The Face with Two Skeletons

by: Tropicwhale

disclaimer: I do not own any characters or settings associated with Fox's "Bones" series and am making no money from this fanfic.

Warnings: This chapter contains smut and foul language. If you are under 16 it is unsuitable for your reading pleasure. Turn back now or wait until chapter 40 is up.

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Zack finished vacuuming and cleaning up the apartment by the time Booth got home. He didn't try to masturbate again because his head was filled with Hodgins' visit. He was sure that Hodgins was worried about him but Zack was unsure about why he was moved to offer Zack a place to stay when Zack was already staying with Booth. Did Seeley say something to Hodgins that made Brennan's bug and slime guy think that he needed to rescue the younger scientist? Zack thought that they were enjoying each other's company but he was also aware that a lot of people who had sex without the complications of emotional attachment and outside the bedroom Booth could find interacting with him difficult. He just didn't think that Seeley was one of those people that didn't emotional engage with their sexual partners. But that was an assumption and Booth always teased him, good-naturedly, about making assumptions. It wasn't like Zack wanted Booth declaring that they were sleeping together at the top of his lungs in the middle of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's headquarters. In fact, Zack preferred it if Seeley would refrain from such displays as they tended to make Zack feel very uncomfortable.

So why did Hodgins think that he had to offer Zack a place to stay now?

Zack was in the kitchen cutting up vegetables for stir fry. Hodgins had taken all the food when he left, including Zack's untouched chicken and broccoli. It left Zack craving Chinese food for dinner. Seeley came through the door like he always did, with a sigh and the clacking of his keys hitting the end table in the short hallway to the rest of the apartment. The door slammed shut and Zack's thighs tingled. Knowing that Seeley was in the same apartment as him was definitely ratcheting up his arousal levels; it made Zack's heart pound against his sternum and his palms shake. Zack took a deep breath and refocused on cutting carrots into sticks. His shaking hands were not conductive to cutting vegetables up with a big sharp knife. Neither was the strong hands curling over his hip bones or the body molding itself to his back. Zack put the knife down on the cutting board. "Hello Seeley."

"Hello, Zack." There were lips at the nape of Zack's neck. Zack's body shuddered.

"Please stop. I'm trying to make dinner."

"Mm, what're we having?"

"Stir fry…but we don't have any meat in the house so…" Seeley spun Zack around.

"Did you actually start cooking?"

"Nooo. I just started prepping the food. I got behind schedule today…Hodgins came over for a visit."

"Really? That's good. I know that you guys were fighting."

"We weren't fighting."

"You yelled at him and got stuck in Limbo."

"Yeah, but I wasn't upset about that…even though he left me homeless."

"Well, you're here with me now."

"Which is why I'm not upset about it." Seeley started to grin leaving Zack clutching at Seeley's shoulders because his knees did that melting sensation thing.

"Are you okay?"

"Did I ever tell you that your smiles make me weak at the knees?"

"I seem to remember something along those lines being admitted and the floor of my bathroom…and multiple orgasms in one night." Booth was grinning fully now.

"Yeah, so you know you should stop smiling around me."

"I like that my smile affects you like that." Seeley leaned in, pressing his lips to Zack's ear. "It arouses me." He whispered. Zack let out a tiny moan. Booth gave him a low chuckle.

"Ooo, stop." Booth laughed and picked Zack up with an arm around his waist and another under Zack's knees. "What are you doing? Stop!" Zack was frantic.

"Shut up and stop struggling or I'll drop you and hurt my back." Booth ordered and Zack stopped struggling. Seeley carried him into the bedroom and dropped him on the bed. "We'll order in. How about subs?"

"Those are a lot of carbs…this late at night…."

"We'll burn them off." Seeley straightened and removed his tie, jacket and shirt. Zack's eyes were drawn to the government issued handgun in Booth's shoulder holster. Booth followed Zack's glance. "Oops." Booth took the gun out of the holster, checked the safety and removed the clip. He went to the closet and opened it. He knelt and opened his gun safe with his back to Zack, blocking the combination from his view.

