Fools With Starry Eyes

Inspiration: The Ace Attorney games are still amazing. Franziska is such an interesting character, but she was given so little development compared to the other prosecutors in the PW arc. I love trying to get into her head. She's so restrained on the outside, it must be waiting to burst in there. And unlike Edgeworth who practically killed himself trying to change for the better all at once, Franzy is taking it slow, one step at a time. Healtheir, I suppose, if she can learn to not be so stubborn and actually CHANGE.

Disclaimer: Still not mine. But maybe someday I'll own the rights, and then gummy candy will rain from the sky, and chocolate will fill our lakes. And then everyone will be hospitalized for dehydration.

Clarification: Oh Franzy, you loveable, neurotic SCAMP! What? I have nothing else to say!


There were many things which irked Franziska von Karma. In fact, most things forced her into a downright foul mood. She could hardly be blamed; the world was so flawed, and a von Karma simply did not tolerate anything less than absolute perfection.

Few of these things pertained to her career. Franziska rather enjoyed the clash of the courtroom battles, the rush of absolute control, the satisfaction of grinding her opponent mercilessly under her heel. But then again, that was all in court. During trials, where the drama and flair, the crack of her whip, and her legal near-slavery of the police force was all permitted, Franziska had nothing to displease her.

In-office paperwork was another story entirely. It all was so pointless! Filling in the same trivial, no longer urgent facts everyone already knew. What did it matter? She'd gotten her guilty verdict. What else was there to worry about? As far as she was concerned, it was a terribly disrespectful waste of her time and effort. It reminded her of an all too memorable period in the past, one she would rather not think about. Those endless nights, deprived of sleep, forced to read textbook upon textbook, while her peers played in the streets or chased after ice cream vendors. She used to wonder if they ever saw her peeking at them from her bedroom window. Did they even know she was there? Not that she had much time to wonder. If her father caught her lost in daydreams, there would be a lashing. And she still had so many forms left to complete…

Franziska shook her head, sifting away the memories of a life long passed, of a man now deceased. This was a different sort of form entirely, and she could not afford to delay any longer. If that foolish fool little brother of hers was going to be giving lectures at Ivy University, then Franziska von Karma would do no less! Miles Edgeworth may have been invited by the university's law department, but Franziska knew that as soon as they received her application, they would realize the error of their ways. Why ask such a subpar romanticist to lecture on something as purely logical as law, regardless of his impressive record? Especially when they could have perfection incarnate's living legacy instead.

Or so Franziska had thought when she had called the university. She had never expected the reply.

"Ms von Karma, while Ivy University would be honored to have you lecture for our law department, we regret to inform you that your application simply cannot be accepted at this time. Long standing Ivy U tradition require all guest speakers to have contributed to the community through some form of non-profit program, organization, or documented activity. We strive to encourage a sense of responsibility and altruism in our students. We hope to find other ways to work with you in the future!"

She had thrown the phone across the room in her rage. Even now, the indent in the plaster mocked her. Franziska had not so much as bothered to pick up the phone. She simply would not—could not allow it! No one snubbed a von Karma. They wanted non-profit contributions to the community? They would get it! And how! She would contribute more perfectly and more quickly than anyone in history!

All she had to do was finish filling out this application, detailing her contribution to the community.

Oh yes, and she would probably have to actually contribute something as well.

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