Parti-ED Out

By Brenna "Snakelady" Dawkins

Part I

Disclaimer: All characters are owned by Danny Antonucci, aka Cartoon, and Cartoon Network. I own nothing. Nothing I tell you! No money was made from this fic.

Rating: R

Summary: A high school graduation party goes bad and causes two long time cul-de-sac enemies to see each other in a new light. Eddy/Sarah

(AN: Next to Eddy/Edd, this has to be my fave EEE paring! I just can't help myself! There are so few fics with this couple!)

"Ed, how did you ever graduate?" Eddy wondered as he gazed at Ed's high school diploma.

The framed diploma was hung skewed on Ed's wall in his room.

"Well, when you weren't railroading us into helping you on one of your scams, I was tutoring the lovable oaf." Edd said proudly. In a way, Ed's achievement was his own as well.

"Edd finally figured out how to explain things in ways I can understand!" Ed had no problem coming to terms with his learning disabilities and his lack of attention.

Double D chuckled. "Oh yes, I discovered that by coming up with my own form of petroglyphs and pictographs it helped keep Ed's mind on his studies. His dyslexia proved to be another challenge but…"

Eddy rolled his eyes, once again sorry he'd asked. "Okay, okay! I didn't ask for a research paper on the subject! Sheesh!"

"I hear Kevin's going to have a party at his house tomorrow night." Double D said as a way of changing subject.

"If Rolf's chickens are invited, I'm there!" Ed quipped.

"Get real, Ed! Even if they were, they'd be invited before we ever will be!" Eddy growled in grudging envy. "Everyone else certainly has already been invited."

Edd put a thoughtful finger to his cheek. "I can't imagine why I haven't gotten an invitation yet. Maybe he ran out of official invites and has planned on inviting me in person."

Eddy laughed outright ignoring the hurt expression on Edd's face. "Didn't you hear what I just said, Double D? Kevin can't stand us! Since WHEN have any of us been invited to his house… ever? Do you think he'd start changing his mind about us just because he's throwing the biggest party of the year?"

"But Eddy do you really think Kevin is that shallow that he'd do something so blatant as to invite the whole cul-de-sac except for us out of spite?" Edd was truly aghast.

"Where the heck have you been the past seventeen years, Double D?" Eddy looked at his friend and shook his head in amazement.

"I'm surprised at you Eddy! Kevin wouldn't do such a thing!"

"Ten bucks says I'm right, Double D!"

"You know I don't condone gambling, Eddy."

"You're just afraid you'd lose and have to face the fact that Kevin really IS a jerk!"

"Ed puts the odds at two to one!" Ed blurted.

"Well, glad to see you've retained some of the math I taught you, Ed, but do you have the same lack of faith that Eddy has in Kevin?"

"The things Kevin says about you and Eddy to the other kids when you aren't around and when they think I don't hear and understand would singe your vestibular hair cells." Ed nodded. "I'll see your bet, Eddy."

"You've retained more then the math lessons, I see." Edd said with mixed emotions.

Both boys looked at Edd now expectantly. "Fine. I'll put down twenty dollars to cover both of your bets. I only hope this will prove to you how foolish it is to think that growing up can't change a person for the good."

"Done! Man, this'll be the easiest money I ever made!" Eddy grinned in anticipation.

They heard the door slam and footsteps pounded through the house until they finally ceased, having arrived at their apparent destination.

"Sh-h-h… Sarah is home! I was about to go upstairs and get a soda too!" Ed whimpered.

"I'm not afraid of her! Come on! We're ALL going upstairs to get a soda!" Eddy shoved both of his friends out the door of Ed's room and forced them upstairs.

"But she's in a bad mood!" Ed whined. "She didn't even curse at me through the floor like usual! It's worse when she saves it for later!"

"Growing up certainly hasn't changed her for the good." Eddy growled, annoyed that Ed never stood up to his younger, fiery sister.

"She's been in a bad mood since she got dumped by what's-his-name." Ed whispered, glancing fearfully down the hall in the direction of her bedroom.

"What I can't figure out is how come their relationship lasted as long as it did. I mean, she's the Ice Queen, remember?" Eddy said as he raided the fridge.

"Eddy! That's not very kind!"

"Come on, Double D! When has she ever been nice to any of us? Well, okay, there was the boomerang incident, but that can't really count."

"I thought we'd agree never to talk about that ever again!" Edd said with a blush forming on his cheeks.

Eddy shrugged lazily and threw a can of soda Double D's way. "Calm down, Sock Head, I was talking about Sarah."

"Well, let's keep the conversation cordial, shall we?" Edd, still blushing, tried to encourage a change of topic yet again. "Well, what are you going to wear to the party?"

Eddy growled again and didn't reply as he tossed Ed a drink as well. There was a knock on the door and Ed went to answer it with soda in hand.