Zack kicked off his shoes and socks while Booth's back was turned and was in the process of removing his shirt when Seeley turned back around. The federal officer leaned against the doorframe of the closet, his gun and shoulder holster gone. "Eager, aren't you?" he said. Zack could feel his face flushing and he looked down. "I'm just teasing, Zack. Cute blush." Zack glanced up and could feel himself blush even more. Booth laughed and moved back to the bed. He leaned over and kissed Zack full on the mouth. From there things got a little heated.

Booth pushed Zack down on the bed and settled between the other man's legs. They kissed, lips and tongue mashing together. It was very messy and wet and somehow Zack couldn't bring himself to care. He reached up and stroked Seeley's face. Seeley ran his hands down Zack's chest and up his biceps, tracing the white scar that bisected both his left bicep and left pectoral muscle. Zack shivered from the touch. His mind raced; calculations of nerve endings and metal curling around him and years of healing to this point in time where Booth bite down on the left areola and Zack's mind short-circuited to this moment, all of his attention on Seeley Booth.

Zachary Uriah Addy was not a man of instinct and flesh; he was cerebral and had been for as long as his excellent memory could be trusted back into the dim reaches of early childhood development but something about Seeley made him wish he was more comfortable in his own skin, made him want a world that wasn't just made up of facts and statistics, that he had a more normal existence. He knew such an existence was not possible but it did not stop Zack from sometimes dreaming of a life that wasn't filled with mostly decomposed bodies, serial killers wanting to initiate him, and secrets. Zack gasped and dragged Seeley's mouth back up to his because it seemed like a good distracting idea. Hands from both parties slipped to waistlines and crotches and then Zack's stomach growled loudly. Seeley pulled back in time to see Zack blush and he grinned down at the littlest squint.


Zack shrugged. "I should get started on dinner." He attempted to stand but Seeley wouldn't move.

"Hey, I said we'd order in." Zack looked up at him. "You've cooked almost every night since we…since you moved in." Zack shrugged.

"I like cooking for you. It makes me feel like I'm not a complete burden."

"You aren't a burden, Zack."

"You're only saying that because I'm free sex." Booth looked like someone had just smacked his face.

"Zack, that's not…I'm not…do you think I'm using you for sex?" Zack cocked his head to a forty-five degree angle.

"What makes you say that?"

"You just…you just said that…I'm not…free sex is not why you…Zack, I…" Zack could see Seeley was floundering and slid his hand up and cupped his neck. Seeley looked panicked and upset, the muscles under Zack's hand tensed and twitched. Zack sat up and kissed Seeley to get him to be quiet.

"It was a joke, Seeley. I was trying to make a joke." Zack said softly. "I know that you let me stay here because my house was blown up and you're a nice guy. I'm not paying rent so I cook and clean to make up for that. My parents raised me to be a polite houseguest. We have sex because I like you and its fun to engage with you on a physically intimate level, more than fun, it's amazing, better than I've ever thought sex could be. Please don't think you're taking advantage of me or anything. I don't want this to stop." Booth bite his own lower lip.

"Zack…" He whispered and then kissed the younger man. "That was very insightful."

"It was?" Booth pulled back to see that Zack looked very confused. "It was just a logical assumption."

"An assumption? You mean a guess?" Seeley smiled and Zack did his best to glare at him.

"Based on the conversation we were having…shut up." Zack pushed at Booth shoulder and the federal agent laughed collapsing on Zack, pinning him to the bed. The resulting struggle somehow turned back into a make-out session with Zack unbuttoning Seeley's work shirt. Seeley bit down on Zack's collarbone causing the scientist to moan and hook his right leg around Seeley's waist. They rutted against each other like teenagers until a stomach growled. "That wasn't me." Zack mumbled against Booth mouth.

"Yeah, I know. So subs?"

"Uh-huh, need that energy." Seeley got up, his shirt partly undone, his hair sticking up at odd angles and his underwear peaking out within the V of his unzipped and unbuttoned fly. Zack took in the sight, licking his lips at the sight of Seeley's erection bulging underneath the white fabric of the man's briefs. Zack reached out and grabbed Seeley's belt buckle that was hanging loose from the belt loops of his trousers and pulled, dropping onto the bed near the pillows. The black slacks sagged around Seeley's hips. Seeley "looked like a model out of pornographic magazine even though he was fully clothed". Zack looked up at his lover's face and realize he said that last part out loud.

