This is my first attempt at writing for Kekkaishi.

I noticed there are only a couple of entries for this anime.

I just finished watching it and i liked it.


i decided to do this a couple of hours after seeing the last episode.

hope this is ok.

Karasumori School

9 PM


"My, my. It really gets boring with only you around."

"I must agree."

"Shut up Madarao! And would you rather have her here Hakubi?"

"Well, when you put it that way,,,"

Suddenly, they felt it.

"It' s near the swimming pool."

"Hakubi, Madarao- let's go!"


"Yoshimori! Yoshimori! YOSHIMORI!!!"


Sumimura Yoshimori.

24 years old.

Yoshimori is the 22nd generation of the Sumimura household who was given the task to protect Karasumori.

This is a job he has taken on since he was in middle school.

A job he loved and hated at the same time.

It was almost in the morning when he hated his job.

Every morning when he had to get up when he only just got home to sleep.

"YOSHIMORI!!! It's time to get up!"

"Five more minutes! Please!"

Hugging his pillow, once again he shifted to his normal sleeping position.

"Ketsu! Metsu"

And with that he was jarred awake when a kekkai hit him square on the forehead.


"Yoshimori. Today's Ojii-san's birthday and he wants everybody to be there during breakfast!"

"Aaah... you didn't have to hit me that hard, Tokine."

Tokine Yukimura.

22nd generation of the Yukimura household to be given the Houin. She has been protecting Karasumori with Yoshi ever since they were in middle school.

Well, she has been doing until a couple of months ago.


"Hai, hai. I'm getting up now.

No need to be angry. "

Tokine hid her smile as she saw him get up from bed.

"Ohayou oo-chibi!"

Yoshimori lowered down to say this to her belly.

"I hope you're not angry like your mother on this fine Saturday morning."

Gently patting her belly, he straightened up to look Tokine in the eye.

"Ohayou gozaimasu!"

Even with sleepy eyes, Tokine could clearly see the smile that is evident in her husband's eyes.

"Just eat your breakfast with us and then go right back to sleep. Ojii-san just wants everybody to share a meal together."

"I know. But i doubt if I'll still be able to sleep today. I have a couple of things to finish. And Jii-san would probably scold me more if I don't help out with the celebration later."

"But you still need to sleep..."

"I will, later. For now, let's go and have breakfast. I can already hear Jii-san."

Guiding her out of their room, Tokine couldn't help but feel bad in leaving protecting Karasumori to Yoshimori.

"Are you worried about that again?" Yoshi frowned at his wife's change of mood.

"I told you right. I can't allow you to go to Karasumori now that you're pregnant. And I'm completely fine. Madarao and Hakubi are getting along just well." He assured her.

Not that he was lying to his wife. He just needed to assure her that it was ok. Madarao and Hakubi were indeed getting along just fine, of course that's true when they were working. The rest time of the time they weren't. But his wife didn't need to know that.

They now have different priorities compared then. They had a baby on the way and he was on the verge of finding out the way to seal Karasumori, forever. He was doing all this to make sure that no one would ever get hurt in their family again, especially Tokine.

"Let's go! They're waiting."

With this, they made their way to greet their family who were waiting for them at the table.

This was just another day at the Sumimura household.