"Hello, Kevin! Will there be chickens at your party?" He greeted the annoyed looking teenager at the door.

"Not if I can help it, Dork. Give this to your sister, will you? And if you don't, remember I'll know who to pound!"

"Nice chatting with you, Kevin! You chicken heartbreaker you!" With that Ed closed the door and proceeded to march to Sarah's room.

"Hey Ed, was I hearing things or had that been Kevin at the door?" Eddy, ever curious was suddenly following Ed. He spied the suspiciously festive looking envelope. "What do you have there, Ed?"

"I'm on an important mission for Kevin! I must deliver this to Sarah or else Ed will be pounded!"

"Pounded schmounded! Lemme see that!"

Eddy made a grab for the envelope but Ed was still taller then Eddy even at the ripe old age of seventeen. Eddy tried to pull Ed's hand that was holding the envelope down to him but Ed had always been the strongest of all the Ed's and the envelope remained safely out of Eddy's greedy hands.

"C'mon, Ed! Just a peek!"

"No, Eddy! A mission is a mission!"

"What's going on here! I'm trying to type!" Sarah's door flung open and she glowered at the boys antics in front of her door.

"Special delivery!" Ed held the envelope to her.

"Yeah, hand delivery costs five bucks plus a tip!" Eddy chimed in.

She scowled at both the boys. "Here's a tip, grow up!" She slammed the door shut in their faces.

"Well, that was rude!" Eddy complained with hands on his hips.

"Hey, Eddy, I thought we WERE grown up?"

"We ARE grown up, Ed! I've started to shave for Christ's sake!"

A happy screech coming from Sarah's room made both boys wince.

"I got invited after all! Oh, but I don't have anything to wear!" She came rushing back out of her room with purse in hand. "Ed, tell mom I've gone to the mall! I have to get a dress for Kevin's party!"

"Will do, Sis!" Ed waved after her.

"This can't be right! She's not even graduated yet!" Eddy barged past Ed and stormed into Sarah's room. He looked about the pink room for the envelope.

"Eddy, this is not a good idea! We're not supposed to go into Sarah's room uninvited!" He nervously hopped from one foot to the other.

"Relax, Monobrow! I'm only looking for that stupid envelope then I'll come out!"

It didn't take long to find as it was laying opened up on Sarah's desk next to her computer. He picked it up and glanced at it, his mood soured. With note in hand, he blazed past a worried Ed and into the kitchen where Edd was relaxing.

"What's all the commotion been about?" Edd wondered and then frowned at Eddy's obvious change in demeanor.

"You owe me ten bucks, Double D!" Eddy shoved the note to a perplexed Edd.

Edd glanced at it and his brow furrowed. "This can't be. Ed, didn't Kevin say anything about inviting us as well?"

Ed shook his head vigorously.

"You see, Double D? Kevin is synonymous with jerk!" Eddy stood before him with arms folded in front of his stomach.

Edd sighed and dug into his pocket producing his bill fold. "I am utterly saddened at Kevin's lack of neighborly graces."

"Yeah, yeah… well, you know what? We'll just have a party of our own! It'll be bigger and better then that dumb jocks by far!"

"Eddy, do you really think that the kids would rather come to a party we throw on such short notice? Unless we schedule it a few days in advance, it might improve upon the chances of more people coming…"

"Who said anything about inviting anyone else! They're ALL jerks! It'll be just us! No one else allowed!"

Edd sighed. "Yehaw, Eddy. So it'll be like every Friday and Saturday night then? I think I'd rather spend the time working on more college application essays then pass out in front of the TV with you two again. No offense, Ed."

"None taken, Double D! But this monster movie marathon wont be the same without you. 'Nosforatu' will be showing and it's ALL words on screen! Eddy doesn't ever read me those words, Double D! It wont make any sense to me without!"

"Ed, while I'm sure 'Nosforatu' is a piece of classic film noir that movie's concept is shaky at best, poorly edited, slow plot, and the directors nonexistent grasp on stage lighting makes it in of itself a horror to watch. But... if you insist, I shall read it to you." Edd said with a defeated sigh.

"Thankyou, Double D!" Ed grabbed Edd in one of his infamous rib breaking hugs.

"Now… we have to figure on what sort of grub to have."

"Popcorn, beef jerky, and candy, I suppose as always?" Double D rolled his eyes.

"No way! We'll have cake and ice cream and hot dogs and-"

"Chickens! Don't forget about the chickens, Eddy!"

"BBQ chicken wings, maybe." Eddy reluctantly conceded.

"And just how are we going to afford this grand venture, Eddy? You and Ed have my last twenty dollars."

"How many times do I have to tell you not to sweat the details? That's MY department!" Eddy laughed, fully in his element.

"This is sure to be a disaster." Edd whispered under his breath.

To Be Continued…