"Do I?" Seeley's smile was mischievous and promised many interesting sexual poses in the very near future. Zack refused to get sidetracked.

"I'm hungry. Order something or I will be forced to eat you with the carrot sticks that are in the kitchen." Booth laughed and left the room, presumably to order something. Zack took a moment to calm down. Speaking of eating people made him think about Gormogon and the offer there. He should tell Booth. The deadline was fast approaching and they might have a chance at catching him. Of course, if Zack told Booth the Master might come after Zack. Zack knew Gormogon was dangerous. He knew that the man had no problem killing people to protect his secret so what was stopping him from killing off Zack? It was too much to think about right now. Tomorrow, after Booth left for work Zack would devote some time to figuring out what he was going to do about the cannibalistic serial killer. Until then, he was just going to enjoy his time with Seeley. After all, either choice, joining Gormogon or telling Booth about him…it would probably put a damper on the budding relationship that was occurring between the scientist and the federal agent.

Seeley came back into the room. "Hey, no brooding. This is a no brooding zone." Zack looked up at the beautiful man that was sharing his bed with Zack.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about the case." Which was true, he was thinking about the Gormogon case. As long as Seeley didn't press the issue the lie would hold. Zack was very good at lying by omission.

"Hey, new rule. Work does not enter this apartment. This is a case-free we're not Agent Booth and Dr. Zack Addy, we're Seeley and Zack. Okay?" That did help. He didn't want to think about anything about his job while he was with Seeley. He just wanted to enjoy the unexpected chance to be with the man.

"Fair enough. Is the food on its way?"

"We've got about twenty minutes."

"Enough time for coitus and a half."

"A half of coitus?


"You're getting better at joking." Zack's face fell.

"I didn't mean for it to be a joke. I could explain the math." Seeley pounced on him making the bed bounce under the sudden weight.

"I'd rather you didn't."

"A practical demonstration then?" Zack really liked doing practical demonstrations, especially the kind that would involve having sex with Seeley.

"You look too excited about that. I wonder why." Zack grinned and Seeley kissed the side of his mouth. Zack slipped his hand down the front of Booth's pants making Booth throw his head back and moan. Zack nipped at his neck, scrapping his teeth down to Booth's sterum. Seeley collapsed back onto the bed, letting Zack take the lead. Zack's hand stroked down Seeley's erection, pass his balls almost to his anus and back up to his stomach, pushing the white button-up shirt out of the way. Seeley bent his right knee and pushed his hips into the air.

"You want more?" Zack whispered into the other man's right ear.

"Yes. Zack, please." The word please said in that breathy tone of Seeley's voice sent a shiver down Zack's entire body. There was something overwhelming about listening to a federal agent beg Zack of all people for something sexual in nature. Zack's hand drifted over the skin of Seeley's abdomen and Seeley let out a hiss of air. Zack decided to stick his hand back down Seeley's slacks but changed his mind in mid motion, deciding instead to kiss the trail of light hair trailing from Booth's bellybutton into his underwear. He knelt up and adjusted his body so that his feet were near but pointed away from Booth's head and Zack's face was facing Seeley's groin. Booth moaned when Zack lowered his head and kissed the skin just below his navel. Zack bite the skin lightly, his hand running down over Seeley's briefs, feeling the muscle beneath the cotton blend fabric jump at the touch. There was a hand running down the outside of Zack's left thigh then up and over Zack's lumbar to the waistband of his sweats. He kissed lower on Seeley's body and the hand slipped below the fabric and over Zack's skin of his derriere. Zack's own erection twitched at that and the muscles of his anus tightened and then relaxed. Seeley's fingers drifted over the ring of muscles and past to grab Zack's scrotum. Zack moaned against Seeley's skin as the other man thumbed the seam of skin between Zack's testicles. He could feel the sweatpants slip down his thighs, leaving him at least partially exposed to the air. The sensation made him stop in mid-action. "Zack, if you stop so will I." Seeley threatened. Zack quickly pushed down the fabric covering Seeley's groin and took a large portion of the man's sexual organ into his mouth. Seeley let out a sound that was half laugh and half moan. Zack sucked as hard as he could until his jaw ached from the effort. He pulled back for air and Booth pushed him away from his groin.

