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Chapter 5:

I couldn't stop pacing back and forth in my room as Gabby sat at the foot of my bed and stared at me intently. What was he doing with Kira? I mean, was he seriously with that bimbo?! But then again, it was his life and it wasn't like he was my boyfriend or anything. Oh, just wonderful. I sound like a teenager again too. Leave it to Ritchie Tressiak to make me feel like I was sixteen years old again rather then thirty and a mother of two. I sighed heavily, closed my eyes, and fell back onto my bed. I felt a shift beside me and I knew Gabby was now lying down as well.

"I'm sure it's nothing Dev." My best friend whispered to me. It was the first thing she had said to me since I walked away from Kiara and Ritchie. I simply nodded and began replaying the scene over and over again in my head.

Kiara turned around and faced me. "Who are you?" She asked in her typical degrading tone. Before I could say anything Ritchie stepped in to save the day… and Kiara's nose.

"These two beautiful little girls here," He said gesturing to Selena and Fatih, "are big fans of ours. We were just finishing taking pictures and I was just talking to their mother." He finished as he brought his eyes back up to mine. They met briefly before I looked away.

I gave my daughters' a weak smile, who were standing right in front of me, as I grabbed Selena's hand. I said a quick thank you to the band again and made began moving towards the exit as fast as I could without it seeming obvious that something was amiss. We were all in the parking lot in no time and we all said goodbye to Lincoln. I simply hugged him, not saying a word.

The ride home wasn't as quiet as you would have thought it to be. Selena and Faith didn't sense anything wrong, therefore they continued their teenage babbling in the back seat. Gabby and I just listened and let out a small laugh here and there.

When we finally reached home, Selena and Faith made their way to their rooms, and I ended up where I am now, lying in my room acting like a teenager. I finally spoke for the first time since we left the stadium.

"What if it isn't nothing, Gabs?" My voice barely a whisper. My eyes were closed and I didn't feel like opening them. In fact, I hadn't even changed yet.

"Let's go get you some hot chocolate." My best friend replied, completely avoiding my question. I frowned, my eyes still closed.

"I hate hot chocolate." I stated stubbornly.

Gabby softly placed a hand on my shoulder before gently reminding me, "You love hot chocolate."

"You're right. I do love hot chocolate," I sighed in defeat finally opening my eyes and getting up, "But can we change first? These jeans are so tight I feel like I'm loosing circulation in my legs." We both let out a small laugh as I walked towards the bathroom to change.

When I came out she was already clad in cupcake PJ's and a pink tank top. I laughed at her childish ways. But then again, who was I to say anything? I was wearing shorts with a cookie monster t-shirt. No matter how much we grew up, we would always be kids at heart.

We made out way downstairs to find my two children immersed in some movie. "Hot chocolate." I simply called out to them as we continued our way to the kitchen. I made 4 mugs of hot coco knowing that my daughters would want part in the chocolate fest. As soon as the mugs were complete, Faith and Selena were in the kitchen to claim their property and go back to their movie. Seeing as we had nothing better to do, Gabby and I joined their movie night. The movie ended up being just what I needed to get my mind off of certain people and all four of us ended up falling asleep on the couch.

The next morning we all woke up with stiff necks and back aches. But being the typical girls we are, we decided to take quick showers and shop it off. We all split up and went into different bathrooms only to meet back in the lounge an hour later in somewhat similar outfits. All of us had ended up wearing some sort of denim and t-shirts. Of course, all of our t-shirts were different. Selena had picked out a 5 Leo Rise band t-shirt with jean shorts. Faith was in a blue hello kitty t-shirt with a jean skirt. Gabby and I both ended up in jeans though our shirts were different. Gabby was in a white t-shirt with a red and pink flower blooming on its right corner, while I was in a black and white Aeropostale t-shirt.

We all darted out the door and into the car in a mad rush to get to the mall. It wasn't long after that we pulled up to the shopping center and piled out of the car. All four of us entered the mall arm in arm, giggling and chatting away. Despite the age difference between Gabby and I and my daughters, we were still super close and when we were together Gabby and I started acting like the teenagers we were at heart again.

We made our way through various shops, not buying much but trying on anything and everything. After three hours we all finally made our way to the food court and split up, getting whatever we wanted to eat. Finally we all collapsed onto a table. Each of us had bought something or the other, whether it be a top, shoes, or just jewelry. We all placed our bags down and dug into our food. Apparently we were all starving because less then 15 minutes later all of our food had vanished into thin air. Once we finished Gabby and I gave our trays to Selena and Faith to throw away the garbage.

The dark haired girl and I were engrossed in a very interesting conversation about our clothes when I heard a voice behind me.

"Hey, don't I know you?"

I saw Gabby's eyes go wide right before I turned around only to come eye to eye with a particular black haired rock star. I had to bite back a groan at my bad luck. I had barely escaped last night, now here I was again, trapped in his captivating stare.

"I'm sorry, but I don't believe we've ever met before." I said as innocently as I could. I knew I was lying through my teeth, but right now I just wanted to get out of there in one piece. I quickly got up and gathered my things before the two thirteen year olds could come back and give away my cover.

"Well you look really familiar. Are you sure we haven't met before?" Ritchie said as I finished collecting the few stray things on the table.

I threw him a small smile before replying. "I'm sure. Now if you don't mind I kind of have to go…" I let my voice trail as I stepped around him. Before I could scram, Selena and Faith magically popped up at my sides.

"Where are we going next- OHMYGOSH!" Selena squealed as her eyes landed on the man behind me.


"I thought I recognized you from somewhere." Was all that Ritchie said, not even acknowledging my lie, before walking in front of me and greeting the two smiley teens. I looked over at Gabby begging her with my eyes for an escape. I could see a plan forming in her eyes.

"Umm… Guys?" gabby finally spoke bringing all attention to her, "I need to get home. Chase and I are meeting up today and I really have to get home and get stuff ready for him."

I jumped at the opportunity to finally leave. "Yeah, we should definitely leave so you can get there in time for Chase." I looked over at Ritchie shooting him a smile, "It was nice meeting you again but we really have to go."

Gabby and I quickly turned to walk away knowing that Faith and Selena would follow behind us. I had only taken a few steps when, as if on queue, I heard someone yell from behind me, "Devin Lisette Thompson!"

My face paled as I froze in my spot. After years of tormenting me, I could recognize that voice from anywhere. From the corner of my eye I saw Gabby blatantly staring at me with wide eyes. Thanks Gabs, now they'll definitely believe it's not me. That was sarcasm, by the way, in case some of you didn't catch it.

I unsteadily took a step forward pretending I didn't just hear my name being shouted; hoping no one noticed my slight pause and I could still get out of there without having to face anyone. But unfortunately for me, I'm not that lucky. Selena and Faith rushed to my side and both stared up at me with wide eyes. Why was everyone making it so obvious? Have you people never heard of being subtle?!

I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe to prepare myself for what was about to happen. Little did I know that, no matter how much I prepared myself, I would never be ready for what was about to happen. I turned around and looked straight at the source who called my name, avoiding all pairs of eyes. But it didn't get by me that four more people had joined our little party.

I let out a shaky laugh, "Guilty as charged."

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