned as he entered me fully. I was so wet for him that he glided smoothly and perfectly inside me, just as I had seen he would.

I wasn't going to need much from him to push me over the edge. I had seen too much about all the things Edward was planning to do to Bella, and vice versa in my visions for what seemed like forever. It was like 24 hour erotica without the invitation. I couldn't imagine how my poor Jazz felt with all the sex in the air in this house right now.

I moved my hips in a circular motion around his velvet shaft, making my muscles milk him as he rocked the walls deep inside me. I shuddered as I felt myself getting close to coming.

"Don't hold back honey," he said, "if you keep that up I am going to be a 10 second wonder."

He always underestimated his control with me when I was on top like this. He never disappointed me when we were alone, never. He thrust his hips back just a little, pulling me down a little harder and himself a little deeper just one time and my climax exploded.

"That's my little darling," he cooed in my ear. His breath sending shivers down my already tingling body. "I think I was not alone in needing some release, huh honey?" He teased me.

"You didn't… did you?" I squeaked at him, confused for a second about what he had said, afraid I had somehow missed him come.

"Oh no baby, I have a lot more life left in me, don't you worry," he said. He pulled out of my wet core and sat up on the bed. I felt empty for a brief moment. "Flip over on your stomach, I have something for you," he said. My eyes got big.

"Alice, you know you what's coming," he said, "you don't have to worry." I flipped as he had asked me to, and he put a pillow under my knees. He pulled my stomach and torso up where I was slightly angled, on all fours.

He moved behind me gently and asked, "How's your view, can you still see everything you want to see?" I looked up in the mirror to see him as he entered me from behind. My wet center was parting to take him in. I gasped as his balls rubbed against my aching bundle of nerves.

The perfect side view I was afforded in the mirror let me see every inch of him being taken in by my waiting body every time he entered me. This was heaven, not like watching something that might happen. It was seeing my body join so passionately with his over and over.

Seeing my muscles contract on his length as he thrust in and out. Seeing the way he bit his bottom lip with passion with every little squeeze I gave his cock. His hands were caressing my breasts from behind. Oh this was heaven, and his eyes were full of worship for me. Oh how I needed this.

"Okay Alice, I am really close," he warned me. My own body was tingling in our passion. I was close myself but not sure how to meet him in his climax, and I really wanted to. He reached around to move his fingers on my engorged clit, I was moving closer and closer. He was getting warmer, but I was still not sure if I could manage to come when he did.

Then Jasper did something that came totally out of left field for him. He quickly moved his fingers from my clit and stuck his index finger slowly in my other lower opening. Oh my, did he surprise me!

I came so hard, I shouted, "Oh Jasper, fuck!" Gasping and tightening involuntarily around his finger and his hard shaft. He came with me pushing his finger in a little deeper inside me as his body fell over my back. I tumbled face first onto the bed in momentary exhaustion and shock. I gulped hard.

Jasper sighed with a little laugh and said, "You didn't see that coming, did you Alice?"

"No, Jazz," I admitted grinning at him, "you got me!"

"Can I have my finger back?" He grimaced pulling both his finger and his manhood out of my exhausted openings. He fell laughing on the bed next to me.

He started to toss my hair but I stopped him. "Quit that, I know where your hand has been!" I laughed.

"Oh honey, you loved it, you know you did," he grinned with me.

"I did!" I admitted. I love little surprises, and I know I have to humor him when he gets one by me. Now as it was said, his payback would be hell though.

"Rosalie and Emmett must have gotten to you without you even knowing it." I smirked at him.

"What in the world are you talking about, Alice?" he mused, his precious brow wrinkling in confusion.

"Rose bought a strap on, I think Emmett is taking it pretty hard!" I giggled.

"Damn it Alice, too much information!" he shouted at me, rubbing his face like he thought he could get the mental picture out of his brain. I got up and danced into the bathroom to take a shower. I felt giddy and happy and in love just at the thought of him.