"What?" Zack's voice sounded raw and annoyed to his own ears. Booth laughed.

"Take off the sweats, Zack. They're getting in my way."

"Oh." Zack sat back and pushed the pants completely off and threw them somewhere behind him. He moved so he was mostly in the center of the bed with his head towards the headboard. "Come here." He said, spreading his thighs in what he hoped was an inviting manner. Booth licked his licks and crawled toward. They met in the middle and kissed, Zack's eyes closing involuntarily. Seeley's hand drifted down Zack's arms and grabbed his wrists, pulling them above Zack's head. Zack opened his eyes and looked up. Booth had his belt in one hand and was using it to tie Zack's arms to the headboard. "What?"

"For the last few times we've had sex you've been in control. It's my turn."

"You just had to ask. You don't need to tie me up."

"You don't understand. I need to tie you up."

"Does it have something to do with sadomasochistic tendencies that help you achieve orgasm?" Zack asked.

"No. It has to do with the fact that every time you touch me I get really distracted and compliant."

"Is that a bad thing?" Zack wanted to know.

"No, it's a great thing…but I want a chance to do it to you. Are we clear?"

"I think so." In truth, being tied up made Zack very nervous.

"Do you trust me not to hurt you?"

"Yes." was the immediate answer.

"Then relax, close your eyes, and let yourself feel." Zack obeyed the orders. Booth licked up from Zack's navel to his sterum, making Zack's skin jump. Then Zack's nipple was bitten which made him moan and pull against the belt. Booth licked and touched the scar on Zack's chest at the exact same moment his other hand took a hold of Zack's erection and stroked. Zack thrashed and yelped.

"Seeley! Oh." There was a finger circling his anus and Zack's legs spread wide. "Oh, please, please." His finger gripped the headboard and his toes dug into the comforter. Despite all of these indications that Zack was enjoying the tactile stimulations the finger moved up and away from Zack's anus. Zack groan in disappointment and started to open his eyes.

"Keep your eyes closed, Zack, I mean it. If you open your eyes I'll stop." Zack squeaked and scrunched his eyes closed. Booth laughed then a wet heat enveloped Zack's sexual organ. Booth hummed around the muscle and Zack thrust up into Booth's mouth. Seeley's hand pushed down Zack's hipbones, keeping him still.

"Seeley! Please!" Seeley's mouth pulled away from Zack's penis with an audible popping noise. "Seeley!"

"Tell me what you want me to do to you, Zack. Be detailed and tell me what you want me to do to you." Seeley's voice was low and dark and it send a violent shudder of arousal down Zack's spine.

"I want you to suck my erection."

"Like this?" Booth's hot breath bounced off Zack's penis and he sucked a small patch of skin on the right side into his mouth. It felt good, really good, but it wasn't exactly what Zack had wanted.

"Mm, no. I want you to take-take my penis in your mouth, as far in as you can and suck hard." Booth did exactly as he was instructed and Zack moaned. Never in his wildest sexual fantasies or his actual sexual experiences did something like this occur to him as a possibility. It stretched his imagination to the breaking point. "Lick, oh yes, lick the-the vein fr-from the base to the tip, ooooh. Yes, just like that. Oh-oh. Seeley!" He was so close to climaxing. "Hum like you did before. Oh, don't stop…ah, Seeley!"

The door bell rang and the oral sex stopped. Zack opened his eyes to see Seeley stand and fix his pants so that he wasn't hanging out for the delivery person to see. "Food's here." Seeley said by way of explanation. "Stay put."

"Like I have a choice?" Zack asked splaying his hands as far as they would go bound. Booth laughed and left the room. Zack heard the gentle murmur of voices and then the front door shutting. Booth reappear, his shirt untucked and a greasy brown paper bag in one hand. He stood in the doorway and looked at Zack.

"Yep, I don't think I'm going to untie you."

"What? Why?"

"Because you look good enough to eat tied up like that."

"How am I suppose to eat?"

"I'll feed you." Seeley said. Zack glared at him.

"Untie me, Seeley."

