Terrible Twos

Chapter # 4

A few minutes later Gibbs, Tony, Tim, and Ziva were again at their desks working. Cheyenne was still with Palmer.

"We know that at least three people were involved." Tony said. "The two rapists and the camera man."

"She may have known the second rapist." Gibbs said, "The one that strangled her. He didn't say a word."

"Right." Tony agreed. "He might have been afraid she'd recognize his voice."

"And if she figured out who he was." Ziva said. "She would have said so on tape and they could not have sent it to the internet. But we have no leads to tell us who they are."

"Yes we do." Abby said, as she entered the bullpen. "I re-watched the video and noticed something."

"What?" Gibbs asked.

"This." She handed Gibbs a sheet of paper. The other three agents walked over to his desk and looked at it. It was a picture of a man's arm, with a tattoo of a snake wrapped around his wrist. "The murderer had this tattoo."

"Good work Abby." Gibbs said.

"There's more. The video wasn't sent out to the entire internet, only one location."

"Can you trace where?"

"Already did, a web address owned by Nathan Rumson."

"McGee." Gibbs said.

"Running his name now, Boss." The younger agent rushed to his desk and began typing at his computer. A couple minutes later a driver's licenses appeared on the plasma. "Nathan Rumson." Tim said. "Has a long history of violence towards women including three sexual harassment charges and two aggregated assault charges. He was released from prison three months ago, but has missed his past two appointments with his parole officer. He doesn't have an tattoos, but he does have a brother named Michael Rumson who is a film major at the University. His brother spent three months in jail for attempted rape."

"Current address?" Gibbs asked.

"21 Watson Street apartment fifteen B for Michael Rumson, but no known address for Nathan."

"DiNozzo, David, with me. McGee, help Abby trace that tattoo. When Petty Officer Mills comes in, let her take Cheyenne with her."

Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva walked into an old rundown apartment building and found the right apartment, all three had their guns drawn. Gibbs motioned for Tony to open the door. As soon as he did, the three burst into the apartment, announcing their presence.

Two men, whom their recognized from their driver's licenses as the Rumson brothers, were sitting on the sofa watching tv. They both jumped up at the intrusion.

"What's going on?" Nathan Rumson asked.

Gibbs didn't answer, just turned off the TV. They had been watching the rape and murder of Petty Officer Simms.

"We got that off the internet." Nathan said. "We had nothing to do with it."

"Read them their rights DiNozzo."

Gibbs called for another team to pick up the two brothers and take them to NCIS. Then him, Tony, and Ziva searched the apartment. But they didn't find anything. They took the two laptops and the tower to a desktop computer back with them.

Back at NCIS, McGee just got word that Petty Officer Mills and her husband were there to pick up Cheyenne. Tim called Palmer and told him to meet him upstairs in the bullpen. The two men arrived at the same time, Palmer set Cheyenne down on her feet.

"Cheyenne." Petty Officer Mills smiled at the little girl.

Cheyenne smiled back and started to run to her, then she stopped in her tracks and stared at her husband. The small child backed up a couple steps, then turned and ran to McGee. "Tiiiiiiim!" she cried.

Tim picked her up, then quickly handed her to Palmer. He had a feeling he knew why the girl was scared, he saw a tattoo around Frank Mills wrist.

"What's wrong Baby?" Petty Officer Mills asked, looking at the crying child in confusion. Her husband was looking nervous.

"That looks like a nice tattoo." Tim said, nodding towards the man's wrist. "Can I see it?"

The man shoved his wife towards McGee, then ran. McGee chased him, catching him before he made it to the elevators. Mills spun around and tried to punch Tim, but Tim ducked and then punched Mills. The man fell to the floor and Tim had him cuffed in seconds.

Palmer had no idea what was going on. But as soon as Mills shoved his wife, the young med student ducked behind a desk, shielding the little girl from any harm.

"What the hell is going on?" Petty Officer Mills yelled.

"I didn't want to do it, honey." Frank said, quickly. "It was all Nathan Rumson's idea, I swear."


About that time, the elevator dinged and Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva stepped out.

"McGee?" Gibbs asked.

"Frank Mills has a tattoo of a snake around his wrist, and I believe he just confessed to rape and murder."

"What?" His wife asked in shock.

"It wasn't my idea."

"But you're the one who killed her." Gibbs said. "We say the video, we saw your tattoo."

"I want my lawyer."

An hour later, Abby Called Gibbs into her lab.

"What have you got Abbs?" he asked.

"I checked the computers from the Rumson's. I found five other videos of the rape and murder of woman. All five had two rapists, the second one always does the killing. And the tattoo is visible in all five videos."

"Good work Abbs."

"Did they all confess?"

"To the rape and murder of Petty Officer Simms. But now we got them on five more."

"Did Petty Officer Mills know?"


"It must be hard, realizing that you married a monster. What about Cheyenne? Did she still take her?"

"No. Cheyenne's going to stay with McGee tonight, her Dad will be here tomorrow."

That night, Tim was sitting at his computer playing an online game, when he heard whimpering coming from his bedroom. He rushed to his room and saw Cheyenne asleep, but thrashing about. Tim laid down beside her and gently picked her up, putting her on his chest and holding her. The little girl instantly stilled.

Tim smiled at the slumbering child. He had only planned on staying like that for a few minutes, just until she was sound asleep. But he drifted off to sleep and was in the same position the next morning when his alarm went off.

He quickly reached over and turned the alarm off, then gently laid the still sleeping child down on the bed. McGee quickly showered and changed, then woke up Cheyenne. After changing her, he carried her in to the kitchen and fixed her a bowl of cereal.

Cheyenne ignored the spoon Tim handed her and began to eat her cereal with her small hands, dripping soggy cereal and milk all over the table and floor.

"I guess children don't master table manners until their older." Tim said with a smile.

After breakfast, and re-changing Cheyenne. They left for NCIS.

When they got out of the elevator, Cheyenne screamed loudly right into Tim's ear. He let her go and she took off running, right into the open arms of her Father.

"My baby, I've missed you so much." The man said, hugging the little girl tightly. He turned to Gibbs, still hugging the child.

"Thank you so much."

Gibbs watched the interaction between father and daughter and felt a pain inside his chest. He missed holding his little girl, missed everything about her. He knew he could never bring back his precious daughter, but he could protect those children that he came in contact with.


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