The people of Sinnoh have long held an ancient tale, a fable, if you will.

The universe had begun because of an egg within a chaotic void. That egg spawned into what the legends call Arceus, the Original One. He created the universe, and everything in it. The Earth and all the creatures that roamed it.

Giratina was one of these creatures spawned to help keep the world's balance, but such a beast had been locked away for its destructive a dangerous nature. The Distortion World had become its home, and its purpose was to keep the world's balance and keep the monster known as Giratina away from the world.

But this was no fable.

It had been ages since Giratina had been locked away by Arceus. The Distortion World was his punishment, as he was settled in the world all alone. He had no real contact with the world he looked into, and he could only watch as he passed by his mirrors as a method to correct the world's wrongs.

This was his punishment, to live this way forever. Arceus was a fool to send him here with no way back. If it was Giratina's duty to fix the world Arceus created, then such a god was flawed. Such a god was not worthy of being at such a revered and holy status. If anything, Giratina deserved it. He deserved all the power, all of the glory. Not Arceus.

His anger had subsided in these recent years, and Giratina had almost come to the conclusion that this was what his purpose in life was. It was a very unfulfilling purpose, but a purpose nonetheless.

His days went by with him correcting the rights and wrongs of space and time, correcting Arceus's and Dialga's and Palkia's mistakes. He passed along mirrors to see any impending errors and attempted to correct them beforehand. There was nothing else eventful to the Renegade's life, and he was sure that there never would be.

But one day, while looking into his mirrors to Celestic Town, his attention was caught by the arguing of an old woman and her granddaughter. The image was distorted, and he was unable to hear the entire conversation, but he sat with the intent of figuring out what they were speaking of.

"I don't believe in these legends," said the girl. Her words were hot and sharp. "That's all they are, granny. Just legends, folk tales, stories!"

"What makes you think such a thing, my dear? These legends are as real as you and I."

"How could a Pokemon create everything, granny? I mean sure, some Pokemon are really powerful, but there's no way one of them could make the world and every little thing in it."

The girl went on to rant and rave about the subject. "And the stories are so childish, granny. I mean, what sort of Pokemon needs to balance the world and the time and space. It just doesn't make any sense."

Such an argument seemed to be unheard of in the lands of Celestic Town. The people of the town seemed to revere the legends highly, especially the elders. It was rare for Giratina to find such a sight, but the girl's words made him feel a way he hadn't felt in ages.

He was angry.

"You shouldn't say such things, Vesna," the elder said to her. Her words shook, as if she was on the verge of crying. The girl didn't seem to care. She grabbed a bag and slung it over her as she began to storm towards a door. She was no longer within the mirror's line of sight. Her grandmother was looking down with a very saddened expression upon her face, and Giratina could even see a few tears fall from the old woman's eyes. Giratina was more concerned about his own feelings than the woman's.

He expelled a hiss as he floated on in search of various mirrors the girls' face appeared. How dare she, such a weak and fragile creature, speak so lowly of him and claim he never existed, that he was simply just another myth hidden within Sinnoh's books?

The girl's words infuriated and fueled the rage he was dealing with at the moment. He was on the verge of snapping. He flew past mirrors at swift speeds, taking fleeting glances at each and every mirror he passed.

Once he'd found her, he'd see to it that she did believe.