"Nope. You'll touch me and I'll end up being the one belted to the head board." Seeley sat on the bed near Zack with the paper bag balanced on one knee. "Face it, you'll let me feed you or you wait to eat until after I'm finished with you."


"I like it when you call me Seeley."

"Agent Booth. I'm serious." Seeley gave him a look that made Zack's penis twitch.

"So am I. I got you an American Cold Cut, is that okay?"


"French fry?"

"Yes please." Seeley fed Zack a french fry and then a bite of the sub. Once Zack was full, Booth gobbled down his sandwich and some fries.

"Better. Much better."

"You are in a really weird mood tonight, Seeley."

"Yep! You've an alibi for Olivia's murder, and it's unlikely you'd try to blow Angela and yourself up and we found evidence at Anne's murder sight that indicated that you could not have possibly been the murderer."

"No work talk, remember? We are suppose to be compartmentalizing any talk about work to outside this apartment."

"Right. We're not co-workers in here, we're lovers. Sorry. We went from having four suspects to having none for this murder I'm investigating at work, Zaddy, but I find I like having no suspects versus having one of my team on the suspect list. It kinda has made me a little frisky." Booth crawled up Zack's body and nuzzled the other man's neck with his face.

"Seeley." Zack giggled. Booth nibbled Zack's ear. "Ah! That tickles." Zack laughed and then shuddered as Seeley's hands ghosted down his ribs. "Oh" Zack's head slammed against the headboard. "ow. I'm fine." He said when Booth's head snapped up, a look of shock and fear on his face. "Really. Do it again." Seeley gave him a salacious grin and then ran his fingertips back up Zack's ribs. Zack arched back, careful not to bang his head a second time and then Seeley stood up. "Hey, get back here." Zack demanded. Seeley was starting to develop a habit of leaving Zack with an erect penis and desiring tactile stimulation. It was starting to get on the scientist's nerves. Seeley just gave Zack another one of those grins that made the scientist glad he was sprawled on a bed rather than standing somewhere public. Then Seeley ran a hand up his stomach and started unbuttoning his shirt very slowly. Zack's eyes widened when he realized Seeley was giving him a strip tease. It was a new and novel experience. Seeley looked down and tilted his head.

"I still have my shoes on." And he bent over to take them off. Zack caught a reflection of Seeley's butt up in the air in the edge of the mirror that was set into the closet door which was partly closed. Beyond Seeley's reflection was Zack's. The mirror showed a naked man tied to the wooden head board looking shell-shocked, his hair going every direction and his skin slowly flushing pink. Seeley straightened up, apparently having taken off his shoes and socks and notice Zack's attention wasn't on him. Seeley turned around and saw the mirror. Zack looked up and made eye contact with Seeley's reflection. "Do you like the way you look?" The older man said and closed the door so that the reflection wasn't on an angle.

"It was surprising. I forgot that there was a mirror there." Seeley smiled at Zack through the reflection. He finished taking off his work shirt and re-opened his pants, shoving a hand down into the V shaped opening.

"Rhetorical question, Zack. Do you know what you do to me, physically? Psychologically?" Seeley licked his lips and never took his eyes off the reflection of Zack. Zack felt hot and flushed from the reflected attention. Why was this so arousing? He could see Seeley's hand working under the white of his briefs. Slowly. Zack licked his lips and noticed it in the mirror as well as the way Seeley's eyes were drawn to the motion. "I'm not attracted to guys. But then you come along and I get distracted during the day thinking about you in me. How it hurt. How good it felt. How if I sat down in a specific way afterwards I could feel how much you stretched me out." The hand came out and Seeley's slacks were pushed to the floor and kicked away. Now, Zack could see all the muscles working in Seeley's legs and his derriere. Seeley pushed his underwear down so that it framed the man's erection and testicles. The hand was back on the muscle and Zack couldn't help but split his attention between the movement in the mirror and the way the curves of Seeley's ass peaked above the black and white elastic band. "You know I was having lunch with Bones today and we were talking about the case and I was leaning back on my chair and suddenly I had a flashback to you sucking my cock and I fell and hurt my back. It was worth it." Zack looked up at the reflection of Seeley's face when he cussed. Seeley wasn't really someone who cursed a lot. He said thinks like 'Dammit' but things like 'fuck' and 'cock'? Almost never. At the look Seeley was giving him through the mirror he could feel himself flush. He knew Seeley had said it to get a reaction. He checked his own reflection to see that he was in fact sporting a blush the shade of a beetroot. He looked away. He was suddenly uncomfortable with the mirror thing.

