Brave Sir Robin traveled with Lancelot to find some quests

They ended up joining a group of goofy knights that, for some odd reason, did not wear vests

They were told to find the Holy Grail

And set off, faster than any snail

While Lance set off for Herbert

Robin listened to his minstrel, but didn't find any sherbet

They went to the castle of Anthrax to save Galahad

But when rescued he called Lancelot gay and was really quite mad and very sad

After being told about a man named Tim

They all set off to find him

They ran into a bunny

But when one's head comes off it's not really funny

They threw the Holy Hand Grenade at it

And when it landed it blew it to bits

They met a monster in a cave

But the artist suffered a heart attack, which for them was quite a save

They went up to a bridge and, if not to be sent into the Gorge of Eternal Peril, had to answer a question

Though only three of the five made it across after much frustration

And that is the tale of Brave Sir Robin