He heard hinges creak and looked over to see Seeley opening the closet door enough so that the mirror wasn't reflecting the bed. He watch silently as Booth shucked his underwear and crawled back onto the bed. They kissed and it wasn't about sexual experimentation or domination games or about any of the possible meanings behind their dalliances. It was just a kiss between two people who were attracted to each other. It was simple. Zack liked it. He liked kissing Seeley. Seeley cupped his cheek and the other hand undid the belt so that Zack's hands were free. Zack's arms wrapped around Seeley's neck and Seeley's hands curled over Zack's hips. They rolled on the bed until Zack was on top of Seeley and their erections lined up. Seeley's hands were somehow both rough and soft as they ran over Zack's body and his mouth warm and open. "Do you want me, Zack?"


"How much?" Zack rolled his eyes at the man. This was getting ridiculous.

"Stop teasing me and fuck me already." Booth froze beneath him and Zack pulled back.

"You just said fuck."

"Yes. Because you're being a cock tease and I'm horny."

"You said this morning that you were uncomfortable with sexual colloquialisms and that you didn't use them." Booth's voice cracked somewhere in the middle of his sentence. Zack exhaled. He reached down and shoved a finger into Seeley, crooking it in order to stimulate his prostate. The other man jumped "Oh."

"Shut up, Seeley." All the tension fled Seeley's body and they went back to kissing, Zack fingering his lover.

"Zack…" Zack was kissing Seeley's neck as he added another finger. Booth grabbed his upper arms so tightly that Zack was sure that he would have bruises in the morning. Zack reached over to the nightstand to grab the tub of petroleum jelly they used for lube. "Zack."

Soon enough Zack was between Seeley's legs his erection buried deep in the other man. Zack thrust forward and up, dragging back slowly, over and over again. Seeley grabbed the head board at some point, his triceps and forearms bulging with the effort, one leg thrown over Zack's hip. Zack's hands were braced on the bed on either side of Seeley's chest, his knee spread for balance as much as anything else. Both men had broken out into sweat making the activity a slick copulation. It was the longest they had fornicated as well as the longest time Zack's 'giant brain' had turned off while he was awake. All he wanted in the world was to watch Seeley come undone because of him. Zack took his right hand and ran it down Seeley's chest and caught the erection that was bouncing between their bodies. Seeley moaned and arched against the bed. Finally Seeley climax with a moan that sounded like the first part of Zack's name but into a wordless sound. Seeley slumped back while Zack pounded forward, chasing his own coitus for another ten minutes and then, having achieved it, collapsed on top of his lover.

"Ow." Seeley yawned. Zack pulled out and winced at the mess that they had made of themselves.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It's fine. Com're." Zack collapse back but almost immediately pulled away. "What?"

"We're a mess. I think we should take a shower before going to sleep."

"You take a shower." Booth yawned again. "I'll stay here."

"You are the majority of the mess. Come on." Zack got up and pulled his reluctant lover to standing.

"Ow." Seeley winced.

"You said you were fine…come on." Zack eventually got them both under the warm water and soaped off. They didn't bother toweling off and Seeley followed him like an obedient puppy back into bed. They snuggled together and Seeley was out like a light. Zack spent a few minutes running his fingers through Seeley's wet hair before succumbing to stage one sleep. Right before he started to drift off Zack kissed Seeley's lips and then whispered "Booth, I love you."

After Talk with the Author: Um, *clears throat*. I'm not sure where that came from...So the time line for this story (in my mind) is that it takes place somewhere between episode 3:1 and 3:2, I really wanted for Zack to call Booth on his apparent kink with the belt but the fetish pony-play episode is 3:3, see my problem? So, artistic license… yeah.

Can anyone guess why I was so excited to write this scene? It was not the sex.

So, I finished this last night around 2:30 in the morning and didn't feel like editing when I was that tired. Forgive the delay?